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  1. Love that last pic Martin. I'll be sure to save it for future reference. Thanks, Chuck.
  2. Glad to hear from you Peter and looking forward to follow along with your build for inspiration. I hope to do a bit more tonight or tomorrow. Once I have a more to show for it I'll post some pics.
  3. Boy, those pics of the machined bits look a bit rough close up. Don't worry, I'll be cleaning things up before I go any further.
  4. What a cool looking jet eh Martin? I might just have to do a natural metal bird once I get this one done! Looking good.
  5. Getting Started: With the thought of replacing the molded on wires and detail in the area behind the Instrument panel, I machined off the raised plastic with my latest toy (don't tell the wife) a home made drill press/milling machine! I've been dreaming of one of these for the last several years but never could justify the cost for one of the hobby mills found online. Then one day while day dreaming about something I though "hey, what about using your proxxon compound table and some kind of cheaper drill press?" I already had the proxxon table that I had been using with a foredom hand tool (which is great by the way) but it wasn't really "cutting it" (ha ha) in the milling machine dept. I decided to do a little research online and found a couple of decent hobby drill presses in the $70-$80 dollar range. After a quick order on amazon and resulting delivery, the modified drill press/mill is now on my hobby bench and it works great! I completed the milling set up with the addition of a tilting rotary milling table (which allows me to rotate the piece I'm working on and tilt it if needed) for another $100 and then drilled/tapped a bolt hole on the side (opposite to the drill press handle) which allows me to set the depth of the bit to what ever I need depending on the operation it's being used for. For a total of around $300 (as compared to $800 and up for the other options) I'm now the happy owner of a nice hobby drill/mill. Heres the drill/mill: and here is its first handy work: Sorry for the crappy pics. I'm in the midst of making a MUCH better photo booth set up which should be ready to go next week (fingers crossed). Until the next update, Chuck out.
  6. Thanks Martin for the pics AND the encouragement.
  7. Here is a bit of the research materials I've found online and some of Peter's fine Airscale's products that I'll be using:
  8. This is the area behind the Instrument panel/under the front windscreen: Again, not bad, but the details are soft and don't match up with the pictures I've seen of this area. Those molded on wires are hard to make look good when its so visible (as in a location like this) so they have to go!
  9. I have a bit of down time before getting back to work in the back yard, so here we go. I spent the last couple of weeks looking at other builds for this kit and as many pictures online as I could and trying to figure out as best I can what looks good enough "as is/stock in the kit" and what I want to replace, modify or upgrade. From what I can tell, the area under the front windscreen could use some cleaning up plus extra details and the Instrument panel is more of what you would find in a "E" version of the Mirage and not so much a "C" version. In light of all that, my plan for upgrades is as follows: make scratch built Instrument panel to reflect an Israeli C remove the molded on wires/details for the area behind the Instrument panel/under the front windscreen and replace clean up the ejector seat and add more details remove the molded on wires/some details for the rest of the cockpit (depending on how visible it will be once closed up) I'm not a big fan of molded on wires in a high visibility area like the cockpit. I think it works ok for inside wheel wells and other areas where its not so easy to see, but the cockpit is the showcase of the model (for me anyway) so I want to spend the extra time doing it up right. I ordered some Airscale details to use in this build and I'm excited to try my hand at scratch building an Instrument panel. I also hope to try my hand at resin casting some details as needed in case I ever want to build another Mirage III down the road, but I'm not totally sure on all that at this stage of the build. As you can see, the Instrument panel is not bad, but not exactly great either: Soft, not to mention inaccurate details for a "C". No decals for the Instrument faces and just not good enough for what I hope to pull off here.
  10. Thanks Alain, I'm sure I'll be needing it! I'll post some more later today.
  11. I have Harold's AMS wheels in the mail and ordered some of Airscale's cockpit details which I now have, but thats about it.
  12. When Italeri announced a new tool Mirage IIIC in 32nd scale, memories of a young kid in his folks basement sprung to mind. It was back (I think) in the late 70's or early 80's when I last plied my hands on Revell's Mirage offering, and seeing the box art for the new kit stirred all those fond memories. I tried to resist the pull to add yet another kit to my never ending stash, but the force was to strong in that memory and resistance was futile, so I made my way over to Burnaby Hobbies where Dave (and Tom) had just what I needed to scratch that itch! After Peterpools beating me to the punch with his new posting on his upcoming Italeri mirage IIIC build, I though I better get off my duff and post something myself instead of continually lurking like I usually do here. My plan is to build the Italeri Mirage with the hopes of not getting bogged down with endless research that seems to happen to me whenever I'm not 100% sure on a part or other detail. I do want to stay true to the aircraft as much as possible, but if I have to "wing it" for an area on the plane that isn't very well documented, I've decided doing that is actually better than putting it on the self of doom and never getting it done! My plan is to build an early 70's tri colour camo Mirage IIIC with Atar 9B (eyelid afterburner as found in kit) bird from the 101st. squadron (with the red stripes on the tail). Not totally sure which aircraft number I'll do yet, but this is what I'm shooting for:
  13. Hey no fair! I thought I would be starting my build thread before you. Looking forward to seeing your build and hopefully building along side. I've started working on the area behind the instrument panel and have taken a few pics but haven't posted anything. I guess I better start a thread in the next day or two eh?
  14. Interesting effect with the polishing. How did you achieve it?
  15. Has anyone used braided synthetic suture thread to simulate braided hose lines found on engines and in various compartments? If you have, does the diameter of the thread vary with the size of the suture? Where did you get it from? Thanks in advance, Chuck.
  16. I contacted Isradecal to see if they had any others books on the Mirage III planned and they replied that they do, but he had no idea when it would be released.
  17. That makes the most sense. I think I'll follow the same philosophy unless it gets positively ID'ed as an Israel bird. Thanks for the confirmation, Chuck.
  18. The picture of the mirage panel, with the square faced radar (I think thats what it is anyway) scope is found in this thread: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=59092&hl=mirage&page=2 What do you guys think. Is this an early IAF Mirage CJ, or something else?
  19. I found a picture of what is claimed to be an Israeli CJ and its different from the pics shown. It shows what looks like a square faced radar scope below the artificial horizon/bezu (sp?) Do you guys think it could be showing an early Israeli CJ panel, or is the round faced radar more appropriate for that era of CJ?
  20. Any chance you can scan that photo to show on here (as long as that's ok to do)? I'm coming up with a plan to scratch build a new panel and want to make sure I'm kind of on the right track with its layout for a CJ. If that's not ok, no problem.
  21. I think the set I ordered covers off those changes.
  22. Looks good. I ordered this set for mine yesterday: http://mrpaint.sk/eshop/farby/Sady?product_id=189
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