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  1. Stevens Interational's web sit shows a To be announced (TBA) 1/32 Romanian WW2 fighter model (IAR 81) by AZUR on their web site No other information was available.
  2. One of these days I'd like to build a two seat cockpit for a civilian P51 Mustang like "OleYeller" or an unlimited air racer. Where can I find information to facilitate a cockpit build. Perhaps someone can show how they completed their cockpit.
  3. THANKS for the many suggestions I received from my earlier post about building a F-16. I have one simple question. What did you do to enhance and or accuratize the intake of your Academy kit SUFA? I have a CE intake set being shipped to me and I have a set of Tamiya intake & exhaust parts for the Pratt Whitney engine. I understand they can be used with some effort. I was advised that one resin manufacturer was planning to offer and intake correction set for the Academy kit this November So far nothing has been advertised. So what did you do nothing or something. I'd like to benefit from your suggestions. I would also like to obtain a Wolfpack F16I cockpit set for my Academy build. I just advertised my Isracast F-16I SUFAconveersion kit for sale or tradeon Hyperscale's Plane Trading. If you are inclined check it out
  4. I've obtained a lot of helpful information in the past about building a F-16i SUFA. My questions deal with the Academy version. I have stuff for a Tamiya build but feel it may be beyond my skill level. and time available. I understand the best approach to building an accurate SUFA is the Tamiya Isracast approach. I also understand the Academy approach can be less expensive. Significant kit inaccuracies can be corrected and the remaining are too insignificant that most people would not notice the issue. Most modelers have suggested the Academy approach which most take Does the Wolfpack cockpit set which cost around $50 significantly improve the cockpit? Can the kit cockpit plus aftermarket seats and the Eduard cockpit detail set equal or surpass the Wolfpack approach. I happen to have these in my stash. Can Tamiya's C/J metal landing gear be used with the Academy kit? Whats the best metal landing gear alternative? Will the Cutting Edge F-16 intake set designed for the Hasegawa kit improve the Academy model? I believe a resin manufacturer was planning to release aftermarket resin kits to improve the intalke and exhaust parts of the Academy kit this month. So far I've seen nothing published. I understand the Tamiya Pratt Whitney parts can be used but require a significant amount of work. The Academy canopy, though too wide, looks like a better approach than the isracast vacume formed canopy. I'll be happy to discuss or pass on any F-16 information off site or here if it will benefit others. I can even sell or trade some extra F-16 decals I will not be using to any interested persons I was dwadeling between building a SUFA or BARAK and sold the BARAK kit today so my decision is made.and I have a Isracst SUFA conversion kit to sell. Feel free to email me directly at james.reaganjr@verizon.net I can benefit from others experience.
  5. Your suggestions go along with what I was thinking. about using the Tamiya kit as a guide. I like your idea about using frisket paper to trace rivet patterns. I have a couple of aftermarket parts like the True Details cockpit for the Hasegawa kit . I also plan to obtain a Cutting Edge Smail Mouth Intake. I have a set of detail parts for the Tamiya F-16 Pratt Whitney engine I might be able to throw into the pot. Now to fit the build in with a couple of WW1 kits as well as an early BF 109. I also want to concentrate on a Battle of Britain theme and have the appropriate kits in the stash. I'm waiting for the release of the new Revell Germany Spitfire kit rather than start a Hasegawa/Revell Spitfire MK 1 kit I'd love to see a new Hurricane kit one of these days. Wouldn't a 1/32 scale Airfix or Trumpeter Hurricane be nice.. It's back to the man cave project before I have knee surgery in December. Rather than a" man cave" sign I may put a " sanctuary" sign over the entrance.
  6. I am fortunate in having two options for building a F-16A Israeli Airforce NETZ I can build and correct a Hasegawa F-16 kit or I can build a Tamiya T bird kit and use the "A" parts from the Hasegawa kit.to backdate the Tamiya kit I also have an extra T Bird kit I would like to build as an Aggressor. I understand the outline of the Hasegawa kit is fairly accurate. if the completed models are displayed next to each other will the difference be noticeable? If not I can save a T Bird kit and use the complete Hasegawa kit. I can also practice scribing. I also have an excellent article for converting the Tamiya kit to a F-16A version. Perhaps someone who has built both kits can answer my question. In a way I'm probably asking will the Hasegawa kit stand out like sore thumb?
