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  1. centaurman

    He 111 1:32 is here

    hi any chance of a good look at the clear parts for this one? could oyu post another photo of them please? not sure about test shot collectors but a friend has a test shot of the new 32nd hawk from revell which he let me look at last week david
  2. centaurman

    Arado 196 + Revell delivery dates

    Hi just by way of an update!, just got a phone call from the wholesalers that the Arado is in stock and i am off there this afternoon to get mine, see you all soon david
  3. centaurman

    Wingnut instruction booklets

    hi Mike i was thinking of picking up the Nine-Ack after jan 1st too, and i am with you that silbergrau is such a smooth colour so many nice schemes, strange that i cant get excited about the roland! David
  4. centaurman

    Wingnut instruction booklets

    hi mike i know of their release list, its just that if they are putting those on the booklets i wondered if they are next? thats all i meant by the comment, and as the gotha is number 5 the pfalz is number 6 the W29 is number 10 its all a bit mixed up, they will turn up when they feel like it david
  5. centaurman

    Wingnut instruction booklets

    hello all well i fell for a Hansa Brandeburg W.29, after spending a lot of time trying to get the shape right when i mastered the waldo resin one in 48th (sorry,) it looks spot on, going through the instruction booklets both the W29 and the DH9 it is interesting to see on the back cover that the RE8 the Gotha and the Pfalz are all marked as available, well perhaps these are the next releases? who know? just something else to throw into the mix david
  6. Hello all I spoke to the Revell Rep this afternoon at the Wholesalers and was told that the Arado 196 will be available from next week in the UK at the price of £19.95 but it will increase to £25 in the new year. The Hawk will be available from mid to late january 2011 and the Heinkel from mid april onwards although no idea of the cost yet, im sure it will be all sorted by Nuremburg Toyfair thats all david
  7. centaurman

    Available for collection at Telford

    hi tigger will you do me a F-86D fuselage conversion please, and do you have any of the Hawker demon parts that dougie did? if you have a fuselage that is enough for me to make wings to go with it thanks david
  8. centaurman

    Is Peter Cooke still active?

    I saw alan clark at telford last year, he was the president of my old model club, and he is still building , i only meet peter cooke in passing via alan ranger(arba), but was going through a pile of scal model magazines on tuesday and there was his seafury large as life on the front cover, both of them have been hugely influential to my modelling
  9. centaurman

    Some specific RAF P-40 questions

    Hello Edgar thank you for taking the time to reply to my input, although i would like to see a rally outside telford this november, perhaps along the lines of red dope/s out!! i cannot see it happening along with the belief that all the german losses during the battle of britain were to due to spitfires some things will remain engrained,
  10. centaurman

    Some specific RAF P-40 questions

    Hello as to the tape covering the gun ports, we spoke of this the other night at the model club, one of our older member was a photographic fitter in the RAF during the war and added that the tape he saw was red in colour and came on a roll as edgar said like large sticking plasters and the armourer after cleaning and loading the guns would rip of a section and press is over the barrel end, keeping dust and sand and also helping to prevent freezing, the colour he said was almost a brick red which would account for the patches over ports that look well yes brick red and in close up film you see the tattered remains around the edges as it fires, as to the dupont colours i belive that the azure undersurfaces are dupont deep sky which is a bit darker than the british azure, spitfires and hurricanes look slightly lighter in shade than p-40's do with the dark earth being slightly redder than the british equivilant but the mid-stone being almost spot on if it has a sutton harness has this then been through a depot on the way to the front? or were this factory fitted to RAF specs?
  11. centaurman

    I D Models patterns under new management!!

    hi i also have a few of these kits if you want to use to make whole kits, i have a whole defiant and macchi 202 and beaufort if you are interested, now, this is what i would like to buy a hampden a blenhiem Do 217 a meteor F8 me 263 He 51 Hudson venom FB4 conversion Ki-45 nick and a shinden
  12. centaurman

    New for 2010...Yes a HE 111!!

    hello all, just had word with a friend in the trade and the hawk has a provisional uk retail price of £18.99!! he is going to look for the arado and heinkel and get back to me david
  13. centaurman

    New for 2010...Yes a HE 111!!

    yes i want one too!!!! add to that list a caudron 714 , ki-27 nate and an A5m4 claude all in 1/32 from mpm , http://www.hyperscale.com/2009/reviews/kit...reviewbg_53.htm i dont know quite where to start now that i have ordered my AIMS ju-88g night fighter set david
  14. centaurman

    1/32 British rigging wire terminals

    RAF flying wires (that's Royal Aircraft Factory) flying wires didnt not appear until mid 1917 pervious to that it was all woven cables so a DH-2 probably not but an S.E5 yes this is an interesting read http://www.airbum.com/articles/Flyingwires.html many years back when i worked at the Royal Air Force museum at cardington we restored the F2b bristol figther and that company supplied a batch of wires which we then cut and brazed to the sizes we wanted, with 'offcuts' making attractive letter openers for all those involved david
  15. centaurman

    Storch wingfold

    interesting to see the wing rib structure change between the two pictures are they both fiesler builds? or one a morane saulnier? if so which one? david