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  1. Almost ready for painting: Some preshading: and first layer of base color:
  2. In the meantime I made some small progress: Some time later I have mounted air ducts and one engine: And then, a huuuuuuuuuuuuge gap between upper and lower parts of fuselage: I had to do something with this, so I started from cutting this part in half, some expanding, plastic glueing and putting: then for couple of times I had to putty and sand it to finally get blisters on my fingers and this: And more putting and sanding:
  3. I preshade armament a little bit: But troubles begin when I wanted to paint them. Instruction was not clear how to paint armament and it was not to easy to choose proper colour. I think I choose right:
  4. I finished engine wiring and plumbing. It is my first time so it's not perfect but I like it anyway: And I have to put engine on something so I scratched build stand for it: And after a while I thought that I need some wheels attached: Missiles and fuel tank have to lay on something so I did some stands from balsa: And some info boards:
  5. And the last part fo today. I want to show radar, so I removed a part of fuselage: And started to work with radar: More to come...
  6. I received metal landing gear (those in the kit are awful): And I added some wires to the front one: I also have finished ejection seat: And started some works on cockpit and the space behind it: To finish with this: Landing gear bays are quite good (for me of course J) : Some electronic devices which I’m planning to show:
  7. Hi, I'm starting my new project to build this Eurofighter as an expo model. To do this I started from missiles, fuel tanks and all pods available in this kit: They need a lot of attention, I mean a lot of putty, sand paper. Trumpeter attached to this model some color painting schemes where we can find info how to paint and put decals on missiles which are not in the kit like GBUs and Sidewinders. Strange: There is also a good scheme for plane painting: After some putting, sanding, scrubing I end up with this. Missiles: Engines: And some slots, cover etc: And here is the composition. All missiles and one engine:
  8. Really, really nice. I like the painting job.
  9. No, I didn't. I did only preshading then tri tone camo and some color modulation. Most of the effect that you are talking about is made with wash and oil paints.
  10. Thanks. Base is made from plasterboard. Lines have been inscribed with a needle. Then I mixed some Tamiya X-1 Black with wood glue and some Sidolux (it's a polish version of Future or Klaar). This mixture was poured into grooved line. When it dried I put randomly some grey, dark gray and black pigments and I rubbed them with a big brush. Some minor corrections had to be made and that's it. It's pretty easy and it took me about 2-3 hours to do it.
  11. Thank you all for those comments. I really enjoyed time building it. It is my second favourite model right after Challenger I from Tamiya.
  12. Thank you very much for such nice comments. It is good to know that someone enjoys watching my model (and would like to have it on own shelf like Robroy). I spend almost 5 months building this plane and I'm glad that in your opinion I didn't waste this time. Today I took some more pictures. Hope you will like them too:
  13. It's ready. Ready for inspection. Just follow the link: F-4D Phantom II from Tamiya.
  14. Model is finished. Is it Out of Box. Nothing was added or changed. Please watch and comment"
  15. Thank you. Trying to do my best. It's almost finish. I glued ejection seat and pilots (they are still missing arms): And I have also glued some armament: Gallery tommorow (hope so ).
  16. A little progress I airbrushed model with Micro Coat Flat. I used this laquer for the first time and I was a little suprised with the effect. It gives nice finish more satin then flat. Previously I used Tamiya and it was deep flat. I finished also undercarriage and this is how it looks now: Some close-ups:
  17. Let's continue wash: I have also added some shading to fuel tanks:
  18. A little wash on wing: Landing gear: And some bombs/missiles: I hope I will be able to finish this week.
  19. It is time for small update: I have paited tail Model is ready for gloss and decals: Decals: Wash: Close look:
  20. Third color: Radar cone: After some suggestions I agreed that color transitions are to sharp, so I decided to fade them a little bit. It was painted free hand so it's not perfect, but I think it look better: So far that's it. I'll keep you updated. You can find some more pics at: Picasa - F-4D Phantom II
  21. Surfacer: Pre-shading: Grey color: Masking: Tan: Second color:
  22. Next was cockpit: I know that ejection handles should be yellow-black. It has been corrected. Some pictures about base:
  23. Hello everybody. About 2 or 3 monts ago I started Tamiya F-4D: It will be painted like this: I'm usually starting with armament: To end up like this: More pics to come.
  24. Thanks for such nice welcome and good comments. Because I have already started my next plane I will start Work in Progress topic tommorow.
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