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  1. Amazing work my friend Swanny!!!!!!! I haven't followed it from the beggining but its never too late!!!!!!!
  2. Lars fantastic work my friend!!!!!!!!!! Keep the photos coming mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. hacker i would preffer her to be slow, slow so i can take my time with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wrbrdmech Shane it looks very nice mate..... keep the photos coming!!!!!!
  4. Derek my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What can i say!!!!!! Just to clarify simething.....form the first photo of the foggy camera glasses (assumed caused by sadning the seem lines) only by using the sanding sticks you restored the clarity? If yew i am out to buy them now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. its coming alomg nicely my friend!!!! The antennas look very realistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOw do you polish the lights? are you using future?
  6. Jay amazing work in all the parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not a WWII fan but if i was there would for sure being in my box!!!!!!!
  7. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Derek my friend it looks amazing!!!!!!!!!! R u going to add any detail in the cockpit?
  8. Derek my friend you are going to have a great time in greece... here is my model http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.ph...=16381&st=0
  9. Ok then i will post it there.... waiting for your comments!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Great work so far my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waiting for updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. come on mate..... all of your work so far has an amazing paint job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not warrying about it!!!! I know you can make it happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hi guys, I am building an F-4E of the Hellenic Air Force (Hasegawa kit) and i am adding detail from scratch, cockpit, radar, fuel pipe lines, a/c unit, engine bay the lot but it is in 1/48!!!!!! Can i post it here? thanks
  13. They look great my friend!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait to see it finished!!!!!!!!!! I know loads of work still to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am building an F-4E everything scratch, cockpit, radar, fuel pipe lines, a/c unit, engine bay the lot but it is in 1/48!!!!!! Can i post it?
  14. Amazing work as always my friend!!!!!! I will closely follow thiw construction too mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck and keep us posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Derek mate thank you very much for the detailed SBS guide. One more question. Futre in the UK is known as? And sorry a second one from where can i buy these Mastercasters sanders and Miracle shiners? My friend honestly i have never seen anything as shiny as these windows!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Amazing model my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The colors are fantastic as well as the tamplew for the markings!!!!!! They look so real!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. amazing work my friend!!!!!! I am amazed with the clear parts. Can you explain how you did it and what tools did you use? You used CA to glue them in place? then how did you polish it? Can i use your technic for the canopy? Thank you and sorry if i ask too much!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Its coming along amazingly fantastic my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Job well done!!!!!!
  19. WOW, man this is getting better and better!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait to see it finished!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!
  20. Thanks mate!!!!!!! You ve been very detailed!!!!!!!!! Thank you again. I am building 1/48 scale and thinking of using pounch wheel for rivets!!!. Got tamiya scribing tool too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks again
  21. WOW, these are some cool launchers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing work my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. WOW Chris this is an amzing work!!!!!!!!! Fanatastic. Just want to ask you a couple of wuestions. 1. How did you glue the PE parts on the wind screen (did you use CA or PVA)? 2. What paint do you use as primer cause it looks so smooth!!!!!! and 3. What tools do you use for scribing lines and rivets? Keep the photos coming my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Its coming along nicely my friend!!!!!!! Keep us posted mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's amazing scratch building work you have done there my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Hi guys!!!! Is it possible, someone that had built the 1/32 F-4E of Tamiya or Revell to do me a little favour? I am trying to scratch build the radar of the phantom and my way of doing it is to draw it in AytoCAD based on photos. The photos though have prespective and i cannot scale it accuretly at the end of the day. So can someone please just measure the length, width and height of their kits' radar and let me know the dimensions? Also if they don't mind to scan and send me the kits' instructions in particular the ones shown the radar? Please, Please, Please !!!!!!!
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