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  1. Hello Kevin... Just to let you know the LSP e mail alerts are working. Just now received several for threads I am following. Thank you for your hard work. Appreciate your time and efforts in resolving this issue.
  2. Greg, Just catching up from 2020. Your Bf109F is tremendously SUPERB. one of the finest model builds I have seen. Great job..
  3. Ah.. just had another look. STUNNING workmanship Romain. Beautifully executed weathering. Looks SO REAL.
  4. ROM, EXEMPLARY workmanship. She looks quite SPLENDID. Beautiful weathering and good job all round.
  5. Hello Kevin How are you coping with this problem? I assume that it's a major task.Keep up the excellent work. Good luck.
  6. Well said Gentlemen. I think Dale would approve.
  7. Tim Never used them because I found and read these reviews. Not favorable according to the reviews. But you can make up your own mind. They ALSO go by the name Internet Hobbies. Does sound like not all that good! Hobby Models Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of hobbymodels.com https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/hobbymodels.com
  8. Ah that makes sense now reading your post Kevin. I thought it was MY service provider. Thank you for your update as to why it is not working. Really appreciate your efforts and hard work to get this amended. Thank you.
  9. Very RESPLENDENT looking model. She looks GLORIOUS. SPLENDID Workmanship.
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