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  1. WOW, very nice build. I am truly impressed by the quality of your photos. Wish I could take pics like that.
  2. I am lined up for it. Mine will be a 9T. What would your choice be, sir?
  3. I think the next release is an La-9
  4. Could somebody "in the know" please post a list of the future HPH releases, even the pie-in-the-sky ones. I'm having trouble assembling the list in my mind. Would appreciate it greatly. TIA
  5. Help please. I can't figure out how this quote thing works. I am trying to quote Out2Gtcha above, then make a comment on his comment. Tries copy/paste but no joy.
  6. Of course. My keyboard was giving ya'll a test.
  7. A 1/32 A-26 ??? My life gets better every day. Any previews? Is there a list of upcoming projects?
  8. 1/32 C-47??? How many sons do you have?
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