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  1. No i haven't worked on this for sometime now! It's on the back burrner now! But thanks for asking!!
  2. My vote is for the Tornado F-3 too!
  3. Thank you Oliver......for sharing your 'Fantastic' scratchbuilding talents with us! Keep up the wonderful work!!
  4. Your skills are absolutely stunning Oliver! Again.....I love your updates!!
  5. Simply 'Masterful' work Oliver! My jaw hits the desk.......at every update!
  6. Yes.....Nice pics! Thanks for posting them!
  7. I wish you the best......at finding some time to work on this! I can definately relate to that!
  8. Wonderful work being done!! I love it
  9. Brian....You are doing some 'Fantastic' work on this! And quickly too! I was really wanting to get this kit when all the hype of it first surfaced! So I started collecting reference materials! And now seeing your detailed/build of this kit, I really want one now! Great job my friend!
  10. Oh....And I forgot to mention, I think I will take up a new hobby! Throwing things!
  11. Oh.....Just another small update on this build of mine. Just had myself a BIG oops! Here's how it went, Some Tamiya extra thin glue seaped under the clamp I had on the wing. So I went to rescribing the panel lines and redoing the rivet detail when a small chunk busted!! In the worst place of course! In the corner of the wing/flap joint! So now to figure out what to do about that! I guess this is normal for me around here! LOL!
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