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  1. Iain (32SIG)

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Thanks guys - down-hill from here... Fortunately I have a very patient client - but would like to see this one clear the decks sometime soon! Iain
  2. Iain (32SIG)

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Quick gratuitous 'getting there' shots: Iain
  3. Iain (32SIG)

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Hi Carl - no delaminating - the rear panel 'rebuild' allowed me to sandwich some acetate between the Yahu panel and the new sheet plastic front section/blind flying panel. Thanks Andy - proof will be in the final result - but hopeful she'll look OK! Got a bit of time in this afternoon... Fuselage joints sanded down, rear cockpit bulkhead sanded flush with fuselage profile after gap filled with thin superglue. Areas that had been filler primered (mustard yellow) sanded flush. New rear canopy guide rail 'ears' added from sheet styrene and ready to blend in towards front once it's dried off fully. Wings fitted (tailplanes just slotted in for effect). Front wing root fairings added, gun camer port filled with epoxy putty. Here's where it's at: Blue skies... Iain
  4. Iain (32SIG)

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Next on list was to add the compasses - and the rear cockpit crossmember ('V' shaped) that goes underneath the rear panel - another item unique to the two-seaters: Compasses are kit items - with Airscale decals - and punched circles of clear acetate for the class top. And, drum-roll please, because it is quite a major step, but the fuselage is together at last! A few minor details to add to cockpits - but will add after the fuselage work is done. Have fun! Iain
  5. Iain (32SIG)

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Hi everyone, apologies for absence recently - maxed out with work and life... Progress has been made on the Spit - found time today to post here - with apologies to my client! At least progress from here on (canopies aside) should be straightforward! My client decided he wanted plain seats (no leather padding) - so another pair of Tamiya seats sourced - and the straps finished and fitted. Seats here bonded in place for first time. Rear panel - this is the second try at this - based on the Yahu set - re-shaped and with new panel area around the blind flying panel made from thin plastic sheet. Glazings from overhead projection acetate film - sandwiched behind layers. Test fitting the fuselage halves - for the umpteenth time! Back in a mo... Iain
  6. Iain (32SIG)

    1:35 Trumpeter Hind

    Having a sort out in the modelling room and found a squirrel I'd forgotten about. I stopped because I lost one of the instrument panels - having a fresh look in the box, I only went and found it! Hmmmm - it's definitely not the voices that are the problem, it's the bl**dy squirrels (in this case, with a bally great shark mouth)... Iain
  7. Indeed! Personal view is that it should - but I'm biased as my Grandfather was a Fleet Air Arm pilot in the mid '30s Thoughts everyone? Iain
  8. Those photos aren't the best I'm afraid - exposure is a bit all over the place, and colour saturation a bit high. But - to answer your question - 80cm square light tent/cube, natural light (in our kitchen - windows both sides of room - north and south facing - plus windows in ceiling/roof) - camera is a Canon D-70 on a tripod. Set at 100 ISO, Canon 18-135MM IS STM lens and generally between f11 and f22. Or, something like that Iain
  9. Iain (32SIG)

    B-17G 'A Bit O' Lace'

    As it's Memorial Day in the US I felt moved to do a little more on 'Bit O'Lace' today - some lower fuselage seams that has 'sunk' (solvent drying out over time) and the masters for the waist position windows. Will get some photos later in the week - but hoping some of the Photobucket images might be visible now? Iain
  10. Iain (32SIG)

    1:32 Hasegawa Fw 190d-9

    Weathering is superb - looks just right!!! Iain
  11. Iain (32SIG)

    UAE F-16F Block 60

    Great project Bruce - will be following along! Iain
  12. Iain (32SIG)

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Cheers Peter - I know others do similar things - do find it helps, especially with my sanity! Shoulder straps x 4 all done - 4 more straps to do, but will have to wait as I have some words to finish writing for an article, and I keep putting it off... Iain
  13. Iain (32SIG)

    Revell/Tamiya P-51 build

    Looks great John! Impressive to hear that the Tamiya flaps fit - both kits must be pretty accurate/agree dimensionally!! Iain
  14. Iain (32SIG)

    Anyone know what images LSP will accept now?

    Hi Graham, You were using url tags - just use img and /img (in square brackets) either side of image link and it should work. Alternatively, just paste the image URL into the 'insert image' tool. Then link the text back to your website if required using the link tool/icon in the post toolbar above... Or is the link from Flickr including the url tags? Iain
  15. Iain (32SIG)

    Airport worker gets fired. Takes Revenge.

    Yup - this one's been doing the rounds for a while - what Radders said! Iain