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  1. Tim, your own content is always available on your own profile, via the "See my activity" button. The main page of your profile also has a feed of recent activity, so it may even show up there. Failing that, you could always bookmark your threads for later reference.



  2. 2 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:


    I myself am a bit unclear................


    Will HpH split into resin and IM manufacturing? 

    Will it be IM manu only, and the resin line be fully discontinued?

    Will all or just some of the current resin line be continued in IM?


    Brian, they've already stated that option #2 is their goal, with the exception of the Me 321/323 project, and one other that I can't recall right now.



  3. Sounds like you've had some great service, Dale. Just a correction, though: Windex shouldn't corrode any part of your airbrush. I've sprayed Windex through mine many times, and it's never had any impact anywhere. It's just a mild ammonia-based window cleaner, and there's also an ammonia-free variety available these days. It's not corrosive by nature, but does clean up Tamiya acrylics like nobody's business!



  4. My experience with Kitty Hawk decals is that they're exceptionally thin, prone to folding up on themselves, and exceptionally grippy once they hit the surface. If you can get them down in one piece and in the right place, they suck down nicely and look great. The image below shows the wing stencil decals from the Kitty Hawk Texan, and for this kit I didn't even use any decal solutions:





  5. 4 minutes ago, Biggles323 said:

    Why do some forums allow uploading pics from PC, where as this one needs a third party host? Wouldn't be more convenient to members to upload from PC?


    More convenient? Yes! But sustainable? No! The fact is we don't have unlimited server space, and images take up a lot of storage on a server hard drive. Most of the forums that still allow direct image uploads are either smaller/less busy than we are, or aren't particularly image-driven. We (LSP), on the other hand, average around 300 new posts per day, with a significant portion of those containing multiple images. Take this for a conservative example:


    Let's say that, of the 300 posts made on any given day, an average of 100 of those contains an average of 2 images. And let's say, for argument's sake, that the average size of all those images is 1MB (many will be smaller, but some will be far larger, too). That gives us a storage growth figure of 73,000 images per year (100*2*365), or 73 gigabytes of new storage. Every year. Even if that estimate is out by as much as 50%, and it's only 36GB, that's just not tenable. We'd have been forced off the Internet long ago, or more realistically, had to make the same decision we've already made, just a bit later in the piece.


    I hope that explains it.



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