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  1. Thanks Jennings. Suggest he might be missing queries from the Facebook page - I messaged on 16th. Will drop him a line via website... Iain
  2. Unrelated to Hellcats - sent a message the other day to the Fündekals Facebook page re. postage to UK for a couple of sheets I'm looking at. Iain
  3. Used hot water to help effect bending the upper forward fuselage sections when I 'flattened' the nose on the B-17G I've been working on - worked a treat! Iain
  4. Getting there with aerofoil sections - all plotted at full dimensions now - just need to trim each one back to allow for the thickness of the plastic wing skin in the kit and the kit wing spar. Iain
  5. Hiya Chuck, I cheated a little on the cowlings... The lower cowl section is bonded in place - so has provided a solid 'keel' that I could adjust whilst drying to ensure the other cowling panels fitted properly. Seems to have worked! Iain
  6. Don't nag Stormer! I have a screen full of aerofoil sections just now - and they're not Spitfire ones... Thank you one and all for kind words on the Spitfire - really appreciated. Iain
  7. Apologies all - been tied up with Spitfires - back on wing profiles this week. Should have profiles done by next weekend. Iain
  8. Some images added to 'Ready For Inspection'. Blue skies, Iain
  9. Right - off to grab a small glass of vino - then back to looking at B-24 wings... Iain
  10. Cheers Max - much appreciated! The test, of course, is whether my client is happy with it!! Iain
  11. Calling this done - although looking at the photots I need to dust her again! What is it about model photography and dust? Anyhow - build thread here. Based upon measurements of a TR. Mk IX fuselage in a jig, along with original Supermarine drawings, she's taken a lot longer than planned - but hopefully my client will like her. Markings are based upon a wartime 'Eagle Squadron' scheme as a tribute to a brave young American pilot with 133 Squadron, RAF, who lost his life days before the Squadron transferred to the USAAF: Gene P Neville Back in a mo with some more (and just noticed a panel line I need to sort). Iain
  12. That's brilliant Mike - thank you! Hadn't seen that site and wasn't aware they were available still! Will contact them and stock up on supplies... Iain
  13. Great project Kev! Castings look superb - and quite a change in look for the old 109! Iain
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