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    private_hell reacted to The Madhatter in World Of Warships Tier 7 Richelieu in Type 3 camo   
    Hi guys
    As some of you know, I am a massive WOW fan, and I had built a 1/570 Scharnhorst for my friend who is also an avid player. I had a blast making it, so decided that I'd build a ship for myself. I bought the Flyhawk Konigsberg as well as this, the Trumpeter 1/700 Richelieu. In the game (XB-1 / PS-4) this is the top tier French Battleship (alongside the Jean Bart) and I love it. It's fast and maneuverable for a battleship and it just has that French beauty to it with its raked funnel and those awesome secondary batteries on the rear end.
    I used the Flyhawk PE set and the Artwox Wooden deck set. I think PE is wasted on me really. I'm not that good with it, which some of you may find surprising given the small nature of my other stuff, but PE is a very different animal to styrene.
    At any rate, it looks like the ship from the game, so that's all that really matters to me there

    The stand was just an exercise on rusting effects. I cut notes out of the top bits to try and make them look like hard rubber.

    Suppose I'd better go back to the SD but I am going to finish off the Konigsberg first. Besides, I don't have enough bench space with me working from home now. My work stuff takes up the rest of the space
    Anyways, thanks for stopping in and having a look
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    private_hell reacted to florin13 in Bf-110F4 "ANA-WILLY"   
    Hello friends,
    After a long period of inactivity, today I managed to finish a project started a year and a half ago. Again I chose a difficult path, because nothing is known about this plane, except for a photo with a brief description. But I hope I managed to bring this subject to life.
    As a kit, I used a Dragon, D / E variant, to which I added the superb set from AIMS, Radu Brinzan's decals for the Romanian crosses and masks for AW from my good friend Catalin Botescu, completely riveted with Rosie the riveter, FuG202 from Gaspach Models, machine guns from MasterModels, seatbelts from HGW and BigEd set. The painting is done entirely with MRP.
    Bf 110 F-4 night fighter (W.Nr. 5084 / 2Z + AW) flown under Romanian colors by Ion Simion and Constantin Octavian of Escadrilla 51 Vanatoare (12./NJG 6) from Otopeni, Romania in June 1944.
    I hope you enjoy.









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    private_hell reacted to shark64 in MH 60 Academy SeaHawk. 1/35 scale.   
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    private_hell reacted to shark64 in MH 60 Academy SeaHawk. 1/35 scale.   
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    private_hell reacted to jbrundt in Trumpeter TBF-1C Avenger   
    Fuse is now closed. I also made the front cowl removable.












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    private_hell reacted to shark64 in MH 60 Academy SeaHawk. 1/35 scale.   
    Tail is done.


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    private_hell reacted to BradG in 1/32 Trumpeter Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot *Completed*   
    Phew, finished her off this morning. One of the largest models I've ever built. I do like the air intake covers, they look nice. Also a nice touch from Trumpeter are the clear seeker heads for the missiles, which fit perfectly. Now I just need to find room to display it.





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    private_hell reacted to BloorwestSiR in Mil Mi-24 Hind Tiger Meet   
    Thanks everyone! It took much longer than. I expected to finish this build. Part of that was having to order a replacement pitot tube. 

    That arrived about a month ago. I was then into a different build and got that finished before the Hind would make a return visit. 
    Unfortunately two weeks ago I had a heart attack while dropping my boys off at school. That led to triple bypass surgery a week ago.  I've been home since Sat and finally ventured down to the bench. The pitot is on as well as the chin gun and before I stress out any further, I think I'm going to call this one done.  I know there's still the wipers and a step to add so maybe one day I'll get to those. 




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    private_hell reacted to chrish in Academy Mh 60S   
    I am calling this one finished, I have to admit to losing a bit of heart when I found Academy were attempting to use decals to impersonate what should have been 3d details. In any case, a bit of a mixed bag but done....I think?

    Thank you for looking
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    private_hell reacted to Miloslav1956 in B-17G + all detail sets from Eduard   
    Today update.






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    private_hell reacted to chrish in Academy Mh 60S   
    more pictures...just masking and painting, although masking took about three days, the painting took about 20 minutes!

    Here's where I am at the end of festivities today

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    private_hell reacted to Dandiego in F2H-3/4 Big Banjo   
    I have finished scribing and have had a chance to get some white primer on the underside. I will be re-scribing and re-riveting any areas that need it. Also you can see the installed pylons.



    I have wet sanded the underside and will begin pre-shading in the coming days.
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    private_hell reacted to BloorwestSiR in Mil Mi-24 Hind Tiger Meet   
    Next up was more masking.

    Finally, time for the light grey to be applied.


