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  1. Neat start to this lovely project. Following with much enthusiasm.
  2. Superb photo by Jake. You look quite adept at it Captain FLEISCHMANN. "SALUTE"
  3. Thank you Dave for the new photographs. Looks quite RESPLENDENT!
  4. ...Mark And I thought it might be the booze dizzying You!!
  5. SUPER duper photos. Thanks.
  6. So Thierry I changed to different browser and NOW I have No problem. Thank you for that piece of advice..it worked.
  7. Love the LukGraph'sDe Havilland DH90 Gragonfly in 1:32 scale. This looks interesting too: https://quinta-studio.com/en/product/343/ Kevin, Some fantastic articles and news for What's New today. Thank you for your hard work behind the scenes Appreciate it. Muchly Thanks.
  8. Someone will think it may be a cryptic message. Time's a flying!! Thanks Jari for sharing that. Even in war mishaps happen right?!
  9. Helll Pete, EXQUISITE Work. EXEMPLARY job on the pilot figures et al. Your build is AMAZING and enthralling to follow. {how did I miss this }. on making that gun too. looks quite lethal. Will be back to see more. thank you.
  10. And I wonder who will bring out the decals for this new { Union Jack } scheme?
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