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  1. Is the f-16 cockpit fitted in tamiya or academy f-16? How was the fit?
  2. Paint pulled from masking happened to me on the feathers surprisingly.... Inhad to strip everything except flag If you have seen on my video I had the same issues with masking and instructions The masks are made for the academy kit not tamiya
  3. A word.of advise my friend The masks for the Zeus are made for the academy f-16 so they dont fit 100% on the tamiya f-16 I had to use quite a bit of masking tape If you have time watch my video below
  4. Hi guys I am looking to add a bit of detail in the area of the back of the canopy on my trumpeter f-18f but I cannot find any good reference photos of the area Does anyone of you have any photos of that part of the plane? Thanks
  5. hi guys do you know where I can get a set of Steel Beach 1/32 F-18F/G ACS Update Set thanks
  6. Hi guys I am after some good photos to use as reference to build my trumpeter 1/32 F-18F of: the cockpit, side walls, instrument panel cover and inside of canopy Thank you in advance
  7. Hi guys Where can I find 1/32 modern fighter pilot helmets for f-15 f-16 etc? Is anything on the market?
  8. thank you so much I see you didn't go for resin exhausts. Are the kit ones good? ACS stacks? What is this? are there pylons in the market available? so I can pose the slam-er fin closed I will have the canopy closed so I will just go for resin seats shall I get Eduard exterior? I think I will go for the Trumpeter as it is the only F
  9. great work can I ask if you are able to fold the AGM-84H wings backwords?
  10. that's what I thought guys....just the harrier
  11. Hi guys I was wondering what is available in the market in 1/24 fighter jets? Cheers
  12. Hi guys I need your advice as I was asked to build an F-18F super hornet in 1/32 with jolly Roger's markings 1. Which kit should i for an easier build? 2. Needs to have AGM-84H SLAM-ER with folded wings. Where can I get them from? 3. AIM-9X as well. Where do I get them? 4. Exhaust? Shall I go for resin? And if yes which ones? 5. Do I need resin seats? The canopy will be closed so is the kit offerings ok? 6.What else shall I add to enhance the external look of plane and weapons? 7. Decals? Any other advise? Thanks
  13. Mmmmm good question... I am building an lakenheath
  14. Hi guys I started tamiya 1/32 f-15c and I am looking for any good photo of the radar to add detail Thanks
  15. What will you do about the tail fin?
  16. Excellent build my friend You are an inspiration I thing if you dont mind as I might ne wrong If you flip the seatbelts onto of the seat shouldn't the buckles look the other way? The way they look now is their front face whilst you should be their backside?
  17. Hi guys Can any of you advise the correct IRIAF color codes in MRP HATAKA TAMIYA or GUNZE for f-5 or f-4? Thanks Periklis
  18. thanks guys better photos as promised 20190315_184926 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183343 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183341 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183331 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183323 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183318 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183314 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183300 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190315_183256 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190
  19. Hi guys Just finished my Tamiya 1/32 F-4E as an HAF SRA Hope you like it. I will try and take better photos during the weekend. 20190313_203120 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190313_203122 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190313_203137 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190313_203125 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190313_203139 by periklis_sale, on Flickr
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