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  1. Only one problem ( sometimes) people dont like to pay the extra cost of the packing . It can cost to provide protection, they dont appreciate the time and effort involved in preparing the packing . Not everyone has access to foam and it costs to buy it in and the cost has to be met by the customer. Same as "custom boxes" , i have yet to find a standard box so that different models can be packed economically. I have to add that U.S carboard boxes are by far superior to U.K boxes. It is hard to find twin wall or triple walled boxes here and the single walled boxes are so flimsy that double boxing is required and therefor adding to the final shipping weight. Most modellers who sell their models know this ,but "joe public" don't appreciate what goes into providing a safe package . All they want is the price of a stamp to ship.
  2. Why not go full throttle and ask for a 1/18th Galaxy
  3. I just hope "if they" release the skraider they do a S.E.A scheme
  4. Only "large" skyraider plastic kit is the old revell 1/40th offering .. Now a 1/32 would be nice
  5. I never had a problem with the wings on the avenger , didn't know it had one !. The avenger price was excellent with good parts etc , what i cant understand is the swordfish commanding a high price for a basic kit . Seems to me it was hurried out of manufacturing as the global recession hit .. I cant comment on hasegawas lanc as not seen it and not my scale. I am sure that if they had thought it through they would have indeed made a better kit with all the "goodies" included for the asking price , it would indeed be a kit worth purchasing. Untill then tamiyas 1/48th is still the best at half the price.
  6. I would have thought being in 1/32 scale that the wings could have been made to fold instead of just 2 options . Maybe scratchbuilding or someone may release an option ?.. It can stay on the shelf until someone sorts it out .. At £70 it looks like a basic kit .. If it was nearer £40 , then thats a different story .. I wonder if Hasegawa will follow suit .. I hope so
  7. From what i have read somewhere ( forget now) its likely to hit £150 mark ... good luck to them .. i have better things to waste £150 on
  8. Chris


    Awesome, my friend . I like that a lot
  9. Try www.sbxmodelshop.co.uk , free shipping .. miles better service than hannants
  10. I got 3 X 1/18th 21st cent p-38 Avenger Stuka ( illemann) If you want more projects
  11. It would be nice also if the swordfish's wings folded
  12. Chris

    My £6 Zero

    Looking at your build and the number of parts i am sure it is based on the revell kit as i build one a while ago . it too had raised rivetts etc
  13. Use a satin clear coat . it deadens it slighty and looks better
  14. Buy decent paints and brushes you dont see the brush marks . why ppl sand after brushing i'll never know
  15. Yes Matt I was confused . but not that much difference between MK's
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