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  1. Great, ordered MG-FF field mod right way. Thanks for head-up!
  2. Yes, exhaust stains go all the way back in the fuselage in planes that saw lot's of action. Undesides were also oily as heck, check these pics of black six and imagine how it would look after 50-100 flying hours without cleaning:
  3. Every flying 109 had exhaust stain on wings, visible in pictures or not. Sometimes b&w pictures and usual gray/gray paintschemes could mask it quite well but they're there.
  4. Not rare in late war 109's, vast majority of Erla canopies were painted with RLM 66 both inside and outside.
  5. +1 All warbirds got souls in my opinion, even they are not 109's but Buchons. But still great old planes.
  6. Awesome build, looks very real! That makes me want to order Erla kit straigth away but i must finish my Ju 88 first...must...
  7. Looks great, if the price is not too steep i might buy that for my G6.
  8. DB605

    MG-FF/M 1/32

    Thanks, i don't have that kit myself but i just found this: http://www.larsenal.com/catalogue/index.php?id_page=6&id_article=1095&ars84248183153=ars84248183153 So problem solved i guess
  9. Hi all, I'm going to build Revell Junkers Ju-88 A-4 soon, and the example i will build had MG-FF/M in the nose. AFAIK Revell kit doesen't include this cannon (i don't have the kit yet in my hands), so does anyone know where i could find one? So far i've only found barrels for sale but not whole cannon.
  10. Well, spinner is wrong shape in their cover pic G6, hopefully their plans will be more accurate...
  11. Great link, thank you very much! Google translator will have lots of use soon
  12. As an real life-aircraft painter this paint discussion is very interesting. If anyone have information about what type of spray guns was used, please let me know. I've found almost zero information about them so far.
  13. Your welcome. Progress with your kit looks great so far btw.
  14. Here you go: Probably possible to correct with some sanding & polishing but i found it easier to just replace the whole canopy with Squadron one.
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