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  1. What MY friend Gregg said. Hope its a good one guys.
  2. Yes I agree. Having seen one or two of his other vids by pure accident, I think he may distort some facts.
  3. Victor, SUPERB build with a GORGEOUS finish. it has been a pleasure to follow this build and what a fantastic job you did.
  4. Another BEAUTIFUL and exquisitely detailed figure from you Norbert. Your figures are TOP NOTCH. Bravo.
  5. Chris, the Digital print looks AMAZING. You have done some really pretty impressive work on your Hornet. Good to see you back on this.
  6. The thrilling story of a 1942 duel in the stratosphere between Germany's high-flying spy plane and a specially modified Spitfire in the hands of a daredevil prince. Fascinating and quite interesting. MARU 5137.
  7. MUSTANGS are just SO beautiful. Your model is GORGEOUS and more MUSTANGS the better.
  8. Suresh Nathan, another IMPRESSIVE and excellent build from you. AWESOME display too. Kudos.
  9. EXQUISITE and total Eye candy to drool over. Super Stunning.
  10. Splendid progress. It's coming along beautifully.
  11. Daniel, It looks AMAZING so far. Look forward to seeing more.
  12. Ben The simulation of the ships angle as it lurches and gives it that incline looks very IMPRESSIVE. and the final product is superb. Your idea of a diorama suggests it will fit in perfectly with your unique model.
  13. Dr. Dave , Very Happy Birthday. May you have a relaxing day with family and friends. Don't work too hard on your special day. ENJOY.
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