  7. I would be glad to join in. About two years ago the toy store I was involved with called All Toy Company when our leaser had to sell some of his properties. I have a number of 1/24 and 1/32 kits I've been selling on HYperscale and Ebay. I'd prefer offering low prices and avouid the Ebay fees. Also Pay pal will work with people who use their services concerning a dispute. They are a bit rote so it may require you personally locating a humanoid to speak with at customer service.
  8. THANKS FOR THE SUGGESTIONS I filled my larder with several extra Tamiya acrylic colors after checking the color guides on my Wingnuts instructions. I'm fortunate to have some Polly Scale WW1 colors they offered for WW 1aircraft. I have some Floquil Old Silver I've been told can be used to paint silver dope on a Nieuport 17 kit.
  9. In the olden days (I just turned 73) when I built the 1/48 scale Renwall kits which were plastic and had a precolored paper which I believe was like silkspan I used liquid plastic glue to affix the simulated fabric. You might want to take a look at Tamiya 's thin liquid glue or another similar glue Perhaps someone can offer a suggestion what they used with their 1/16 scale Hasegawa Wright Flyer kit which had a paperlike covering. I've read of a product called RICE PAPER which I plan to check out. The only hobby store in the Harrisburg Pennsylvania area deals mostly with flying models. I plan to check to see what they have to offer. It's been years since I have used silkspan. I feel after it's placed on the model it could be sprayed with an acrylic sealer. Several manufacturers off varnishes then I'd follow with an acrylic PC10 or PC12 and buff underside. You can have fun creating your own PC color like was done in 1917-1918. Early PC tended to be greener than the later PC which had more of a brown tone.
  10. The posting of the 1/32 scale F84 Thunderjet is really inspirational and shows what can be doen with aluminum foil. .I've tried several approaches to applying aluminum foil. My problem has been the foil is soft and easily marked by a fingernail. Is there any way I can toughen up the surface of the foil to make it more durable.? I know a solution is don't mark the stuff with my fingernail. All the recommendations I've read is use a form of white glue to attach the foil. Is there a newer better product for attaching the foil available? Recently I played around with some aluminum tape used for dryer vents on a 1/24 scale P51 kit and found it also marked up very easily.I may try it on a 1/32 scale kit to see if it is realistic. A nice feature is one side has an excellent adhesive.
  11. Beautiful natural metal finish. What adhesive did you use? Any particular brand of foil? My experience with aluminum foil is its easy to leave a fingernail mark on the foil. The easy answer is don't mark the foil Do you have a suggestion on strengthening the foil to prevent this from happening? Again great work.
  12. I'm planning to order a supply of acrylic paint to airbrush and brush paint several WW1 kits. I'm leaning toward Tamiya paint because it's easier to obtain. Also Wiingnuts list them on their color chart. I've not done a lot of modeling in the last few years so airbrushing acrylics will be a new experience for me. I'd appreciate any recommendation for other brands. I've read nice reviews about Vallejo Air paint. I've also read that some brands are better for brush painting as well as some better for airbrush use. My interest cover the 20th century with major interest in pre 1940 aircraft. It looks like Wingnuts and Silver Wings will be offering kits I'd like to obtain. Your suggestions about the above will be greatly appreciated.
  13. Kevin I was thinking about chucking a Matchbox BF 109 kit tomorrow . I think I'll hold off and check it out. I understand the the Alley Cat kits were designed for the Eduard kits. Right now I'm working to complete the heavy work on my "man cave" befor I have knee surgery next month.
  14. The Cutting Edge kits were originally designed for the 1/32 scale Hasegawa BF 109E kit. Anybody try to use it with the newer BF 109 releases? I understand the Alley cat BF 109 B/C/D kits were designed for the Eduard kits. Anyone use it with the Cybermodeler BF 109 kit?
  15. Most of the reviews I read about the Trumpeter Mig 21 kit gave it a high rating. I have both the MF and f13 in my stash and hope to build them one of these days. I have a number of 1/32 kits I plan to sell in the very near future but the Trmpeter Mig 21 kits will be keepers. Their Mig 19 kit is also an excellent model. Thy a Google search using "1/32 scale Trumpeter Mig 21" You can also add "build" "review". I've found this type of search has pulled up a lot of stuff that still can be found on the net. Jim Reagan
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