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  1. You will have to forgive the lack of a shot of the fuselage parts, I deleted it in editing and did not realise it? Like my modelling I never make the same mistake twice I just get creative and find new ones.
  2. Thanks, used my Iphone on a stand, and am suprised how well it worked, will now be able to cover aything I get in at the magazine plus occasional what's on the bench, currently a Merit SBD 1/18 and Fisher Skyray 1/32
  3. This is my first using my I phone and You Tiuube editor, it will get better honest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=my8TSOtz_Fw Stil forgot to do the brass which includes, Belts. instrument panel, latches, and lower flap. The vinyl tyre are poor with tread detail which does not match photos i will replace mine with Barracudacast ones for the K-4
  4. Hi all I have received a 98% complete Fisher 1/32 Panther-5 and thought I would share my happiness. To say this kit sets new standards would not be an understatement, The resin hollow cast Fuselage and wings clip together with virtually no cleaning up and the level of detail on all the resin parts is exquisite, the undercarriage legs are based on a metal core and should have no problems holding the model the nose wheels feature a choice of hubs and the tyres are at last realistically flattened not flat. You are give a full weapons load of 250 and 500 lb bombs, 6 rockets with a choice of heads and 2 Tiny Tim rockets, The rockets are great with brass fins and the detail on the Exhaust ports are far better than any other example I have seen in any scale. I would suggest to fisher that there are owners of Trumpeter Corsairs who would appreciate these issued as a weapons set? I could go on but check out the preview on Hyperscale or the photos on Fishers site and I would say that the production casting is even better than the photos. The brass sheet provides the fins for the rockets, wing fences, seat belts and two choices of air brake open or closed, which are backed with resin for detail and strength. The decals are on 3 sheets and apologies as I am writing this at work and cannot remember the squadron numbers. 1 Blue Angels number 5 2 Golden Dragons from the film Bridges of Toko-Ri 3 A marine aircraft in Gull grey and white with red trim Complete stencilling is supplied and I mean complete 80+ in both black and white the printing looks like Aeromaster on a great day and the Golden Dragons are amazing a real work of art. The instructions I have are photo copies as the proper printed ones had not arrived when the kit was posted but even these are better than most you get in a main stream kit featuring photographs and text which are both clear and informative. I was supplied with 3 vac form canopies and a complete resin frame on the production kits there will also be clear resin parts as an alternative plus resin Navigation and running lights. Now in case this sounds too much like PR I have no relation with Fisher other than as a paying customer and I think this kit is one of the best value for money purchases I have ever made. I will be building it for an article in SAMI some time next year. If you are coming to the UK Nationals at Telford pop by the IPMS Milton Keynes stand and see for your self. But be warned YOU WILL WANT ONE! If you have any Question about the kit let me know and I will check in the box when I get home. Now what am I here for, Work what’s that! http://kits.kitreview.com/f9f32previewbg_1.htm http://www.fishermodels.com/
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