    Here's all the various masks. I kept them on a sheet of waxed paper in case I needed to do touch ups. Which I was expecting due to the various lumps and bumps.



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    private_hell reacted to Collin in Kinetic 1/48 EA-6B: A lesson in test fitting and learning to rescribe   
    A huge shout out to David W. Aungst,  who I happened to see creating F-14 tail decals for a project of his. One of his F-14's carried the earlier Strike Test airplane-swoosh marking.  I asked for a few and he printed them up since this Prowler carried the same marking around the same timeframe. 
    We have been exchanging emails on how best to put them down since they are delicate and printed on white backing.  Following his directions they went down tonight with little fuss.  A light brushed on coat of Future and they look terrific.  One curled up a little bit (I was warned), one of the hotter decal setting solutions melted the port marking a tad, but not enough for me to cry about.
    The results below....Thanks again David!!

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    private_hell reacted to Gewehr 43 in 1/35 AFV Club T-34/85 (full interior)   
    I couldn't resist adding another fun little detail. 

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    private_hell reacted to shark64 in MH 60 Academy SeaHawk. 1/35 scale.   
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    private_hell reacted to Starfighter in 1/32 MH-53E Sea Dragon - 3D printed / scratchbuilt   
    My messy paint booth offers the perfect background for the requested photos - there are quite a few things to give you an idea of the size of the beast. 


    I am currently running test prints of the sponsons on my Photon but I am not happy at all with the results. I may have to find another solution to print them...
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    private_hell reacted to Pete Fleischmann in Live Resin figures for HH-60 Pavehawk   
    Hello all-
    been busy painting the Live Resin (and other) figures for the upcoming Kitty Hawk HH-60G Pavehawk. I’d like to get the figures done before the kit is released so I can simply concentrate on the kit once it is out-
    more to follow-
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    private_hell reacted to shark64 in MH 60 Academy SeaHawk. 1/35 scale.   
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    private_hell reacted to Mr b in 1/32 Intruder A   
    Thanks a lot folks
    The goose is cooked....better pictures later....for the gallery n RFI...hope to take it along for the local group build tomorrow.......overall quite a nice build.....not much of modelling in the near future.....for me.....once I get settled and send for my things, will hopefully restart.....
    in the meantime, hope you enjoy my mud mover.....thanks to Mark in Belgium for obliging with those wonderful decals....

    best regards and happy modelling folks
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    private_hell reacted to shark64 in MH 60 Academy SeaHawk. 1/35 scale.   
    Fuselage is finally glued


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    private_hell reacted to Longbow_06 in Revell 1/32 Fw 190. First build since 2001.   
    On to the cockpit.... Please bear in mind that I have not brought paints yet lol... Everything is in small subassemblies, to ease paining next week.
    The cockpit is the usual basic representation, but is still nicely detailed, but benefits from further detailing. 
    The back wall is rather sparse, and lacks the emergence O2 regulator on the right hand rear wall. No oxygen hose is supplied, and no radio cord. 
    These were added, as well as the cockpit vent on the rear deck, and the map pocket on the right front of the wall. 
    The seat is very basic, but looks great with a little detail added from card. The seat cushion is also a very basic mold, and has been carved and detailed, to look more like the actual leather cushion.
    Here I've added a few details, carved the cushion, and added the O2 hose, and a cord for the radio to the pilot. 

    I also added the straps to the pedals, from 5 thou card, and added a new throttle handle. The throttle was very pronounced on the actual aircraft, and is lacking in the kit-form.

    The one aftermarket item I did add, was the Edward seatbelts.... Jeez.... Things seem to have gotten a lot smaller in the intervening years. 
    The seat will remain out, until the pit is painted, and the belt will be painted with the seat. 

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    private_hell reacted to Longbow_06 in Revell 1/32 Fw 190. First build since 2001.   
    So, on with the build. 
    I like to start on the engine, and that seems to have followed my. The BMW 801 is nicely represented in the kit, in it's basic form.
    It lacks the ignition collar, and wiring, that are most prominent on these aircraft. If you plan to display the aircraft with the engine exposed, there are also prominent rods that cross the top on the cylinders. 
    I had to add the wiring, and the rods, both are from stretched sprue and fine wire. 

    The kit supplied push-rod rings are "Very" fragile. I actually broke a couple, and repositioned the front ring so that the broken rod would be covered by a panel.
    The rear of the engine was also detailed, in the same fashion as the front. 

    Note the large sink holes, in the rear of the engine braces. There are a few sink holes in the kit, but they are easily rectified. 
    I then put the engine aside, as my eyes failed  And worked on the cockpit for a while....
    Thanks for looking !!
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