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  1. Very swish indeed ! One presumes it will also be alarmed given you have stash worth a few quids in there? Good job.
  2. Norfolk man restores Spitfire in front garden over seven years - BBC News https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-47937081
  3. Colin... Looks like things are getting more exciting in Space News..
  4. Congrats to Yves.. Good read on a Sunday afternoon... liked if. Thank you Kevin for your ever constant What's New. I SEE Spruebrothers have a sale on....
  5. Well I like these. Thank you for posting the video ..
  6. Stratolaunch: 'World's largest plane' lifts off for the first time - BBC News https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-47923697
  7. Joe.... most IMPRESSIVE workmanship on the Cockpit and those seat belts look SO authentic. It's very LOVELY work from the beginning ! just SO Outstanding and Neat work.. and A Great choice too!
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mike and SapperSix and Torben and every one sharing their birthday today. Gentlemen Have a Superfragilisticexpealidocious of a Birthday with lots of Plastic to fondle. Have a SUPER Day. BillB (70 years old) MikeMaben (67 years old) Piltdown Man (63 years old) SapperSix (52 years old) TorbenD (53 years old
  9. Now that's really great video to watch on a Sunny Sunday afternoon.tgank you.. CodyK9.... Hello and I hope you enjoy your stay in this Madhouse WE call family. nice video. Thank you so much for Sharing it. I always have loved History. Famous People indeed Sir... MARU 5137.
  10. Gosh... that is some lovely work.. Impressive....
  11. OH MY! BE STILL MY BEATING HEART! THIS has to be MY favorite build of this year. That detailing and the EXQUISITENESS of he Engine has ME drooling. Just SO STUNNING AND the photography is finely tuned to showcase it's beautiful lines. Thank you. KUDOS.. {I want ONE exactly like that ..... }.
  12. STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS.. Be Still MY Beating Heart. Pure unadulterated Model Porn.. thank you. KUDOS on a very IMPRESSIVE build Sir. It's SO IMMACULATE and your workmanship is way too PRISTINE.
  13. Simplest of ideas ARE always the BEST. that look quite COOL! IT ROCKS!
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