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  1. I recently sold two of the old Rebel kits and the buyer asked about converting them to day fighters. Where should I steer him?
  2. Thanks again everyone.Still love it.
  3. Thanks, fellas. Still waiting for the doom report from Thiery Laurent! At least I am starting in the right direction. I got a great deal on it and I have always loved Revell and ESCI kits. Kind of a sucker that way I built it once and I remember the air intake fit into the fuse being fiddly.
  4. I already ordered SAC landing gear. Thiery Laurent, go ahead and make me cry.
  5. I got a $16 Revell MIG-21 UM at a show in Columbus, Ohio.
  6. Are the bombs that come with the Mirage III from Revell copies of the US Mk.117? Looks like it. I don't want to mess up the Mirages lines with them but I will put them on an F-100 or F-4. Thanks!
  7. TTIUWP???? I am lost! Even with the response I cannot figure out this anagram. Please explain.
  8. I have two Mig-21 PF's by Revell. I am looking for aftermarket landing gear for it and wondering if the white metal ones for the Trumpy kit can be modified for it. One kit I bought on Ebay and it is missing a main gear strut. Besides, they look flimsy and under-scaled. I wanna do one as an NVA and one Syrian circa 73- 82.
  9. So prolific! How do you find the time? LOL!
  10. YES! That is perfect! Exactly what I needed and wanted to now! Much obliged!
  11. First, I don't mind doing Old School Modeling. I usually can't afford all the aftermarket goodies. I just ordered the In Detail and Scale Book. I have come to rely on them. What I was looking for was input on it's fit and quality. Cockpit is sparse, but I see an empty canvas. Who has built one?
  12. Hello! So, I got a great deal on 4 Revell kits. One was the Harrier. What do you all have to say about it. Any after market for it? Thanks!
  13. Want to know what to expect out of this kit. I bought the CE/ Black Box 'pit and white metal landing gear. Need photos of the wheel wells, too.
  14. I think I want too much to make every model a masterpiece. Fail at it. Get discouraged and shelf it. I had a conversation at the Nats regarding this and a fellow recommended just building a kit out of the box and focus on the basics of good construction and painting. I also tend to rush things and learn again and again that that is how you F%$# things up. I went to the Nats seeking inspiration because as of late I thought about selling all my stuff and ceasing modeling altogether. I found the inspiration, for sure and a lot of encouragement. Believe it or not I bought ONE model. A Hasegawa F-16A in 32 scale. It was $30, I couldn't pass it up! I only brought $50 to spend so I didn't get any aftermarket stuff for it. At home I found a Verlinden ACES seat and some leftovers I traded for from a Academy '16. I might use the FLIR pods and do a Gulf war '16.
  15. Hear, hear! Thanks for your honesty!
  16. I'd like to see: F-5 A/C "Freedom Fighter" A-37 Dragonfly And they're not jets but: AH-1G Cobra Skycrane(Can't remember the designation code) HH -53 Jolly Green Giant
  17. Was the F-5 E used by the USAF in Vietnam?
  18. 21st Century Toys is defunct? I wonder if I could trade my Bf 109 F2/ F4 or the Stuka for something cool?
  19. Now to schedule a trip to the AF Museum! Muuuha ha ha!
  20. Where were the shoulder straps attached in the cockpit of the Bf 109 K4? Thanks! Jay Pare Athens, Ohio
  21. Larry, Puchala made some 32 scale figs in the 80's. The Nats or another big show may have them. Verlinden 35th scale figs tend to be closer to 32 scale. ESCI ARE 32 scale! Preiser makes some academy nudes. There's the old Airfix 32 scale ones that convert pretty easily. Just an observation- I swear each company's figs differ slightly in girth and height. Fortunately, so do real people. When I work in 35 scale I mix it up w/ Italieri, Tamiya, Trumpy and Dragon figs. Their scale height ranges from 5'6" to over 6.' Jay
  22. I often want to depict a scene in which an aircraft is being maintenenced for a specific thing that is either something Mechanics or ground crew spent a lot of time doing or is a dreaded chore on an AC. Ideally, I'd like it to be viewed by a former (or Current) crew chief or mechanic and hear them say, "Man! I spent a lot of time doing THAT job!" Some ideas are: Repairing landing gear on a 109 or the Nose gear of an Me 262 Reloading a rocket launcher tube (Vietnam, although I recall being told that the entire assembly was jettisoned after the rockets were launched to cut drag. Sounds wasteful!) A Scramble, either Allies or Axis. Anyone else have any other ideas?
  23. JEEZ! Where'd you put it? In that scale you'd have no excuse not to model every bolt, rivet and wire!
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