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  1. Thanks Chris!! Managed to get the engine mostly done on this rascal. I'm about 90% happy with this but that goofy looking fan clutch I'm glad to say will be hidden in the fan shroud.
  2. Can't wait to see the finished shots. Beautiful lookin' bird man.
  3. Interior details look fabulous as does the figures that are occupying them. You sure know how to make 'em look real Kent.
  4. Completed subframe with modified spindles to drop the front end a little bit along with the mostly completed bare engine: I purchased my first two MAD prewired distributors. I've gotta say that I am definitely impressed. This cut my time in like 1/10th of the time from drilling the OOB distributors and inserting the ignition wire myself. They come in all kinds of cap and wire colors.
  5. Whole nuther level of model building brutha. Good Lord man. Just fabulous!!! I'll get around to where I've got something more substantial to add but right now I'm just floored.
  6. WOW!!!!!!!!! That's slap yo mama good right there!!!
  7. This is gonna be so frickin' cool to watch!!! Love what you're doing with it so far and yup.....you're gonna have your hands full in replicating all those details.
  8. This is gonna be fun to watch. Looking forward to yours too Gazz!!
  9. They've actually gotten a smidgen better in the later years Kevin. I can remember tires like what was on the old AMT 33 Willys gasser kits. I didn't even use those tires when I was in my early teens!! Just didn't look right....goofy is the word that comes to mind. lol One of the shortcomings of this kit is in the exhaust area. First off, there's LOTS of clean up to do, more so on this kit than most any other of the models I've built in the past. After that is the issue of the position of the tail pipe when it's all installed onto the vehicle and the fact that I'm not a big fan of square cut exhaust pipes exiting any give car. OOB exhaust: (Note: the tires will be re-positioned in the wheel opening so I'm still working on that) This crazy right?? After tweaking the exhaust mounting points and bending the pipes to where I wanted them to exit the car (and adding my bevel cuts to the tail pipes and hollowing them out). That's MUCH better. I still have some adjustments I'll make later on in regards to the final locations of each pipe but this is the preliminary result:
  10. This is certainly coming along nicely. This aircraft is big....even in 72nd scale!!
  11. I can only imagine working with that many of the same kind of parts for that long. Your longevity in patience has certainly paid off ol' buddy.
  12. Thanks Chris! I really try to build a car the way I'd like it if it were mine and be as realistic about the car as possible.
  13. The rear part of the chassis is about 70% finished now. Still have to install the rear sway bar, shock mounts and shocks but we're getting there. I had to take a break in the progress and narrow the rear end and arch the springs just a tad to achieve the stance I was looking for in the rear. I merely cut off the axle ends, shaved each end of the axle back about 3/16" , drilled holes in the axle and in the axle mounting ends and pinned them back to the axle. I've already done a test run and the wheel/ tire assemblies are right where I want em now.
  14. I'll be keeping my eye on this one. This is truly awesome to watch come together.
  15. I've now got the wheels and tires selected for the Z-28 build. The rear tires will have those big ass GOODYEAR scripts shaved off and some BF Goodrich T/A ones will take their place. This'll be the stance/ look that I'll be going for.
  16. Good LORD man!! That.....is one HELLUVA good looking D series bird!!! WOW!!! Great photography too!!
  17. 'Bout time I got myself back in here and gave you guys some updates. Starting on the engine build for the Z-28. Here's the base engine completed. I'll be going with a MAD pre-wired distributor on this to cut down on time spent drilling the distributor and putting the wires in. Base chassis all laid out ready for painting. Actually, this aint a bad chassis having quite a number of parts. Per some of the reviews that I've read on these kits, I'll be attaching the front subframe assy at a later stage in the build for ease of assembly.
  18. I've always thought alot of this aircraft. It wasn't the most effective carrier based bird nor the most handsome of the lot but for some reason I was always drawn to this one. Great work so far Dave!!
  19. Been a while since I've been in here and seen what was going on with this build but just when I thought this one couldn't get any crazier, I come back and see all of these little additions that you've done. Off the charts man. Simply OFF the frickin' charts. Beautiful work so far Simon.
  20. I've always wanted to build one of these aircraft just because of its cool camo scheme (which I'm sure wasn't easy to do). Such a good-looking aircraft and you've done a great job in replicating one.
  21. Good looking Hurricane Matt.
  22. Love the color and love all the details on the chassis and interior. Beautiful car.
  23. You're slowly getting this beast all together Kevin and it's looking good so far. Trying out new to me paints or newly released paints from a different manufacturer than I'm used to dealing with has always been a "dance with the devil" situation for me. It typically means that I've got to get used to how it sprays through my AB and then how it lays down on the surface that I'm spraying. Looks like it has worked in your favor on this build I'm glad that the color is working out well for you.
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