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    My wife, my dog, Corvettes, flying, photography, pro bull riding, all auto racing, reading military history, and working on 1/1 scale F-16s. I build in 1/48th and I'm mostly interested in US combat aircraft, especially F-16s (I've built 40 so far), US built aircraft of all nations, air racers, propliners, jet liners, real spacecraft, X-planes, and real spacecraft.
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    Hello folks. I've been building models since I was five years old and in 1993 I switched from 1/72 to 1/48th and never looked back. I'm a regular over on Aircraft Resource Center and just joined LSP yesterday. I'm a 1/48th only builder and build mostly US combat aircraft from WWI to OIF. I realize that this is mostly 1/32 and larger website, but I've recently developed an interest in airliners. To be specific I would like to build (someday) a collection of aircraft of the 89th Airlift Wing and Presidential aircraft, even in 1/48th I think this would qualify as "large scale". Right now, I'm working on my third and fourth resin conversion,with the first two being a YA-7F and F-100F. The third is a Monogram B-29 being converted to an X-2 carrying EB-50 using a Paragon converison kit There will be a Collect-Aire X-2 in the belly when its finished. The fourth is a Monogram B-17G to PB-1W conversion, also with a Paragon kit. Once these are done I want to start workling on my vac and scracthbuilding skills by building an XP-47H using a Koster converion. If that goes well, I will dive into a Combat Models YB-49. Other big vac kits I have are a Sanger B-47 and I will soon add two of their B-52s to the stash. I'm hoping to get good enough to attempt to build my dream model- a 1/48th VC-25A. A VC-25A is the military version of the 747-200 and is better known as Air Force One. Any advice is welcome. Glad to be here. Chappie
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