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  1. Wow, I have a 3.5" Titanium plate in my neck and C3/4 and C6/7 are ruptured, 2 ruptured Thoracic, 4 Lumbar interbody cages, I can totally relate to the neck position and tingling problems. I wake up every night around 3:00 to 4:00 a.m. with both my arms pointing straight up into the air, hurts like hell. The progressive way you did the holes explains why they look so good! I am still in awe of the deck. Having visited the U.S.S. North Carolina and the U.S.S. Massachusetts, the decking is right on. She is really coming alone nicely.
  2. You guys have steady hands! I probably would have opted for the hand pin vice route, but I have steadier hands when doing something manual, opposed to holding a drill (bad neck, hands paid price). I own a small machine shop but free hand drilling like that is something completely different Kudos to you both!!
  3. Zathros

    Velie M5

    That's a good idea Gil. I wish I could comment on a method for doing something similar but it still is somewhat classified. What I can say is sandpaper with crazy glue can make easy work out of a lot of materials. Sometimes it is amazing what the combination of things you use every day can result it. That cylinder heads looks incredible, especially that considering without magnification, you could never see it that good in person!
  4. That Hull in incredible. I have been using "Zip Dry" Paper Glue, it does not penetrate the paper, dries to a rubbery state and if for some reason, you need to make a repair, you can take it apart within a day or so, yet it is so tacky the parts adhere quickly. It is acid and lignin free and dries clear. The perfection of this hull is a result of much experience, on the other hand, it is not impossible for others to achieve and that is a good thing. You don't have worry about getting over your head, and being paper, you can always print out another part!
  5. I just received the "R.F. Iena" from Carl. The level of quality and workmanship in this kit has to be seen to be appreciated and believed. The clarity of the instructions are also in a class of their own. Parts are printed on both sides where applicable, the model has many features geared towards helping the builder. In a way, because of all the lifeboats and launches, you are getting many models in one. The prints are photographic in quality. After holding them in my hand, I can attest that the detail does not come through in pictures on computers screens.
  6. Your decking came out beautifully! You really captured the texture. Did you drill out all those port holes? The parts look well made, the molds must still be fresh. Did you encounter much flashing? The parts fit looks great, it great when you don't need filler. Very cool ship. It nice to see something other than the usual candidates.
  7. I wonder if that canopy will do the cockpit justice? It's hard to tell from the pics. Looks really nice in there.
  8. That dash just takes the cake. If you say the gauges work I think I might believe you.
  9. Your fuselage looks like it just popped out of an injection mold. Seeing how you built it up was a great tutorial. Fantastic!
  10. Zathros

    Velie M5

    ,oo8", I look forward to this and seeing the technique, Wow.
  11. Hey Billy, so nice to see you here. So very nice!!

  12. Wow, I haven't seen your names in years. I was wondering where you went too. I don't know if you remember me but I do remember you. Nice to see you are still around.

  13. That cockpit is excellent. The attention to detail speaks for itself. This is one of my favorite all time aircraft. You are giving it a great homage.
  14. "Pics Heavy", had to look. That's a great start. The lower console looks great and the seats and other mods are so fluent, they just look right.
  15. The is one nice Chinook. The guys really do set if off and really give the observer a visual scale cue. The base is a good idea too. I'd need one to land on after running around the living room making helicopter sounds with her.
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