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  1. Thanks Phoenix, I'll look right now!..yes I was referring to scratch-building the engine only, and KOTR, thank you! I'll check with Vector! a Sea Gladiator wll be a terrific addition to my 32 scale! Keep em' rollin' Phil, guys! I LOVE seeing photos like these!
  2. And those CRAZY Germans...Bombs loaded nose-up...Just finished my 1/32 He-111 and I was tempted...SORELY tempted..to point those boyZ...NOSE down..ah well, such was askew engineering...
  3. Yes, much Axis shipping, especially Japanese thin-hulled vessels would agree with you. About being wrong...
  4. Great stuff! Always good to see new B & W pics! Love the Malta pics. Hurry's were the backbone there before spits could be ferried over by sea. Not to mention 'Faith', 'Hope', and Charity'. These three Gloster Gladiators fought for 17 days without relief and played a fundamental role in fooling the Italian intelligence into thinking Malta had a substantial fighter defence....I wonder if they make one in 1/32 scale....gorgeous bird that! They were fitted with 3-bladed props in lieu of two for a faster rate of climb and one Italian Macchi 200 was shot down on the 7th day of the raid. The Glosters were much more manuverable you see...The extra blade on the prop, however, took it's toll on engine strain and two of the Glosters blew pistons...but leave it to the indominable British Spirit...Maintenance crews converted Blenheim bomber engines to fit the Gladiators.!. Now THAT would be a neat scratch-build!
  5. Good news Kev. Lo and Behold! The decal gods have been good to me. I simmered the decals in a small saucepan watching over my 'cooking' and slowly but surely I was able to wrangle the original decals off of that 'waxy paper' as you put it. There was a small tear on the very last decal (Murphy's Law), but I quickly put it to rights on the fuse. One thing I LOVE about this Lysander...the wheel pant canards. First lifting canards that come to mind were on the 1903 Wright Flyer. So alls well that ends in the well....... PATIENCE and tenacity are the keys. I'm happy to report that now any of you people who wish to buy an old matchbox kit can rest assured that the ORIGINAL decals can be coaxed with a little time and effort. My wife calls me the 'Expediter' for a reason I suppose... NOW. On with the build!!!
  6. Thanks Kevin...I KNEW I wasn't just imagining this. Well, I've got some newer decals with similar markings so I think I'll just let these 'stew' in the water for a couple of days...see what happens...and if they refuse to give up the ghost? I'll use the newer ones. Same roundels, but the lettering (Red) for the RAF 161 (Special Duties) Squadron Tempsford late '42 I might just have to hand paint. Same with the tail emblazon and fuese #. I wonder if slow heating on the stove would work? Good chance for experimentation anyway... Not like this Lysander MK I/III is getting judged...although I'm having tons of fun with the paint job...new Paasche 1/10 HP compressor really kicks out the psi's.
  7. Alright, I've got some older decals that came with a couple of 1970 Matchbox kits. The wierd thing is that the decal sheets have a clear film , paper if you will. The decals come off the heavier blue backing but they refuse to come apart from the 'clear' covering. They've been soaking for two hours now and they won't surrender! lol Anyhoo...if any of you have any ideas on how to rescue these little girls I'd be most appreciative. Thanks!
  8. Those guys at the Gerber/Smithsonian facility really outdid themselves on this one. I hope it gets completed soon...what a showpeice for the Smithsonian. That paint job is exquisite, and authentic if I know those guys! They're almost as exhuastive in their research as Gaston...almost... Gaston-100% Gerber/Smithsonian-94%
  9. Hanging them vertically on the wall is a great option! I've hung smaller 1/48 planes vertically using thread or fishing line and would work great on 1/32 scale models. Dusting is not a big problem. Hanging them from the ceiling would work, but dusting them is more difficult. When the kids were little our first house was small, so they shared a bedroom...(probably 25 years or so ago.) Feeling creative I hung 5-1/48" scale fighters on their low-speed ceiling fan. I drilled holes in the fan blade tips and used fishing line to suspend the planes from tiny holes drilled in their wingtips. Then when the fan was swithched on they flew beatifully, props spinning! Oil will deteriorate plastic prop shafts, so, un-oiled they made a bit of noise, but not terribly so...So...gear up, they blazed across the sky ....(I painted their bedroom ceiling blue with white clouds)...a Zero being chased by a Wildcat, an FW 190 chased by a P-51D, and an ME-109 in pursuit of the P-51. The kits were inexpensive Monograms (Which I still have today). My wife didn't particularly like me drilling holes in the brand new fan, the kids, however, were delighted! If you attempt to do this with your 1/32 scale propellored birds, I take no responsibility whatsoever....especially if you sling them along at high speed...lol
  10. I have 8 of these in my home office. http://www.ikea.com/...ducts/10011055/ (Choice of Light Beech or Dark black/brown wood) All my single-engine 1/32 fighters will fit inside. my 1/32 HE-111, Ju-88, ME-110, and other 1/32 twins will sit on top of these cases. Hey! Where there's a will there's a way (Or very rich relatives)...Great cases, and Lowe's makes a fantastic light kit for these. I have 7 cases on two adjacent walls (1 6 pc light kit with one spliced in from 2nd kit)...2 cases on another wall (Same light kit, (4 lights) minus one for previous (6 pc) set, and 1 extra, for 2 shelves behind my desk. Corn-fused yet? I am! 1/32 USSAF P-47, USMC F4U, USN Wildcat on inside shelves, 1/32 SBD Dauntless on top. USN Hellcat will replace P-47 when built, and will be transferred across the room with my other 1/32 USAAF and RAF fighters... 1/32 scale Dauntless will fit inside OK. F4U will not. Unless I have one wing folded. Which I do. So I might extend it's winds and sit it on top, place the SBD inside. Or rotate. So MANY choices...so many decisions....OMG....I'm feeling....quite weary really....dizzy...must...sit....now.....~Zzzzzzzzzzzzz~
