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  1. Just got mine in from Sprue Bros. going to use this thread as a how too guide yours looks awesome, haven't decided what scheme I am going for kinda lke the two tone grey one
  2. Looking good bro, love the Sufa, your doing a bangup job
  3. Simply gorgeous work very clean looking. Great article as well filing that one away in the toolbox.
  4. Mine were from the Academy F/A-18 kit and a resin head.
  5. Engines look awesome you going to have the cowlings open on yours?
  6. Pull up a chair boys this is going to get exciting
  7. Whats wrong with the seats im not up on the GRU-5
  8. Same here the decals are perfect. Cant wait to get them on. Thanks again bro
  9. Make sure you bevel the bottom of the tail or it will not sit right on the top fuselage. Trust me on this.... Looking sharp bro Erick
  10. Gorgeous, is this a Hasegawa rebox for Revell?
  11. remember to bevel the vertical fin so it will sit flush with the fuselage. The bottom is moulded flat. Looks awesome Erick
  12. How about a splinter style scheme for the UAE jet..
  13. I cant figure out why Academy hasnt released a HH-60 yet to go along with this kit. Looking forward to this. Erick
  14. Send me your address I'll look in the stash and I think I got extras so I'll send it to you. Erick
  15. If you can find the throttle and top grip from the Academy Hornet you could use those as replacements. Cockpit looks superb
  16. Thanks bro, no I am graduating from Embry-Riddle that day down at the Naval Museum in Pcola. Finished my Masters.
  17. Is that the one you had in Anniston yesterday? Looks excellent bro. Good to see you and your brother as well. Erick
  18. Dude looking great Will, nice work so far good detail very impressive
  19. That was my 32nd Tamiya F-15 and F-16 Agressors on the table. Great show those natual metal -86's and 104 had to be seen up close, they were amazing.
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