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  1. Iain (32SIG)

    Iconicair Supermarine Attacker F1/FB2

    It's extremely clean/sharp Jan - hopefully the photos do it justice! Have to say, this one is really shouting 'build me' - maybe in the New Year... Iain
  2. It does look similar in shape, doesn't it! Iain
  3. Iain (32SIG)

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Looks like I might have a couple of these before the end of the month - still planning on a B-24J and a Privateer. Iain
  4. Well, it is based on the Seversky P-35! I had a plan, way, way, back to convert a P-35 to an Re.2000 - not as far fetched as it sounds! Iain
  5. Iain (32SIG)

    FIAT G.91 R/1 1/32nd DAYGLO MODELS

    That looks gorgeous Piero! Iain
  6. Ace! This one's on my shopping list for the New Year I think! Iain
  7. That would be good Kev - suspect there will be interest in this subject again with the release of the Iconicair kit. Iain
  8. With the release of the new Iconicair kit of the Attacker, we take a look at another useful reference for anyone building this kit, by Graeme Rowan-Thomson: From the Cockpit No 9 - Attacker, Ad Hoc Publications. Currently out of print, but still generally available (I had no difficulty getting hold of this copy). Blue skies... Iain
  9. With the release of the new Iconicair kit of the Attacker, we take a look at a useful reference for anyone building this kit, written by Richard Franks: Attacker - The Royal Navy's First Operational Jet Fighter Dalrymple and Verdun Publishing. Currently out of print, but still generally available (I had no difficulty getting hold of this copy). Blue skies... Iain
  10. Hi folks, We review the recently released full resin kit of the Supermarine Attacker from our friends at Iconicair... A very nice kit - congratulations to LSP stalwart Graham (GrahamF) on producing a lovely looking model! Have fun... Iain
  11. Iain (32SIG)

    Trumpeter Swordfish 1:32

    Welcome aboard - great project! Iain
  12. Iain (32SIG)

    Buchon Scale Models 1/32 Hispano HA-1112 M1L Conversion

    Ahhh... I was a very small child living in Cambridge when the flying scenes from Duxford were filmed - Mahaddie's 'massed' formations over our house. I don't really recall it - but mum always maintained it was were I got my interest in aviation from Conversion looks superb - but like others I already have the Grey Matter conversion - or I'd be up for this! Iain
  13. Iain (32SIG)

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Really quick and dirty images this evening - want to crack on with fixing some more panel lines - and scribing the radio hatch door which, on the two-seaters, is moved to the starboard side of the fuselage. All cowling fixing holes drilled out - and new ones created around firewall. Waiting for some decal film that's been sprayed brown to dry - this will be cut into very thin strips and applied to the frames to replicate the strips on the real airframe between frames and cowl panels. Some of the 'shading' around detail to be softened. Exhausts will be subtly weathered when I get to that stage. More soon... Iain
  14. Iain (32SIG)

    What is this? a Drop tank I think

    Yup - that's the big 2250 Litre Fuel Tank - originally fitted to the F Mk3s - and later fitted to the GR Mk 1s around time of the first Gulf War. I can remember going through the 'wing sweep baulk' mod on the 'GR' simulators around that time - I was a Senior Tech Author looking after instructor AP updates for the RAF/RSAF simulators. If you go full sweep with those tanks you interfere with tailplane movement - so wing sweep was restricted when carrying them. Nice thing to have - but not sure what I'd do with one... If you need some for a 1:32 Tornado (and don't have the Revell 'RAF' boxing of the IDS Tornado) then wunwinglow of this parish (www.flyingstartmodels.com) has done a beautiful set in vac and resin which I'll be reviewing shortly. Iain
  15. Iain (32SIG)

    Supermarine Attacker 1:32 Available

    Mine arrived this morning - very, very happy - a subject I've wanted to do for a long time and the kit looks brilliant in the box. Look out for a review soon... Iain