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  1. OH Very Authentic work especially the wood effect. Top Notch !!
  2. Suresh, INCREDIBLY STUNNING . love the engine.
  3. Gentlemen A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all. Have a super fantastic Happy birthday.
  4. Ooh Blue Angels... and what a bonus that was.. Sweet music. Spectacular aerobatics !!
  5. Oops Late again !! { missed this ... out of the country at the time }. All your models are EXQUISITE and you're an exceptionally gifted, skilful modeller STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS all of them.
  6. John, Late to the party as usual ! This is, and has to be, MY favorite Corsair builds. Inspirational build Sir. Your Bent WINGY THINGY looks PHENOMENAL... Absolutely INCREDIBLE build by you. Love your builds. Thank you. KUDOS.
  7. John, A favorite of MINE ... You have gotten a great reference book which must be extremely helpful and useful in your build. I do like your comprehensive narrative about your builds, and history behind your choices and builds! Awesome start . another Epic build for sure. Rock On John.
  8. Dave, Excellent work. Thank you for your generosity.
  9. Hello John, Just catching up from May 2020 a long time ago! Read through the amazing build and even though you had that wing mishap, you came through that very nicely! You cannot see the cracks at all. Great bit of "cover up". Loved following your builds and this was an EXCEPTIONAL bit of modelling. Your model is STUNNING and one heckuva BEAUTY. Thank you. KUDOS.
  10. Derek, Immaculate work on the Baker seats et al... EXQUISITE detailing .
  11. Hello Mike, Look forward to this one. Super choice for your build.
  12. Just popped in to say hope your safety has not been compromised Hartmann52 and you and all your family are in a safe place. Keep strong and have Faith as Ukraine and its citizens will come through. Good over evil always wins. Amen.
  13. Marvellous work on the magnificent Mustang. Meticulously done.MY favorite warbird !! And thank you for sharing your joyous ride on the Mustang Gunfighter.. you looked to have had an exhilarating ride and who isn't jealous... Not ME... yeah right !! Glad you were able to tick that off your list to do!! The smile on your face is priceless.
  14. Andy, Zoomed in to see the cockpit and instrument panel... heckuva beautiful job done! Everything fits perfectly as seen from here.
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