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  1. oh And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CanNicholl and othher fellow Virgoans too. Enjoy your birthday guys
  2. Aw Shucks Gentlemen... THANK YOU ALL for MY birthday wishes. You guys are the Best. So I am gallivanting abroad.. I have been in Fiji visiting MY family who have lived on Fiji islands for many generations. I have been here since August having travelled to Singapore first. I have been obeying international and local Mask rules and social distancing with strangers . I have been climbing mountains, hiking in the forests walking through mangroves, and other many variety of things. I have travelled along the
  3. what an amazing story and quite poignant at that too. Thank you for posting it.
  4. and Max hope the golfing is going well too.
  5. Hello Max, So I spent a good hour or so reading your build forwards and backwards in case I missed any important bits. You have created an AMAZING build so far. Like a piece of Art. Your Lightning is STUNNING to see and that Red on the tail is Va Voom She looks SPLENDID. I missed the beginning and the rest due to other stuff going on ! But watching this build from a former British Colony, FIJI, I am reminded of several things when reading your build: That I can feel and hear the thunderous roar of the Lightning in MY Heart a
  6. Helll ADP22. That is just OUTSTANDING workmanship. You did a FANTASTIC job to say you are a vehicles man/modeller. Skills are transferable and Sir you have done an AWESOME build.AND CHALLENGING for you no doubt, but your model is STUNNING. Looking forward to the base.
  7. SUPERBLY started. love the Mustang. AMAZING .
  8. Hello Brian.... Hooe your week away was good. I am away too but overseas in Fiji.... been hiking , walking in forests and mountain climbing without any disturbance so thus is the first tine in ages I signed in... hope you are refreshed and have blown away the cobwebs... Thanks for sharing your pics!
  9. Good for you Mike .. I haven't watched news in many months, and now I am in Fiji with MY family ... going hiking in the forests, mountain climbing, hiking, more climbing... so news is out of sight and mind. it feels So good to be here!
  10. Hello Pete, Just caught up from when I last checked in. EXEMPLARY and EXQUISITE workmanship. The figures are STUNNING and tiny details are just SO AMAZING.. I Missed a lot of STUPENDOUS work from you Pete as I am in Fiji visiting family... climbing mountains, and hiking, and ecotrax bike ride over a river and going up in a Helicopter for birds eye view of many islands.etc(but I still wanna a ride with you ). But seeing your AWESOME build has made MY morning ... Keep up the EXCEPTIONAL work/build and I will check
  11. ooh SWEET !! I look forward to your build (in Non LSP ?). Looks SPLENDID.
  12. good catching up.. thank you Kev. appreciate it.
  13. HAPPY 66th BIRTHDAY Jack. Have a Supercalafragilisticexpealidocious , ENJOYABLY lovely Birthday with your Family and friends. MARU 5137
  14. Air Forces Monthly – issuu Search https://issuu.com/search?language=all&q=Air Forces Monthly&sortby=relevance&type=stack
  15. So issue allows you to read books , magazines etc . Air Forces Monthly – issuu Search https://issuu.com/search?q=Air Forces Monthly Combat Aircraft journal – issuu Search https://issuu.com/search?q= Combat Aircraft journal search engines will find what you look for.. sometimes back copies /stacks. its free but you need to log in/register.
  16. Jack, What a contrast to see the DC-2 , The Royal Dutch Air Lines, and the modern day Starfighter. Superb photo .Thank You Jack for sharing this nostalgic scene.
  17. Pete, I am delighted that you are reunited with your Old Faithfull Mount. She looks SUPERB! Still thinking of wanting a ride like Jennings!! Thank you for the update... Enjoy .
  18. WOW... that engine is STUNNING. thanks for all the updates Kevin.
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