  11. Slowly getting it together, HZ stabs now installed and painted. Tail # and aft cone nav light details finished.
  12. And I always thought they were race-color red sparkle.... Great link I've often wondered what kind of trolley was used to load wing bombs on the '47. And I too, have been guilty of painting them up pretty in OD with no weathering...pristine yellow nose rings... But I'm learning...old dog, new tricks... This is not too shabby eh? Bombs look scuffed up, rusty, and vari-colored as in the real thing.
  13. Hey Bill, Just got back from the Smithsonian and saw this: Pretty cool that you can just walk up and peer into the cockpit. The guys had the AR-234 and DO-335 open for inspection, and so, since I had a working relation with them..... (I used to build 1/1 scale aircraft replicas; Roscoe Turners RT-14 for example where I had first met the guys from the Smith and Gerber facilities when they removed all the panels for us to view the inner workings and structural details of the real RT-14 "MISS CHAMPION" for photos to assist us in our build; a flying replica complete w/Pratt & Witney Twin Wasp R-1830 radial, for airshows...and because I have done some WWII aircraft restoration projects... .....I got to sit in both cockpits. (AR & DO but no flash pix were allowed). German ingenuity and design never fails to amaze me! Very comfortable layouts and designed for long recc flights (AR) with the pilot in mind.
  14. It appears our little bird was quite feisty! "As the German attack began, No. 4 Squadron moved to Belgium, but such was the fury of the onslaught that 11 Lysanders were lost between 10 and 23 May, some being eliminated on the ground. One of the squadron's Lysander crews destroyed a Bf 110 during a running battle with six Messerschmitts and managed to return to base. On 22 May an aircraft of No. II Squadron, flown by Flight Officer Doidge shot down a Henschel Hs 126 while his rear-gunner accounted for a Ju 87 Stuka. By then the end of French resistance was near, and the Lysander squadrons were withdrawn to the United Kingdom, although some sorties were still made over the battle area to drop supplies to Allied forces." And this...Evidently there'se more than meets the eye here... Armament: Four 7.7 mm (0.303 in) Browning machine-guns. One in each wheel spat with 500 rounds per gun and two on a trainable mount in the rear cockpit) plus up to 500 lbs (227 kg) of bombs on stub wing attached to the wheel spats. Special Duty (SD) aircraft usually had the rear cockpit machine-guns removed. Typical ordnance loadout was as follows: 16 x 20 lbs (9 kg) Mk I bombs, or 16 x 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg) Mk I or Mk II practice smoke bombs, or 16 x Mk I aircraft reconnaissance flares or 4x 112 lb (50.8 kg) Mk.VII bombs (plus four smoke markers on fuselage carrier), or 4x 120 lb (54.4 kg) Mk.I bombs; or[/size] 2x 250 lb (113 kg) bombs (plus four smoke markers on fuselage carrier), or 2x dinghy containers (plus four smoke markers on fuselage carrier), or 2x SCI smoke generators, or 2x Mk.VB supply dropper. or 2x LC 17/30 lb small bomb canisters. http://www.pilotfrie...nd Lysander.htm Well known for ferrying agents and supplies, who whould have though that this innoucuous looking bird had some rather sharp claws, eh wot?
  15. The crosspeice for the wings #98 is NOT gray plastic, Took me a while to figure this out. I drove myself half crazy looking for the part and ALMOST decided to scratch build my own...was, in fact, in the process of doing so until I discovered my oversight. The part in question is the crossbrace for the wings. To the left of the IP. In summarry, while the rest of the cockpit bracings are gray plastic, the cross brace for the wings is CLEAR. Just to make it clear...:-) I also found this very interesting on this bird. These 'winglets' or cannards...whatever they are, serve a dual purpose. Bomb racks! * bombs total. 2 per 'winglet' starboard and port, and 4 slung under the belly, aft of fuselage center. In this photo it appears that the leading edge (viewed on the port wing) has slats. Another interesting feature is the large fuel tank (Was it jettisonable?) and outside covers removed from wheel fairings (To reduce mud and debris build up). Also note that winglets are not present. I'm wondering if the dual mg v/s single mg was used on the MKI. From all appearances, the MKIII, MKIIIA And Special Duties Lysander carried no offensive armament and large capacity fuel tank only.. I also read that two 20mm cannon were used in tests (One per side in cannard location) with the idea of repulsing a German seaborne invaion of England (Operation Sea Lion).
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