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  1. I would also be interested in purchasing a set too....excellent craftsmanship you done will be following and looking forward to the finished product. Stanton
  2. Love the pit....Im working an "A" model with a scratch built B/N hood. Love your work. Stanton
  3. Stanton

    F-4B/N/S Set

    Gary, I was wondering if you have any timeline of when you might be releasing any of the Navy subjects especially the F-4S version. Thanks Stanton
  4. I'm kinda go either way, by what I mean is that sometimes I will by an expensive kit, i.e. Trumpeter or Hasegawa, an I will add either one or mulitple aftermarket parts or kits to the subject I am working. Very seldom will I buy a cheap kit, cause they are usually 72nd scale and very rarely do I build 72nd models. But as always it is totally up too the modeler on what he or she wants to do the subject they are working, the economy, or what is out in the market for them to make that particular aircraft they want. Stanton
  5. Didn't they also announced on their website that they are doing "M" version also too. If so I would love to do a "N" with scratchbuilt extension exhaust nozzle since right know no one has one in resin, or maybe Quickboast with enlarge their 48th scale one they already have out on the market. Just my two cents Stanton
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