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  1. A restored example at the Virginia Military Aviation Museum: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10101519321065277&set=a.10100417362204667.1073741828.7604741&type=3 It flies but is not popular with the pilots at the museum.
  2. Wow! Fantastic finish and a unique buildi!
  3. Just fantastic !!!!!! Great fit, finish and weathering!
  4. Excellent weathering and representation of the aircraft - well done! Chris
  5. Lovely - such a great looking aircraft, well finished! Chris
  6. Awesome work and a great way save display space....
  7. Finished my Trumpeter 1/32 Hellcat - found some great pictures of this particular AC and unit at Peleilu in 1944. After I had finished assembly at which point I discovered that it was an early -5 with the side windows (surprisingly every profile, decal and kit gets this wrong). The wheels were also the diamond pattern - dammit! At least I was able to put in the short barrelled 20mm and put tape over the MG aperture and paint the radome blue (both wrong in the instructions). Painted with Tamiya Sea Blue using Montex masks. I kept it easy with the weathering to avoid a quilted look, photos show
  8. I received mine as well - any suggestions on where to find a set of the wire wheels?
  9. YES - that is the one Jennings! I just like the look of it. Pretty please with microballoons on top! Chris
  10. Any chance of some postwar Mosquitos? I really like A * UP in the med grey upper and black underside scheme. I think Airfix is including that scheme in their 1/24 repop. Chris
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