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  1. Bottom part is ready: And a view from up with attached armament and slats:
  2. I started this model few weeks ago, but now I'm trying to finish my MiG-29. I will stop here from time to time to see your progress on this build.
  3. I love the paint scheme. Your model looks amazing.
  4. Excellent paint job. Waiting for more.
  5. Thank you all. I hope I will be able to finish in next few days. Today I put a flat clear on the bottom part of plane. I will glue the armament and this side is ready. I have to add some weathering on the upper side, glue airbreak, nozzles, canopy, then some flat clear and we will see. Base needs only few things to do but it should not too much time to finish it. Worst it that at this stage it hard to me keep calm not to rush thing too much. And of course not to break anything.
  6. I finished wash on lower side trying to archive very used and exploited surface: While trying to do upper side not too dirty:
  7. Recently i manage to find some time so I put all decals. There are very thick and very schematic. Then I start wash (picture taken with my phone so sorry for low quality): And I finished canopy:
  8. Great work. Really great. Waiting for more.
  9. Thank you all for such a nice comments. To Rob: As far as I know only Russia operates "M" version. I heard that Syria ordered some of them but I'm not sure if they got those planes already or not.
  10. I'm speechless. I never reach such level of details in my builds. Unbelievable. .
  11. Oliver, base is made in very simple way. Main part is a wooden shelf which can be purchased in every store with contsruction materials like OBI, LeroyMerlin,Castorama or Praktiker (I'm not sure which store is around you). It is in various sizes, I do my model on 40cm x 60cm. On this is cut to 36cm x 60cm size plaster board. It's covered with paper on both sides and it have to be removed from one side. Dependind from which side you will remove paper you will get pretty smooth surface or a little cranky one. The easiest way to do this is to sink in water (I do it in old bath), wait a while and then start to tear paper off. In most cases I have to use it hard brush to remove rest of the paper. Then with careful I lay this plaster board on a flat surface to let it dry for a few days. When it is dry I'm gluing it to wooden base. Next I scribe lines with needle or knife. After this you can paint it, add pigments or whatever you like. I will search for some photos from previous builds and paste here.
  12. Thank you all. I'm leaving today for short holiday, so I won't be able to continue my work now. I hope that after that I will share with you some fresh photos.
  13. Thanks again. To compare size of Fulcrum I took a photo with HUMMVEE (bottom) and AAVP (top): I have painted engine covers: Masking and painting of nozzle: After painting: And put together only to picture: They still need some work like dust and white shades but I could not resist to temporary put all together (only front canopy is glued):
  14. Thank you all for such superb comments. Some more photos (part of them are taken with my phone so forgive me quality of those pictures): Almost done with masking: And right after finishing it: I paint too mauch areas with green so I have to correct areas where blue-gray will be, so I painted those places wint neutral gray and then preshading was done again: After painting of second color I started masking and painting of some fuselage details: And after removing masking model looks like this (engine covers were painted in the meantime, but I will show picture later): Below you will find few photos with zoom to details: Nose: upper fuselage: left wing without flaps: right wing with temporary attached flaps:
  15. Thanks. I've noticed that by mistake I have created a new topic in Ready for Inspection section instead of Work in Progress and I've send email to Erik, Dan and Ron to move it to proper location. Experimating with preshading: Lower fusalage painted: In the meantime I found a picture of MiG-29M2 in very cool painting scheme and I decided that I will do mine in the same way: Picture taken from http://www.airliners.net website.
  16. More putting and sanding: I add some parts to wings and fins: After gluing vertical fins: and horizontal fins: Glued cone: And this is how I plan to put my plane on the base: Finally bottom ot he fuselage is ready for painting: And I started to paint selected armament:
  17. Seat after correction: Cockpit in place: After glueing both parts of fuselage: Now putting and sanding:
  18. Hi, I started this model more then one year ago, but I didn't do to much since kit was missing some parts. I got those parts thanks to general distributor of Trumpeter in Poland and I could continue my work. I bought Aires ejection seat and here's a comparision to the seat included in the Trumpeter's kit: Some photos from the progress: Cockpit with Eduards parts: And temporary all parts put toghether Seat painted but few things will be corrected: And my standard base: More to come...
  19. Wow, man. Thank you. Thank you all very much. In moments like this I feel great and happy knowing that somewhere someone is enjoying my work. Thank you all once again.
  20. Thank you Guys for you nice words. I like to show all available weapon but it is very exhausting work to build all of them. I do not think that I will decide to do this for next few models. But Typhoonattack1's idea about Warthog is very tempting. I think I will start ASAP MiG-29 before I change my mind.
  21. I would like to show my latest "product". I know that some might say that I put too much on the base, that colors are wrong but I hope they won't. Anyway here it is, watch and be delicate in your comments:
  22. Thank you all for such nice comments. I do not have too much time but I'm trying not to hurry my builds. It always ends with something really bad. In the meantime started to wash my Typhoon, but since this model will be an expo model, so I'm trying make it not to dirty ( but I would like to, it is so much fun )
  23. Small update (some weathering and all decals):
  24. And few small parts that needs painitng: And finishing suface with 1500 grid and higher. And my first try of ALCLAD:
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