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  1. some Super things.. thank you guys for sharing.
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lothar Have a Fantastic day and may all your Huge WINGY thingy wishes come true. ENJOY.
  3. AND it has this: lots of photos on different aircrafts . The Parking Lot - Research Corner - ARC Discussion Forums http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/213127-the-parking-lot/
  4. Tom.. Classy build and quite RESPLENDENT in those colours. You did a BRILLIANT job .. Bravo...
  5. Dave... How are you doing , and would love to see your performance on this super build. thank you.
  6. Brad....... your mucking around is producing a really Swell model. Pretty IMPRESSIVE build ..
  7. look forward to your WIP Kopterdoctor.
  8. JeepsGunsTanks. must be very poignant for you to find them . That is what I call a story told in Photographic way.. AMAZING find and thank you for sharing your Fathers photos. shows how busy they were etc I liked that. and THANK YOUR Father for his Services.
  9. I'd be lucky to get that for Valentine Day {let alone anything else } and probably die of shock! ! ! thanks William..
  10. Hello Stefan.. Just found this . {Didnt realized it had moved }. Your Su-25 Frogfoot is coming along quite Splendidly. I read you said you had issues with IP but you hVe done an AMAZING job. I Really...REALLY Love your Engines. EXQUISITE. She looks SUPERB. looking forward to its finish..
  11. Quill4. well said Sir. Enjoy the forums.
  12. good... works for ME too.
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