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  1. Hi All, I could use some advice regarding primer. I've been using Vallejo Model Air gray primer but am dissatisfied for two reasons: 1) it sprays out very dark, sometimes actually masking problems/imperfections; 2) Vallejo seems to wreak havoc with my airbrush, constantly clogging it (unlike some competitors). I am therefore asking if anyone can make any suggestions regarding brand and/or color of alternatives that can be used with an airbrush. As a side note, I'm now using primarily Tamiya and Model Master acrylics without AB problems. Thanks for your help.
  2. Macnkira

    yellow zinc chromate

    If all else fails, you can also obtain the Testors Model Master yellow zinc chromate directly from them at www.testors.com.
  3. Macnkira

    Who makes stencils for Spitfire?

    If you're still looking for Spitfire stencils, I can give you several suggestions: 1) Maketar Productions is a new European company doing them with numerous listings on eBay. 2) Gator Loup (kenny@gatorsmask.com) does RAF roundels in different scales. 3) Mal Mayfield (miraclemasks@hotmail.co.uk) makes stencils to order -- give him as much detail as possible re specific plane, pilot, etc. Hope this information helps.