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  1. Hello and Have a pleasant stay and nice to have you on board. MARU5137
  2. Painting Tools | Model Paint Solutions https://modelpaintsol.com/model-painting/painting-tools Model Paint Solutions - Harder & Steenbeck Reseller https://modelpaintsol.com/?utm_source=large-scale-planes&utm_medium=banner not sure if they can help.
  3. I wonder if Chris the owner of Zactomodels sells them. Zactomodels https://www.zactomodels.com/
  4. Woo hoo.... nice catch up for ME to read what's New. ooh Like the look of Kent's book on KLP site Thank you Kevin....
  5. and yet life rumbles on.... I am sure they'll all arrive by Christmas .... 2021!
  6. STUNNING workmanship on those models.. Additional photographs of models are AWESOME. Good model show thank you.
  7. Fascinating tool that flexi file and your home made "DIY Tool". ... thank you for posting these short informative videos. Appreciate it.
  8. Useful tip and very effective. I guess it stays fast and firm without any further problems for the duration of the models life? thank you ....
  9. maybe if the title said calling KKarlsen... it may get Kent's attention.
  10. SUPER models... that was nice to see.
  11. Well aren't they all SPLENDID. STUNNING models. Both part 1 and 2 show some IMPRESSIVE models. Thank you. *dont know how I missed this * I know why I missed it. just remembered.. I was In Europe travelling through France, Germany Switzerland Italy.!
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