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  1. Thank you Jim. I think that curve of the fuselage makes this optical ilusion cause lines are parallel - but thank for pointing this out. Thank you John.
  2. Some more photos of base with more rocks. I've noticed that they are too big, so I will put some smaller on top. Also I prepared land for grass. It was made from plasticine, then some water based glue and earth from my garden: Now I will have to paint pavement, plant some grass and almost done. I paint also the interior parts of engine, but they won't fit into the exhaust, I almost broke down the very fragile resin rings and etched construction to hold them together. Finally I was able to slide it in and glue in place. Engine is ready for painting now: I glued "teeth" as vortex genarators but they look odd to me: Without tail, plane looks like a spaceship from Star Wars:
  3. Thank Jim. Thank you. Works continues. First I dear how I would like to set up a monument: Then I started to realize my idea by placing pavements and putting some small stones on one of the path: In the meantime I glued air intakes: I wanted to build engine as an option to open the plane and show it but I decided not to - it is too risky that plane will open by itself, so I will paint it and glue all parts in place.
  4. But I wasn't completely satisfied so I added some more: Some new bricks elements: And right now it looks like this: Now I will have to copy some of the plaster elements and do some cut-fit-cut-glue magic.
  5. Lately I mostly worked on base. It all started from the main element of monument: Will it fit or not?: Later I've add some minor parts:
  6. I hope you will find something nice or usueful here. Thank you. Details are really good on the exhaust but I'm still wonder how am I gonna to paint this. True. I have only MiG-29 completed so I hope soon he will get a good comrade. Thank you. Weel I have few ideas... but I will reveal them later - I hope you will be suprised. Thank you. Thank Rainer. Wheel bays are resin from Aires - they already look amazing so I didn't add anything to them. Ok. Back to work. I corrected a rear part of S-24B rocket as kit provided a flat cap at the end: Finally I glued canopy and of course I had to used some putty: Also I clean up a metal struts and join them with plastic parts: Do you guys have any good photos of undercarriage? I would like to add some wiring. I'm not sure if I will use it but I started a cart: And on the end, almost completly scrached plaster board - i will use it as a pattern and cast some more:
  7. Then I finally put together a wing moving mechanism - I had to modify it a little bit as it was too loose and wing were moving freely without control: Then with regret I glued airbrake elements as again monument planes cannot have such parts open: And dry fit on all main components: I'm still thinking how to do an option to open/close tail to reveal engine - I started from the kits parts - then I will try to add some wiring: To fit with resin parts of engine, kits one have to cut almost in half: Dry fit of plastic and resin parts: So far that's it... More to come soon...
  8. I decided that I won't install electronic bays as plane on monuments usually do not have such hatch opened so I glued frotn fuselage parts with cockpit and front gear bay. It's not perfect but it's better that I expected as halves do not fit only in ole place: Anyway this place will be covered with canopy, so I do not mess with it not to break to much. I only had to cut canopyy a little in one spot and glue some HIPS in another: I glued also the main gear bays: In the meantime I'm trying to figure out how to build a strong and light monument, I started with some 4mm thick plaster blocks: I will carve a bricks on them later. I glued front windscreen (it covered with maskol)...: ... and ejection seat: Now I'm waiting to vaporate rest of CA glue (otherwise it might damage canopy shield) so on photo it is only temporary to see how it fits:
  9. Thank you all for your warm comments - it means a lot to me.
  10. WOW. Great technique. I applied only some black paint like this but never thought of using other colors.
  11. Thank you very much. Don't think about it. Do it as soon as you can. In the meantime I finished cockpit and ejection seat:
  12. Today I tried to visualize the monument and the plane on the base: Angle of the plane is not too big as the base with plane should not exceed 25cm in height. Then I had to destroy some more parts to fit resin: And I sand smooth the air intake, but probably it won't be seen after mounting: I paint wheel wells (without wash yet): And a color check for cockpit:
  13. Thank you. Quite cool. I have to think how to build it and attach plane to it. I received pack of resin parts. At the begining I try to fit the main wheel wells as the attachment is a little bit different then kits parts - they are open at the top while resin have all the sides full. To properly attach some plastic blocks have to be removed from one of the part supporting wings. Next I tried to fit exhaust. It is larger in diameter then kits one, so a lot of plastic have to removed from the rear halves of hull: This is how it fits: Unfortunately exhaust is a little bit smaller then end of the hull: Those parts will be fitted in the engine: More to come soon - I glued a lot of parts but some of them have to reshaped or cut to properly fit resin parts.
  14. Hi, Few days ago I finished my sixth model in 1:32 and as it was A-10 it also was a fourth plane is US markings that's why I decided to go to the east and choose one of the former USSR planes. I have Su-27 but I'm not ready to it yet, also Su-25 was not a good choose as I just finish CAS plane. So the choice was simple: MiG-23MLD. In quite a big box half of sprues is for armament - various missiles, bombs, gun pods, fuel tanks etc but MLD was an ultimate fighter so mostly air to air missiles were carried. Plane have 7 mounting points but only 4 are available as the central one and left and right ones are reserved for fuel tanks. I decide to mount 2 R-24R (1 per pylon) missiles and 4 R-60 (2 per pylon) in configuration as below: After gluing I had to sand it a little bit, rescribe some lines, paint with primer and sand a little more: In the meantime I ordered a Aires detail set (2196) http://www.aires.cz/get/image.php?object=product-photo&id=2287 And also a Pitot tube from Master, Air Scoops and Chute brake from Quickboost. Still I'm not sure about painting as Trumpeter is offering two quite interesting schemes, but in the meantime I found on the wiki interesting photo: Camo like Su-27 and idea for a base. Waiting for resin parts I'm trying to glue and prepare as many parts as I can:
  15. Very nice model - I really like it. Congratulations. Przemek.
  16. Thank you Lothar. Justin - it is very kind of you. Thank you for your comment. Dzięki wielkie Artur.
  17. Thank you all for your kind words. I took some more pics without the masks on the windshield:
  18. I'm truly sorry for responding so late but I was with my family on one of the biggest contest this weekend with my models but thank you very much to all of you for you kind words. I'm really happy that you enjoy watching my model. It is good to know that after all those hours of hard work finally pays off with such a wonderful reaction of people like you. Again big thank you very much. Kev - it will be an honor for me to publish this photos on the website. Please let me know if you would like me to take some another photos with masks removed.
  19. Hi, After a lof of struggling with this model I finally was able to finish it. Model as an early Trumpeter is not perfect, it has a lot of errors and a lot of work is needed to do it properly so I wouldn't recommend to beginners. I add resin cockpit (in set was also a resin gun muzzle), Eduard exterior and armament sets, another metal gun muzzle for gun on a trailer and additional model of VW Beetle from Airfix (a terrible, terrible model). Trailer is a scratch build, a few details were added to resin engines frome the kit and to the gun (from kit) on a trailer - especially the ammo belt. Model was painted in three tone grey camo called Flipper. i know it was not used on A-10N/AW (as it only existed in one prototype) but I liked it much more over a standard grey-green camo. I only add a little of oil wash and weathering. No dust pigments were added as I wanted to keep it quite clean. Just to mention as one of the inspiration was probably well known old photo of VW Bettle copared to GAU-8 gun. Ohh, and one more thing - I've noticed than some masks were not removed from front windscreen. Please watch and comment (and be gentle):
  20. Big "thank you" for all your comments folks. To crobinsonh - I'm thinking about Trumpeters Harrier Plus and Revells Tornado as a next project.
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