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  1. I agree, and will add that unlike the Acryl, the Tamiya (if applied thinly) can often be sanded same day. I had the same availability problem some time back. I ended up getting mine from an ebay seller in Hong Kong. I got a four-tube bulk deal he was offering, and speaking of shelf life the Tamiya stuff also seems to have a good shelf life, especially when still sealed. Regards; Automaton
  2. Yep, drying time is the difference. The green is the fastest, tne red is intermediate, and the blue was the slowest (intended as a glazing putty which could be spread over large areas without drying too fast). Apparently the red and green are still available but the blue is now discontinued, so unless you find some old stock, you're probably out of luck on that. However, the white "Marine Acryl" is supposed to be the same formulation as the blue except for coloration, and would probably be even better for modeling than the blue considering paint coverage. I have a gargantuan tube of t
  3. Hi Fil, if I'm not mistaken, the A6 cockpit is very similar to the A5. If you're going for total accuracy, there will be substantial differences in the instrument panel and especially the side consoles from the A8 and with am parts intended for the D9. I'm not sure if anyone makes an AM cockpit specifically for the A5/6. HTH; Automaton
  4. Fine looking build! Regards; Automaton
  5. Maybe so, but I don't see how this one could get much better. Beautiful model! Regards; Automaton
  6. Good looking (and fast ) build so far. Regards; Automaton
  7. Kev, did you try annealing the cowl flaps? It might be risky with them being made of an unusual etch alloy, but if you're gonna have to scratch replacements anyway, there's really nothing to lose. The build is looking really good, you'll definitely have a sense of accomplishment after banging this one into shape! Regards; Automaton
  8. Good looking build, and I love the fire/smoke effect. Regards; Automaton
  9. Yeah, they had a big brouhaha going on another modeling site about this scheme a while back. Whether the interpretation here is right or wrong I can't say, but that's definitely a nice build, and some great photography. Regards; Automaton
  10. Well, that's the kind of solutions I'm best at-the simple and obvious. The complicated and elusive not so much. And along those lines, I was just typing a lengthy response in the "What Have You Learnt This Year" thread and managed to hit a wrong key and lose it. If I'm sober enough when I get home from the Christmas party I have to leave for in about 5 minutes, I'll try it again. Anyway, I'm glad that helped. I'll be following this build, pretty interesting. Regards; Automaton
  11. It's looking good, Kevin, though like a lot of work. Two thoughts on the canopy issue: First, do you still have the rear canopy part from the kit on which you're doing the 190s conversion, perhaps it could be adapted. Second, unless I'm mistaken, the flat canopy was always used with the simpler head armor bracing (just the brace instead of the "fairing" type structure behind it). If it's going to end up with just the brace structure, modifying the existing part to the correct depth and angle might not be that hard. And regarding the size of the Airscale instrument decals, I
  12. I just noticed this-wow!! Love your painting style, ultra smooth. Great build! Regards; Automaton
  13. Looks like a pretty nice kit, actually, and your building and painting are first-class. Regards; Automaton
  14. I'd be surprised if we don't see a 1/32 Yak or Lavochkin (or maybe both) from Hobbyboss in the not-too-distant future. Mind you, I don't have any kind of "inside information", but it just seems a logical progression from their Shturmoviks. I think if I could choose just one, I'd take an La-7. Regards; Automaton
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