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  1. Thank you Gentlemen.. sorry I am late... but travelling through Europe... in France right now. then to Switzerland..then to Italy...then to Sicily..then to Austria and snow capped Glacier there.. will return in Mid October but THANK YOU all .. MY gift to MYSELF!
  2. oh gosh Nic... that's terrible to read. But you have strength and fortitude that will get you through this... at times like this our innermost strength comes for within and having positive friends and family around to support you ... just like the LSP Family. you have MY best wishes and prayers that your daughter will get through this with your love and support and understanding. if there is anything I can do let ME know ...(and you need to take care of yourself too at a time like this....). I will keep checking in here to see your updates(not on Facebook ) (I am away from home for 2 months starting tomorrow but will endeavor to keep popping in and you have MY prayers) and hope your consultation with the Doctors is a positive one. God Bless you All.
  3. Happy Birthday Damian. And Kaiyudsai and Craig H. Fellow Virgos Have a FANTASTICALLY SUPER Birthday. May the LSP WIZARD bring you many large WINGY things. Enjoy .
  4. Winnie.... Looking Great. nice job. have a safe trip...
  5. Hello Andreas, .. Welcome to the HUGE WINGY thingy side!! I am looking forward to your build very much. I love TOMCATS and I think I have the same kit in MY stash. IMPRESSIVE and Neat start. Flawless photography just like your workmanship. MARU 5137.
  6. ooh I loved watching a whole program on this (science channel)... ... its AMAZING.... you'll be there by the time you get back ! thank you for sharing this link..
  7. MARU5137


    this is Gary's new website. GT Resin Products https://gtresinproducts.com/
  8. Michael.... MY heartfelt condolences for the loss of your younger brother. May he Rest In Peace a d God give you the strength to keep his memories alive. Amen. And your modeling work is looking BRILLIANT. will follow to see more.Thank you. MARU 5137
  9. Tom... thanks for the link.
  10. Kensar, EXQUISITE work so far. Love it .. following eith interest.
  11. COOL.... thank you....appreciate your behind the scenes work to make the LSP more informative.
  12. great photos of your trip. thanks for sharing. Eeeow ! ! those 8 legged creatures are menacing to look at!
  13. WOW.... a brand new sub forum...Interesting. and lots to catch up on What's New. Brilliant read. And thank you for creating a new sub forum for enquiring minds.
  14. Shawn... Look forward to your photos. I bet it was a fascinating show to attend.
  15. interesting Thread Jennings. Watch "R.A.A.F. Over New Guinea (1943)" on YouTube and Found this with photos and technical data/drawings for those who are interested.Scroll down.. Beaufighter - ( RAAF) 31 Squadron Association 1942-1946 https://31squadronassociation.com.au/archives/beaufighter/ drawings expand if you zoom in. the photos that are"broken" in squares ..if you click on them; they expand with info too.
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