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  1. How could they.... Wild Custom Limo-Jet Heading To Mecum Indy Auction https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.motor1.com/news/407434/limo-jet-learjet-auction/amp/ Watch "The $5 Million Learjet Limo | RIDICULOUS RIDES" on YouTube
  2. I cannot see it either. all I found were this... half way down ... but not sure if any one of them are listed above.. I loved looking at the artwork especially the aircraft with the ladies! Chuk Wojtkiewicz https://chukw.artstation.com/ Chuk Are you able to sort it because it's a Shame we cant see your AMAZING work..
  3. Wolf, I am sorry that your employment has been terminated but hopefully they will see sense and take you back one this pandemic is done with! it's been a while since I read this thread so its super duper its alive again... Yoyr Engine is looking FLAWLESSLY NEAT from here. :marvelous to see you back.
  4. Gary, Hello. Good to see your Spitfire... Looks AWESOME and Neat work and Vincent your work is as impressive.
  5. PHENOMENAL workmanship Timmy. love the exacting EXEMPLARY detail of the Cockpit ooh the Tank is MAGNIFICENT!
  6. Sheppard, EXTRAORDINARY build. I Love your builds and this is EXCEPTIONALLY STUNNING. KUDOS
  7. High heels... shes obviously promoting the sport photo shoot!
  8. John. IMPECCABLE build. Very NEAT ..
  9. GORGEOUS build Ron. Sweet ...
  10. José Pedro, STUNNING build. and Congratulations on having it published in Airfix Model World.
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