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  1. Good-oh - my T.7's almost ready to paint, but it's been too cold here lately to paint anything. I may have to start on the U.21 conversion instead ...
  2. Some of us have a Woomera collection to complete ...
  3. The Mach 2 kit can be built into a reasonable replica with what the late Phil "Bondo" Brandt would have called a lot of "practice bleeding", but now the Airfix kit means that the effort isn't worth the pain. I'm sure the Mach 2 kit can be used as the basis for something - just haven't worked out what as yet. Maybe one of Tony Buttler's "Secret British Bombers" or a Vickers 1000 ...
  4. What Ray said. If a 1:1 fabric job's been done properly the rib tapes will stand not much more than 1mm above the surrounds, so in 1:32, or even 1:24, they will be only just discernible.
  5. Thanks, Peter - good to know. And there's a glitch in the instructions. At Stage 33, it is suggested that you install Parts J92 with the step to the rear - don't! The step should face forwards, to allow the firewalls (Parts K96 and K97) to sit in place properly.
  6. Peter, did you use the main cabin interior? I'm about to start one (which will probably end up in Airlines of NSW markings) and it seems to me that most of the interior aft of the crew compartment could be safely left out, unless the cabin interior assists with keeping the outside fuselage in alignment.
  7. Several pages of Mustang III markings in Southern Cross Mustangs ...
  8. The forthcoming release by Heller of a grey Fergie in 1:24, coupled with a recent browse through Southern Cross Mustangs (top picture on p.295, if you're interested), has given me inspiration for a diorama. Does anyone know of a source of 44 gallon drums in 1:24? I could scratchbuild them, but being basically a lazy bugger I'd rather take the easy road if it's available.
  9. Back to square one - Volks tells me they will only sell me an individual sprue if I've already bought the kit. As I have no need of or interest in a 1:32 Skyraider, it's too expensive to go down that path. My intention is to build a 1:32 "power egg" for an L-749 Constellation. It will be displayed fully cowled, so the engine itself won't need to be super-detailed, as long as it shows enough detail front and back - mainly back, as the front will be largely hidden behind the cowling. I may have to draw the thing and get it 3D printed, but that could pan out being almost as costly as buying the Z-M kit. I would be grateful for any other suggestions!
  10. Thanks, everyone - I'll try Volks. I need only one, because I have a Cunning Plan involving an as-yet-to-be-released kit.
  11. I'm looking for a Wright R-3350 engine in 1:32 - the earlier, non turbo compound variant fitted to, among others, the L-749 Constellation. Has anyone any suggestion as to a source, please?
  12. Very timely - just ordered a second HKM Mk 4 specifically for the T.7 job! Order will go in shortly.
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