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  1. Hi Martin, I can see what you are meaning - but I think different. Why? Until mid of march the "unknown" and not even cheap kit was based on you as a "factory" with a name and a face. You could loose a lot if you make promises and the kit doesn't reflects your statements. Now it's a unknown, faceless company far away without a promise or reputation. As you mentioned in the first post to this threat you back out of all about the quality. In your second post here you precise, that important parts can't be evaluated by you. And final you advise to buy - not looking what happens to the pricing or to the more important price-performance ratio. I think you are modeler and know what good decals costs, a well done set of PE-parts too. And a good instruction isn't for free. I try to cancel my pre-order and wait till there are comments about and I can make a opinion myself. 100€ is for me too much for experiences with unknowns. Sorry for you, I think if the distributors make a belly flopper they remember your name unfortunately. But maybe you think about a distribution like WNW for you next projects. Best whishes Christian
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