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    OKAY..maybe this....
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    Warning, warning! This is only a test, in the case of an actual event happening everybody whoulda been notified. Let's get this show on the road, eh? Been working on my format to see what works, and what goes POOF up in flames. Think I got something here that is very visible and doesn't take up a lot of file space, so ya'll tell me what you think,OK? This has been like making a 'parody of a parody', as I've been having to edit/size/crop....everything I would normally do to make decals.....to make a tutorial of making decals! OK, I've confused everybody more than I am already I see?
    Active participation is encouraged here, and if anybody has a different way of doing something....please feel free to steal this thread and post any/all pics you want. This will be a 'meeting of the minds' so to say. We're all dumbies here.....but proud.
    OK, I see theres somebody interrupting class back there using profane language like 'numpty line'. Tsk tsk, Derek....put on that little pointy hat over there and go sit in the corner until you learn how to behave yourself. Sheesh.
    I have a flat-bed scanner that I can use later on Patrick to show how to use paint to re-size those scans for templates to make the markings. Not everybody here has a scanner,...so I'm going to be taking baby-steps for the first few pages.
    You got any ideas with question marks attached,....feel free to ask Dan. This isn't going to be a perfect linear step by step. My natural inclination is too ramble anyway....so I won't even notice.
    Alright! Let's take this boat out for a test cruise. Sitting here scratching my punkin-head going duuuuuhh,....where to begin? OK, we might be dumb....but we're not disorganized right? So the first thing you want to do is make a folder to put all your pretty drawings in where they won't get mixed up with your tax receipts or porn collection.....oh uhm errrrh I mean pics of your girlfriend/wife/dog....ooooh whatever. Can be on your desktop, or anywhere you feel comfortable. We don't want to stress you out here. Label it something as it comes to you,.....I'm a dumby and forget easily....so I called mine something original like 'decal images'. Hey, we're cooking with gas now, eh?! Stick with me here, by the end of this first lesson....you'll know how to make a blank page. Whoohoo!
    But I digress; Now that you have a folder let's work on getting something into it. Does everybody know how to open the paint program on their PC? Hey, I gotta ask. If not, well go to the back of the class and sit next to that guy with the little pointy hat in the corner and see if he knows.(just kidding Derek! ) Just ask if ya'll don't know OK, and we'll help ya out. It's in your programs somewhere....usually under 'accessories'. Once opened, we get to sit in front of this screen and ponder what our next move will be. This will be my format until I come up with something better. I'm almost done babbling here, so quit yer squirming. Just like any drawing, we need a piece of paper. Not just any scrap of paper, oooh no. We want something the size of our decal paper preferably. Why? You can't scale something out without a baseline of some sorts.....something that can be measured. Standard paper sizes in my neck of the woods are 8.5x11 inches(called 'A'size) , and 11x17inches (called 'B' size). Other parts of the world have a metric size system, and you'll be using an A-4 size paper that roughly equates to my 'A' size....or A-3 size which roughly is about the size of my 'B' size paper. If ya'll want these metric sizes in millimeters let me know. I'm a dumby and forgot to write it down.
    Let's open paint and get a canvas that equates to those sizes. Here's what you do first;

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    OK, that doesn't look too bad....i think we can work with this! Next step is to check out our menu. I've noticed that different versions of Paint have different resolutions. AFAIK these are not adjustable.....and THAT'S OK! My version at work is 81pixels per inch, but 68 will do just fine. This is one of the things I wanted to elaborate on explaining, but that would be boooooring. All we need to know is that the Photoshop and Illustrator guys can adjust this to higher/lower levels to get finer or larger images than we can produce here. No prob. Our settings are just fine for the sizes of drawings we'll be making for 1/32nd scale on our common sizes of paper. We're cool.
    This is where you measure your decal paper and set the sizes in these boxes. In inches or metric. What we're doing here is making our canvas the same size as our decal paper....making it very easy to just print out our final images at a simple %100. Other reasons will become VERY apparent as we move on.

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    My decal paper is 8.5x11 inches, so I've set the parameters accordingly. Now once you hit the OK button......

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    Your virtual piece of paper is now showing up as white as the size you set it. Can everyone see where this makes it a LOT easier to visualize how big/small your images are that you're drawing/importing from a scan are? We now have a solid measurement to scale with.....and that will make percentages much easier to guesstimate without all those frustrating multiple attempts. Whatever I draw on this canvas will print out exactly the same size as the piece of paper I have it set for. That will be later on tonight.
    These are baby steps for right now,....but things will start steamrolling faster and faster as this lesson continues. We only have a blank piece of paper so far? My friends, we've just laid the base of the pyramid....and the foundation of our work! Congratulations!
    OK, you can come out of your corner now Derek and join the rest of the class.....it's break time. This is only a test of the format I'm going to be using, and I wanted to see if everything was visible as I'm going to be zooming in/out a lot while taking pics....blah blah. Let me round up the next set of images and start screwing stuff up with some color. I've got a ream of 500 sheets of paper to burn thru showing ya'll how to get some basic markings from scratch. Talk to ya'll later on tonight! later, Russ

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