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  1. Sorry can't agree there, think Revell enamels are absolute shyte!

    Humbrol quality sucks these days being made in China, and i hated the mess and drying time anyway of enamels so moved to acrylics.


    I use Tamiya mainly, but Gunze have wider range.

    Apparently Vallejo Model Air is excellent too!


    All down to personal taste and what suits you, so trila is really the key here.


    Good luck, and don't be scared to experiment.

  2. In a different string AndyB wrote: "I swapped the carpet monster for laminate wood flooring a while back. Things no longer disappear.....but they do bounce an awfully long way away."


    When I drop a kit part onto the floor I have a trick for finding it.

    1) Turn the lights out.

    2) Lay a lit flashlight on the floor and slowly turn it around scanning the entire floor. The part will cast a big shadow and you can often find it immediately.






    That's exactly what i do!


    Great minds think alike :rolleyes:

  3. Looking excellent Bekim, nice choice on a/c to do B)


    Your scratchbuilding is admirable, I'm sure this is going to look stunning in white with Star of David roundels!


    BTW I also used CATIA was back in early 90s, V3 i think, on IBM RISC 6000.

    Great package yes :)

  4. We are already doing something about it... The new forum upgrade was the first part and the second part, moving to a new host, is occurring right now. I'm in the process of moving all of the LSP files to the new server. It will take a couple of days to complete the move - including a forum shut down again to export the forum database late Saturday night.


    Once the dust settles, everything should be back to normal...





    Thanks for keeping us informed B)

  5. Hi


    I'm looking to purchase these kits, but just wanted some idea how accurate/detailed/quality is?

    Anyone recommend them or stay well clear???



    Also, what's the Revell 1/32 F-16 kit like? Is this the same mould as the F-16N?




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