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  1. Actually, I would like to see that! Kev
  2. It looks terrific Ron. You seem to be churning these out on a weekly basis - but to a really high standard! It blows me away... Kev
  3. That's a wonderful model Mr Powder! The details are awesome, and your painting and construction are flawless. Did you use commercial masks for the canopy sections? Kev
  4. Looks like there's a new development in this burgeoning saga: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....p;#entry1412480 Kev
  5. Looks like you're racing along with your Oscar too Oscar, er, I mean Zero! You should start a new build thread and keep us posted on that one too. Kev
  6. Great Zero, Zero! (Or should that be, "Great 0, 0"? ). I can't believe how much the fuselage looks like it's straight out of the Revell kit. Same shapes, parts-breakdown, details, everything. The wings are definitely different though. I'd love to know if there's any relationship between this kit and the Revell one. Kev
  7. Just caught sight of this over on ARC: 1/32 B-58 Are they kiddin? I guess it'll be no bigger than the Vulcan... Kev
  8. That is fantastic Jack, just fantastic! Quite an inspiration. Kev
  9. Great job Erik. Thanks as always for your efforts! Kev
  10. You won't catch me complaining about kits either, only my ham-fisted attempts to build them. I'll build pretty much anything you whack in front of me if it has wings and a prop (with a few jets thrown in for good measure). I like the challenges and opportunities an old clunker presents, but I also enjoy the easy builds just as much as anyone else. I'm a bit of a rarity in the modelling world, in that I don't really enjoy research that much - I just want to build the model, not read endlessly about the real thing. That's not to say that I don't do any research, but I'm not anal or pedantic abou
  11. That photo that Charles posted really makes me think that the Arii kit might have been based on Revell's old Zero. Anyone know for sure? Kev
  12. Looks good Dave. I keep forgetting that Arii marketed a Zero in 1/32 (not sure of it's actual origins though - anybody know if it's their own tool?). Kev
  13. I also had the idea of using it with some kind of mould Russ, but after actually trying to use the stuff, I'm not so sure. It's sticky as all get-out, and really hard to control or work with. As you note, being a little less viscous might improve that. I'd also be concerned about all the air bubbles, but I didn't leave it long enough to be sure that they'd take care of themselves as the mixture fully cured. Something for a subsequent experiment! Kev
  14. Looks good Tim, nice and weather beaten. Kev
  15. Yep, that's definitely a beauty! Kev
  16. You should be justifiably proud of that one Ron. It looks terrific! I've been impressed with all your builds and this one just continues the standard. Well done! Kev
  17. Thanks Patrick. And you're right, after just finishing a rough sanding session, I can confirm your suspicions. It was still slightly soft, and probably did need an entire 24 hours to properly harden. However, I actually found it quite easy to work with in this slightly softened state, and brushing some more liquid cement over the sanded areas seems to have sealed them up nicely. So far though, I'd have to say this technique offers no real advantage over the Milliput route I would have otherwise taken at this point. Another problem I wasn't expecting is that, once you sand the surface off, the
  18. The weekend is here once more, and that's when I usually get the bulk of my modelling done, so it's time for another update. I've been experimenting with creating a 'liquid plastic' by dissolving cut-up pieces of kit sprue into a jar with about 2cm of lacquer thinner in the bottom. It's not a new idea, but you don't see it talked about much. After 24 hours, I got a goopy, viscous paste that looks like this: I then took a wooden skewer and experimented with applying it to the model as a filler: Now, bear in mind I'm not advocating this a cure-all for filler woes; it's just an
  19. Looks good Freddie! Your painting technique on the engine is quite effective. Looking forward to seeing more. Kev
  20. Actually, the listing you link to lists the Lightning as 1/72, not 1/32. Kev
  21. That's looking superb so far Ron! I don't know how you manage to churn out so many high-quality builds so quickly. Kev
  22. I've been following that one too. It's a magnificent build. Kev
  23. While I haven't reviewed it per se Steve, you can see it in action in my Hasegawa Emil build here in the Luftwaffe Group Build. It's my first real experience with a resin cockpit set, and I'd rate it at only average. Still, it's a vast improvement over what Hasegawa provides in the kit, so it's probably still worth it. Kev
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