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  1. joshua knuth

    More getting to know you!

    WAAAAAAA HOOOOOOOOOOO there are more BRAZIL fans out there! this movie is amazing! i cant believe i forgot it on my list. also amalie was directed by the same man that did city of lost children. terry gilliam consuted on this as well. if you liked brazil and havnt seen it do so. and get the subtitled version not the dubbed one. nip nip tuck tuck!
  2. joshua knuth

    Oshkosh Warbird Gallery

    not to make you more jelous, but my misses would be on the flight line drooling over the sound of the rolls royce engines revving up in the mustangs with me! she used to work for the EAA here in town and even designed the trailor art and logos for thier B-17 aluminum overcast. Thats her in the Pilots seat of the B-17 I know I am a lucky guy!! and most Wives/Girlfriends wouldnt enjoy it as much as mine does. Definately keep me posted. rooms are pricey in town that time of year. and we have a big house. It would be cool to see the show with more airplane nuts!
  3. joshua knuth

    Oshkosh Warbird Gallery

    reno i havent seen yet! it is supposed to be great!! seriously if you are comming to the EAA this year or next let me know! I am moving next year in the fall. so I have 2 more Airventures here. we have a spare bedroom perhaps if the new misses doesnt mind, we could hook you up with some lodgeing, one Airplane freak to another.
  4. joshua knuth

    Oshkosh Warbird Gallery

    Hey Coolie I live in oshkosh so I will be there for sure I hit thier museum at least twice a year as well. if you manage to make it here let me know! It is a great show!! and for that week it is the busiest Airport in the world. Ohare comes in second!!
  5. joshua knuth

    More getting to know you!

    Ahhh Time bandits!!! "Yes well i am the nice one"!!! I forgot that one
  6. joshua knuth

    More getting to know you!

    ok in no perticular order! and a quote!! Oh Brother where art thou "take for instance the lilies of the god dam@ fields" Raising arizona "Well ok then" Hudsucker proxy "not counting the mezzanine" 12 monkeys "Its an advertisment mister cole" city of lost children not a quote but the The flea scene! need i say more? Army of darkness "give us some suger baby" monty python anything "na just kidding, its crucifixion" empire of the sun "P-51 cadillac of the sky" Lord of the rings triligy "Mary its frodo" Princess bride "I do not think that means what you think it means" Nightmare before christmas "Not not anyone in fact, but me why i can make a christmas tree" Big Fish "the mailman dropped dead on the front porch" Edward scissorhands "your complection is so fair" Dark city "poor poor mister book" and thats that!!! I still say however that the empire of the sun was speilbergs best film. and to date the best anti war film I have ever seen. to see war through a childs eyes is so amazingly illogical.
  7. joshua knuth

    The Reason Ive been away!

    Oh god she knows! we are both sculptors.
  8. joshua knuth

    The Reason Ive been away!

    Saturday I married my Best friend!! everything was perfect, the wedding planning stress is worth that moment of standing next to your best friend, surrounded by a sea of life long friends.! sorry for the sappy moment I am just happy
  9. joshua knuth

    Raise a glass to Bert Rutan...

    My brother Works for NASA at Ames in California. He actually got front row seats at edwards!! he said It was amazing!!!!!!!
  10. joshua knuth

    What are your surroundings when you build models

    Hay and welcome.!! where in the UP? I live in Oshkosh Wisconsin. and ive trout fished the brule river in the past.
  11. joshua knuth

    Great Loss

    CRAP! I actually met the pilot at the EAA flyin last summer. that was a beautifull plane. and a great guy! sad! its been a rough couple of months for the warbirds. 1st Aluminum overcast the B17, the P51c, and a hurricane last week. at least the b17 and the hurri will fly agian, and noone got hurt, but this one is the worst. at least he was doing what he loved to do.
  12. joshua knuth

    looking for drawings of a rutan vari-EZ or long-EZ

    oh I have a ton of time. I havnt been able to model for a while now, so I just like to gather material before hand. I just came up with this idea the other night so iam not in a hurry. besides in 3 weeks iam getting married so i think any modeling will be on hold until well after that. Thanks!!
  13. joshua knuth

    looking for drawings of a rutan vari-EZ or long-EZ

    sure if you want! Ive always loved this plane and am gathering refrence for a model as well as a high poly 3d model. any info is good, just dont go too out of your way. thanks
  14. joshua knuth

    looking for drawings of a rutan vari-EZ or long-EZ

    HA I didnt think of that! I go there all the time. DUH! Thanks.
  15. Hello i am looking for some good 3 view drawings of a Rutan Vari-EZ or a long-EZ. also cross sections would be cool, I hunted the web and came up with nothin, lets see what you guys find Thanks!