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  1. He married an Aussie girl. No he lives in Queensland. (he did study Roman History, and American History amongst other subjects at London University but his major was Biochemistry and other medical subjects!!).
  2. The Romans ... ruthless! MY brother is in Australia.
  3. Hello Karl, So started following this and along the way forgot to keep up with it. So as you linked this to another thread Here I am. thanks. Just read through from the beginning. Your Eagle has turned out STINNING. you have built a truly SUPERB model. Loved it. KUDOS.
  4. Layering paint or to give its proper name is a technique called Impasto . Your Impasto painting has given depth to to your model. That is what it is meant to do, give a three dimensional depth to whatever you use the layered painting. Looks Very IMPRESSIVE.. ( sister is an artist so thats how I know. ).
  5. Sad news for all enthusiasts. Dan that is SO lucky of you. Take gazillion photos for prosperity. no go fund set up to raise money by the museum??
  6. I liked that... very interesting. "Geta" looks like MY younger brother when he was a teenager! Fascinating . Thanks Dale
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chek. Have an enjoyable day and many more sweet birthdays.
  8. Jeff, Thats a neat, nice little vignette. Love the "normality" of it all midst a battle. The mud looks fantastic. Liking the accessories like the bucket, biscuit tin , packet of cigarettes.. Sort of adds a human personsl touch amongst the chaos that he left behind. AWESOME build. Neatly done. OUTSTANDING job.
  9. Nicely painted. She looks good.
  10. GORGEOUS &STUNNING looking model. I find Corvettes designs aesthetically plessing and quite refined. The elegant lines of the car are smooth. Your Finished model is Brilliant to look at. The Yellow makes it pop more so. KUDOS ...
  11. Mark, SUPER Looking Engine. And the brakes are very good too. Quite RESPLENDENT in black. Sexy...
  12. Hey Tom, Just catching up with your AMAZING build. Who needs Netflix or Movies when I can drool over your super duper Lancaster build. Looking Jolly SPLENDID.
  13. Hello Karl, Hope all is well with you. Just bringing MYSELF upto date. Your Build is looking EXCEPTIONALLY Good. Keep it up.
  14. WOWZER! your cockpit and interior workmanship is IMPECCABLE and IMMACULATELY finished. KUDOS on achieving a remarkable realistic looking cockpit and scratch built accessories!
  15. rear of seat... harness looks pale in color.... https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/343671-ww2-aircraft-seat-mounting-posts-i-cant-find-them/
  16. WW2 Aircraft seat belt - MILITARY AIRCRAFT & AVIATION - U.S. Militaria Forum . Contrasting colors shown... https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/323471-ww2-aircraft-seat-belt/ Enjoy searching.
  17. http://seatbeltharness.com/original_aircraft_seat_belts_vintage_bomber_warbird_scta_harness_hot_rod_rat_nr.html gives you an idea what they looked like! OBG turning Detective eh!!
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