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  1. 1/32 or 1/28 Sopwith Dolphin 1/48 P1Y1 Ginga (Francis) 1/32 Westland Whirlwind (WWII) 1/32 Hughes H-1 long wing
  2. Mike, Thanks for the compliments.
  3. WNW Lead the pack in the 1/32 Category with 22 of 24 Entries. 1st place- WNW Fe2b by Mike Moore, Chattanooga, TN, ; 2nd place WNW Roland D VI by Joe LoMusio, Fullerton, CA, 3rd place- Revell 1/28 Camel by Ed Boll, Corona, CA. Joe LoMusio also won the Michael L Fritz Award for his collection of 21-1/48 scale Nieuport fighters and 1st in Category of Collections and Judges Overall Best Miscellaneous entry. Pictures on Aeroscale in Early Aviation Forum, htttp://svsm.org/gallery/loveland2013-awards,pages 3, 27 & 28; and the WW I modeling Page (Allan Wright's).
  4. Big Swap meet coming July 14 in Buena Park , CA, see if any show up.
  5. Like ..."windy yet"... above, WnW is producing what they want and doing well and I will continue to buy their products, have 10 so far with more to buy as they come out. Only wish I was 40 years younger so that I could buy/build them ALL. re: the Camel, not surprising, SPJ does have one in his TVAL collection. I really agree with their decision to do other subjects before coming back to the Camel and yes a Dr-I also.
  6. Those asking for a 1/32 Snipe and Dh-9 -- Wingnut Wings has answered your prayers.
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