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  1. ScanmanDan

    Just some 1/48 armour fun

    I've been building some bases for my 1/48 scale armour, practicing and trying out some new materials. Here's the what washed up. Some things worked and others not so much but I had a lot of fun and learned a thing or two along the way. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  2. ScanmanDan

    1/48 Churchill " Look Ma no fenders."

    I'm calling this little base done, okay maybe a few more tweaks PzIII just standing in for the Churchill. I'm keen to get on to painting that and then weathering. Thanks for looking in.
  3. ScanmanDan

    1/48 Churchill " Look Ma no fenders."

    Progress - A bit of colour. Nice to be getting on with the base. Just some bits of rubble and muck then I can get to painting the Churchill. I don't know about figures yet but we will see what I can come up with. I hope you like the look so far. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  4. ScanmanDan

    Kitty Hawk has announced an Fw 190A-5

    But Matt, nothing but absolute and meticulous scale perfection will save us from our silicon overlords wraith. Remember reality isn't in any way subjective. Nope, We all see things exactly the same. Right?
  5. ScanmanDan

    1/48 Churchill " Look Ma no fenders."

    I've worked on a Resin base by Black Dog and I'm about ready for paint. Progress; So far a fun quick project. Getting to the good part, painting Thanks for looking in. Dan
  6. As I had so much fun quickly building my first 1/48 scale Churchill I thought I'd pick up another and try my hand at taking the fenders off. I got a steal on this kit too as it was marked down $10 which was a nice surprise at the register. These kits build up so simply I didn't want to do much other than thin some edges and add a few little bits that I thought the first kit needed. Mostly I wanted to try and take the top section of fender off that matches what some crews did during the war. Problem was that Tamiya don't include the top run of track in the base kit so I broke out the resin and mould making gear and copied the bottom run of track. Once I had two acceptable copies of the track it was a pretty straight forward chop and build job. Good old Evergreen styrene and an Xacto knife are all thats needed. Here's where I'm at now with the hull finished and just the Turret to build. This such a good kit and while I'm not a Churchill fan I can see another build once the aftermarket really kicks in. If you ever thought about trying one of these kits this is a great one to try as it really does just fall together and paints wonderfully. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  7. ScanmanDan

    Aus Model Expo Pics

    I saw that one being set up on the table. Not a easy task to move such a large kit. Kudos to the builder for bringing such a large model to the show. It was wonderfull to see one built and get a sense of just how great they look.
  8. ScanmanDan

    Aus Model Expo Pics

    I think this was the model for anyone who didn't see it. I thought it was a killer model and very well displayed.
  9. ScanmanDan

    25,000 posts

    Peter, congratulations on 25K posts. That is quite a milestone. Thank you for all your knowledge, warmth and encouragement over the years. You have added immeasurably to our little corner of the world. Long may your continue to add your special insights to the mix. I hope we are all here to enjoy you clocking 50k posts !
  10. ScanmanDan

    1/48 Tamiya Churchill (Just how fast can you have fun?)

    Just about at the point where the right brain screens ENOUGH!, Leave it alone! You'll only muck it up if you keep messing about. I found another good use for that Silhouette vinyl cutter Thanks for looking in.
  11. ScanmanDan

    Hasegawa P-26A.....Finished!

    Thanks for finishing and sharing this Eric. She sure looked good on display at Expo. Always nice to see your kits in the flesh. Dan
  12. ScanmanDan

    Aus Model Expo Pics

    Only other plane picture I could salvage from my inept picture taking. I really liked the different levels of glossiness that this X-15 finish had. Made this build 'POP' and looked great. Dan
  13. ScanmanDan

    Aus Model Expo Pics

    I hope you don't mind me tacking a few of my pictures on as well. Not very many came out well enough to post. I loved the idea of this stand but thought maybe an angled mirror below would have just been a cherry on top. Looked neat though I shot tons of pictures of this class and these were the only good shots of the lot Non military had some neat planes as well, anybody know who built this one? Some really good large scale planes on the club stands too. Most of the rest of my pics are rubbish, or tanks and figures. I should practice more. I hope everyone had a great time and we'll do it all again next year.
  14. ScanmanDan

    Model Expo Aus 2018- Thoughts?

    I entered six in 1/48 scale armour and four egg planes and 3 toon tanks in the miscellaneous category. If it has a big old black base then it was probably mine. There sure were some stunning builds out there.
  15. I've just come home from my second day at Expo and I'm kinda in two minds about the whole experience. I liked it but thought it could be more, interesting, exciting, comprehensive, I don't know, have more oomph. ( Might just be me projecting my desires on an event.) I am not trying to be negative, just expressing my impressions of something I look forward to all year. After a easy and quick drop off of models on Friday night, ( Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out, excellent work folks you are super and make the whole experience quite fun. ) I took a non-modeller mate yesterday for a snoop. We had an okay day looking over all the models. Nice to see so many well built and finished kits on display. Sorry no photos as I can't shoot freehand and my pictures look like the ones alleging to show Bigfoot, all bleary and dark. I do not know for sure but it did seem to me that there were fewer kits in competition than in the past. The club displays were very nice and it is clear there are some crackerjack modellers in OZ. The trade stands were much as always with all the good and bad that implies. The atmosphere was cheery and very nice. Lots of folks having a look and there seemed to be a good bit of commerce going on. Took SWMBO this morning and thought there were not many folks around and traders looked a bit spooked. (Weather that means anything is anybodies guess as traders are never truely happy with the rate of sales and I say this as one who has spent many, many a weekend on my wife's antique market stall.) The good lady wife did have a great time looking at all the models and pointed out quite a few good ones I had missed yesterday. She did remark that things were a little "quiet and subdued this year" I wonder if there aren't some things that could be done to entice more folks to enter models. I still really enjoy this Expo and hope it continues for many a year to come. I'll be there again tomorrow so will see how the third day goes down. If you had a chance to drop in I wonder what your impressions were.