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  1. Interesting! Does it have any adverse reaction to Polystyrene. The primary reason that I am trying WS is as direct resul of using Laquer Thinners,spilt accross a sprue - Italeri PT Boat -on the bench. Kit now off the scope recovery possble.
  2. As I said it wasn't all that bad it appeared that a little Acrylic was left in cnrs of wheel wells and H didn't take. As I airbrushed late this PM today (PC 3222 Vic)cold and dry and the mix may have a little lean on paint it may be that I'm a bit para and it will be better in the AM
  3. Whilst I have tried WS as a thinner for Humbrol in a small way I am about to commence the Tamiya Mk VIII & the 'Stang to follow and as I mentioned I have dabbeled on the Hasegawa Tony,not to far advanced as int color has me trying Tam Acrylic (removed almost all) then Hum 93 thinned with WS ,about 30/70 airbrushed and result was only fair not a disaster but not A1. Question is was it the remmants of the almost totaly removed Acrylic or adverse reaction to the White Spirit. Any thoughts?
  4. Hey What's with the 70 years old 70 yrs young

  5. Thanks Carl you have confirmed that my doubts were justified. I did brouse the Tamiya catalogue site and T stated not for poly but H'shop staff sd Yes ! Shall be returning purchs.
  6. I am now the proud possessor of "The Mustang" and I am very concerned that the Polycarbonate cans will have an adverse effect on polystyrene and would appeciate any and all advice before I commit to something other than O.D & Nuetral Gray.
  7. Great but annoying no Pics ,mine is in the post(on order) returning after many many years this kit has me going
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