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  1. I think some of the internal details cause fit problems later in the build. I had fit problems with the wing to fuselage on the Ta152 when the fuel tanks were under the cockpit floor.When I build another one I will leave alot of stuff out.I also have some leftover spitfire stuff in anyone needs it..just my openion..
  2. Hello all,I got my Ta 152 in 1/32 scale on monday and was hoping someone had started theirs.It looks impressive,after finishing all three of the Tamiya spitfires I dont think it is so hard,but it looks scarie..thanks,,,chuck
  3. Hello all,I was over on Britishmoderler and someone had a list of 1/48 spitfires that were available to build the whole series of spitfires.Does anyone have a list of models in 1/32.I know about hobbyboss,and tamiya,and the old hasegawa,which I really like,but is that all there is? thanks for all of your help in the past old chuck at the war eagles air museum...
  4. Hello all,Does any one make a mask for painting spitfire wings and the rest of the plane.I really like the spit and the herri and all the rest of the British WW2 airplanes.But I can mask my canopy no problem,but the wings and such IS a problem for me.Any ideas on this would be very thankful...thanks,chuck
  5. I just happen to have a P51 with the cowling off. W ll try to get some photos this coming week if you can hold off for a while.I work at a museum and have other things to do,but will try,may be wed. or thursday.I can have Cliff Bossey post them. dont get nervous yet...old chuck...
  6. Hello,, has anyone got one of the B25 models yet.Sprue says sold out I did not know they wer available yet,,Just asking,want to know,need one for my welfair.Thanks,,,chuck
  7. Hello all, I was ask to try to find a 1/32 or 1/35 model of the V2 rocket.I remember seeing one at some time,but was not my thing so did not make note of it...thanks much,chuck
  8. Thank you very much Mr. Metz..Been hopeing I was O.K. chuck
  9. I think I heard about Hasagawa coming out with a J2M5 Jack this fall But havent sean anything else.Is it still true,would like a George also..thanks,,chuck
  10. thanks much,I hate to spend the money but I need a late model zero for a display at the museum I work at.thanks for the info...chuck
  11. Hello all,Has anyone built the tamiya type 52 in 1/32? and does it have individual exhaust like the old hasagawa type 52,that I will never complete,and the rest of the plane went together so good and the detailed cockpit and the great paint job,and sanded wing and fusalage to get rid of the oversize rivits.Think I will build tanks for awhile...thanks,chuck
  12. Shane, The short answer is no,,All of our planes with a prop can fly if you unpickle the engines and flush out the fuel,oil,antifreez tanks.We have 2 P51s that we run up in the early spring.The fury flew in years ago and has not been flown.Our policy is {sit in here not waded up out there} I guess that is OK with me.one of the P51s that we restored was wrecked last year by a new owner...chuck
  13. Shane,you are right,hobbycraft.I also got a hobbybosss spitfire. the seafury is named magnifent obseion,hope I spelled it right. It is also a irack rescue long time ago.Restored in australi.I think the spitfire will be O.K. as soon as I finish the Hasagawa P47 and the Hasagawa zero and oscar..thanks guys,,chuck
  14. Hello all,I am about to start on the hobby boss sea fury and was intrested in any openions.I work at a air museum and we have a real one to look at. thanks for any info chuck
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