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  1. Indeed Kev - I've seen nothing yet to indicate that the HK kit isn't going to materialise - so my hopes are on seeing that at some point. I steered clear of the Wild Hare kit when announced as it's resin overkill - in my humble opinion. I started to work on a conversion - back in 2013 - and had scoped out what needed to be done to convert the Tamiya F-J to the F-4K/M variants - a multi-media approach - but using some modern techniques. Through some good friends on here I've seen the possibilities/technology move forward - and more convinced a mutli-media conversion is doable. Through the very kind offices of a third party I was offered access to a number of airframes - in various states of disassembly - in order to get all the dimensions/shapes needed. Plans changed when we were made aware of the proposed kit. The data that Derek and I obtained was passed on - but I've heard nothing recently. *If* the HK kit doesn't materialise I *may* resurrect what I was planning as a conversion - but this depends on my day job and what happens to the UK at the end of March. I am currently working on a possible first release from Aeronut - but it's not for the Phantom - that's just between us, eh? And, yes, I will dig the Lightning stuff out again. Iain
  2. Tony - I'm with your thinking - different method - but same result. More areas than you list - as Gary states. I had a cunning plan - before I got sidetracked researching - *if* the HK kit is toast (??) I may have to re-visit my original thoughts. Iain
  3. Hi Gary, I know that - and I have dimensions/photos of the relevant areas of the airframe. I understand how the wings interface with the intake trunks - I've seen - and measured - the separate parts of the real aeroplane in front of me. I'm *not* saying the fuselage isn't wider Iain
  4. Iain (32SIG)

    RP Models -1/10th Douglas Bader and Spitfire Cockpit

    Wonderful project - great work! And welcome aboard. Iain
  5. No need to change wing upper surfaces - a little trimming at the root, if at all. With all this chatter - does anyone actually know if the HK kit is happening, or not? Iain
  6. On the photos in front of me - on an Air Defence greys airframe - I recon the intakes are Light Aircraft Grey BS381C:627 - on the Raspberry Ripple scheme it looks like white. We spent a day at one of the museums/airfields a few years back measuring up/detail photographing Spey Phantoms. Iain
  7. Iain (32SIG)

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

    Brilliant work (as usual!) Peter - that's gear bay is going to easily pass a 'pre-flight'!! Iain
  8. Iain (32SIG)

    "Willie the Whale", Flying nightmares, Korea 1953

    She's looking really, really good! Absolutely brilliant work... Iain
  9. Iain (32SIG)

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Looks like my website platform (Wix) has had a bit of an 'update' - and was automatically creating .webp image link extensions - so photos I posted earlier may have broken on some devices. I've reloaded them and they should now work - if anyone couldn't see them earlier! Iain
  10. Iain (32SIG)

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Quick Sunday evening update - Sqn markings on - remember - this is a tribute to a specific early Mk.IX operated by 133 Sqn - it is not a replica of the original!! Cowl fit not the best - but should be able to tweak a little on final assembly. Some silvering on the Tamiya decals to get rid of (these really weren't very good) - then some very light panel line 'weathering'. Iain
  11. Iain (32SIG)

    1:32 Lockheed EC-121K Constellation/Warning Star

    Thanks - hopefully get her out for some more progress when the weather warms up here in the UK! iain
  12. Iain (32SIG)

    what block does the Hobbyboss B-24J represent?

    I'll wager HobbyBoss found a set of drawings and worked from those, with reference to online photos/books for details - and the model isn't based on any specific airframe. What surprises me - and this isn't a dig at anyone, but an an observation - I'm really surprised that more modellers don't see it as a canvas on which to have a play and expand their skill sets? There seems to be lots of 'waiting' until aftermarket accessories become available, when a little scratchbuilding/conversion of parts will open up a huge variety of possibilities... Have we lost the skills? Or is it fear of having a go at something new? Confidence? The kit is far from perfect - but it has so much potential - would love to see more being built! I'll get back on mine once my two-seat Spit is finished. Iain
  13. Iain (32SIG)

    HobbyBoss 1:32 Liberator GR Mk.VI - RAF Coastal Command

    Hi Darren, The brass inserts are exactly the same a the kits - and will be strong. The SAC set is a direct copy of the kit parts as well (with the plastic jackets fitted) - but, from experience, won't be strong. You takes your pick. The shapes of the kit parts are out I reckon - but you stand a better chance of fixing by using the brass set and modding the plastic jackets to suit. Iain
  14. Iain (32SIG)

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    And where we're at this evening... Entry doors in place. These were going to be in the open position, but client would like to be open and close canopies, so fitted closed now. Rear is based on a spare front door, cut to size, twisted to match fuselage profile and new 'hinge' added from stretched sprue. Very happy with fit at this stage - need to get some paint on: Dummy red 'gun squares' masked and sprayed - but I think they're a little dark - so will re-mask and touch in: Nose underside glossed ready for black aircraft code 'V': Dry assembled prop (excuse dog hair - not noticed when I took photo - but had just stroked the dog!). Some decals to go on the spinner - and everything will be matted down - but starting to look busy: Blue skies... Iain
  15. Iain (32SIG)

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Thanks for the kind words both - really appreciated! Photos as promised... 24" Sky codes and Kora Prop stencils: All underside stencilling applied: Red centres added to fuselage roundels and a few nips and tucks: Back in a mo... Iain