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  1. Steady ole boy! isn't it your anniversary you said.
  2. @7.10 minutes : 1964 Ford GT 40 sold for $7 Million. (there are some unbelievable prices paid for classic cars from $14 Million to $17 Million . and I can't even afford a dinky scale model of that car !
  3. Story of MY life.. near misses maybe see it in Las Vegas IPMS if allowed to travel! thanks Tom.
  4. Tom, Your model will look Spectacular at Pima Air Museum. When I came over for the Phoenix IPMS show, a bunch of us went there including Brian and few more. I guess I will have to make another trip to see your Amazing model displayed there. Loved it there .
  5. DONG, Wetwings an Boogieman.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Good Felicitations on this special day . ENJOY
  6. its probably someone like Peter Jackson..
  7. Ah Dean's back I see after a long spell away. I thought it was rude too.
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