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  1. Thank you gentlemen for your kind comments. I think I might just shoot a few more light coats of hairspray on my trees as I noticed a little 'moulting' of leaves over the week Speaking of which, yesterday afternoon turned into a rainy affair so I hid in the bungalow to stay warm and dry. ( The fact that I was out of sight of the good lady wife was of no import. ) No plans, just doodling about the workbench. Had a wild thought as I was cleaning up and putting assorted junk away. I wonder if I could make a crumpled open cardboard box out of some lead sheet I have? Turns out, I think I can. I folded the flaps in on this one but I think it might have looked even better with one of more flaps folded out. The fruit was some very tiny embossing beads I picked up at a paper-craft shop ( I picked up some super tiny 'grapes' too) As always just having some fun Took way too long to make, but then again, who's in a race? Worked a bit more on this tonight and got her up on four wheels. Thanks for dropping in to look at my little madness. Dan
  2. Enjoy yourself Kevin. It will be great to see your work here again. What a wonderful kit/conversion to break your drought. I will be looking forward to seeing your progress.
  3. Detail painting was getting me down so I switched gears. I find working on some scenery usually does the trick and as I need to work on my deciduous trees... Thin copper wire armature soldered for strength. Bulked up with superglue and and sprinkled while wet with baking soda to add some texture. Seafoam branches superglued to tips. ( Added superglue to armature then dipped the tip of the seafoam branch in accelerator before applying to tree.) Painted with acrylics then added Noch foliage scatter material with cheap hairspray. Better results than usual but I think I may need to look at some more trees to get better overall shape. Surprising how much space even a small tree takes up in a scene. Back to the tiny paint brushes for a while as I want to press on with the Horch. Thanks for looking in
  4. Better modellers than me will want to chip in but I would ask what materials are you using for your wash. Perhaps it isn't thin enough? I like to use artist oil paints heavily thinned with Humbrol enamel thinners over an acrylic gloss coat. This works well for me even when the panel lines get partially filled in. Admittedly if the panel line is completely filled you may want to go with using a very fine pencil line drawn in after you shoot your first matt coats. Then sealed in with a light matt coat. Using a very sharp coloured pencil you can get some very nice results but it is a lot of work and handling the model becomes a problem. If you want, post a picture of your troublesome area. That may help the problem solving. IHTH
  5. Welcome and please do share your builds. Don't be concerned, of course your efforts are worthy, by sharing your work you enrich us all. We all gain and you can have some fun too. Join the party, you will not find a more articulate and helpful group of talented modellers. Plenty of assistance available to guide you through learning to use Alclad. Ask as many questions as you want/need, you'll be amazed at how much help is out there. Looking forward to your seeing your builds.
  6. The Jaguar would be a most welcome kit subject. Great looks, history and size make for a compelling package. But given the present buying climate, reviewing culture and Trumpeters position in the hobby I wouldn't think it very likely, now or ever. I would be surprised to see many new kits of fast jets produced anytime soon. Dry times ahead, I hope you stashed away enough goodies for the future.
  7. Yes, it is much more productive to hate than it is celebrate. That Miniart produces a 1/35th scale kit doesn't prohibit any other company from producing the same kit in 1/32 scale. Scale model production isn't a zero sum game. I would concede that if you had a burning desire for the particular aircraft and you were an ardent adherent to 1/32 scale you could be very disappointed that Miniart went with 1/35th scale rather than 1/32. But to emote so much consternation and resentment at Miniart for merely producing the kit is quite silly. Miniart are unlikely to ever produce any kit in 1/32scale. This should not preclude them from producing the kit in 1/35th. If you don't like it, don't buy it. But why gleefully profess that the kit should not succeed or politic for it's failure? Is there some concern that should Miniart actually succeed in bringing more kits to market this would somehow diminish the hobby? Best crush and shame all who would dare buy from Miniart now lest the dreaded interloper gain a foothold in the hearts and minds of the pure. Remember, " Four legs good, two legs bad."
  8. Well done Vaughn! It look super. A wonderful achievement be justifiably proud.
  9. Possibly, Eric, but there is no way to be sure. Producing the a kit 1/32 scale would still not fit within the product lines that Miniart makes. They have already tested the 1/35 scale aviation market and they must have been happy enough with their results to try another kit. To that end the Triebflugel ticks a lot of boxes; German, VTOL, Luft 46 and will make a great diorama centre piece. I'm not saying that a 1/32 scale kit wouldn't sell, I'm saying that a 1/35 scale kit of a Triebflugel from MINIART shouldn't be surprising. It makes perfect sense and may well go very well for them. Only time will tell. We should be happy to be getting new kit investment, besides if this kit generates enough traction then maybe a player in the 1/32 scale game will kit it.
  10. Miniart works in 1/35th scale. They have a large fan base and the tank guys really,really like paper projects. Re: rolly ball tanks, etc. I have no doubt this will sell nicely for them, it makes good financial sense. Subject and scale choices are always a business decision not a 'modelling' decision. These companies sell widgets, hopefully widgets that sell in large numbers. Often they sell the idea of the model, the experience of buying and playing with the kit in it's raw form rather than the finished kit. ( Modeller stash of unbuilt, nay never to be built kits anyone?) They don't try and fill out a hypothetical modellers collection. I would absolutely love for Miniart to scale down some of their excellent 1/35th scale accessories and buildings to my beloved 1/48th scale. I think I could make a case that they could sell quite a few units too. But I am not holding my breath as there isn't the guarantee of sales. I think you have to consider that this kit will likely be on the shelf with other 1/35 scale Miniart kits and thus be picked up by an eager trackhead for a spin, if you pardon the pun. I don't think this is an odd decision for Miniart at all. I do wonder how the Germans would have solved the landing problems without any computer help. The Pogo pretty much put paid to the idea of doing it by eye.
  11. Uwe pinched them from the brothel. He's such an impulsive kid. They may not be pretty but they sure help with the bumps in the road.
  12. Thank you Martin. I'm pleased you like the old girl. As to progress, er, well no. The Pogo sits in the display case much as the last picture shows. I will say that it is very encouraging that the prop blades haven't sagged . There isn't much to stop me charging ahead and finishing this but for two main problems. One is that I'm convinced that I'l screw up all my previous work if I attempt to continue and perversely a creeping dread that I could do many bits much better if I did it all again. This weird dichotomy stops me from finishing quite a few of my builds. I just get to a point where I cannot go forwards or back. I know that these ideas are stupid, wasteful and counterproductive and yet when I bring the model to the bench they are real and overpowering. It's the paralysis of coulda, woulda, shoulda. I would say that The Tigger Vacuforms should be built more. Based on this kit they are quite buildable and could be made into really nice models. I hope that you got some fun out of my posts and I thank you for poking me enough to go and have a good look at the old girl. She has held up pretty well, if I get over my hang ups I'll add to this. Dan
  13. Progress? Heaps more messing about but I'm having fun. I hope you like. Thanks for looking in.
  14. You are too kind Vaughn. I'm experimenting with very thin washes of enamels to add depth to my builds. Sometimes it work, sometimes not so much. Latest progress; The base got a tree. And the interior got some more goodies. Lots more I want to add and I must work up a standing driver too.
  15. Too Kool for School Vaughn. You sure have the knack for making such wonderful things.
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