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  1. Thanks for taking the time to post one picture of a freshly painted, restored P-40 wing. Gee, who would guess that it shows almost no rivets. That you would take the time away from grinding those many axes of yours to share such a treasure is amazing. If your purpose was to convince others that all representations of rivets on large scale models is inaccurate then you will have to try harder. Rivets are there, so are lumps, bumps and misfitting panels. Additionally your contention that the plane was restored to exactly the way Curtis did it in 1941 is laughable. Materials and workmanship are different, no pressure to get the plane out the door and a deep pocket client just for starters. You have made it abundantly clear you do not like any representation of rivets on model. We get it. If you really want to be convincing then you will need to have a whole lot more than one carefully curated picture. How about some pictures of nicely built models showing the effect. Oh, and for the record, build the darn things however you like. Just stop trying to make it seem as if one way is somehow better than any other.
  2. Excellent advice on building resin kits. Pin everything I bet that drilling that engine centre was a stressful moment. Is that an x/y table you mounted the vice to? Thank you for sharing your hard won experience with resin kits in such a clear manner.
  3. Superb! That main spar window detail is excellent and I like the idea your signature is in there too. Does the kit have the tiny little bump stops( stacking pads) on the wing leading edge just about in line with the outer interplane struts? I think they were there to so that while the wing was being built and worked on the factory could have the leading edge on the floor and not mess up the whole leading edge. Love the comparison between the 1/28 and 1/24 scale wings. I am very much enjoying your build and dreaming of the day I get to build mine. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks Kevin. Glad you like the little critters. I just about finished the Horch tonight. Just a few more touches to the weathering. Nice to finish something for a change.
  5. That looks stunning. More pictures please. You have done so much work I'd like to see more of it. What are your plans for showing off all this lovely detail in the finished build? I'm really looking forward to more progress from your Panther build. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Thanks Chris I;m glad you like my tiny trees. I'll see if I can take some WIP next time a build one. Till then, more squirrels, always with the squirrels. Just the latest batch of squirrels.... My little road base finished with the old Dingo giving it a go. And a quick build STUGIII B Lots of stuff on the workbench all at the same time but still having fun and building stuff. Thanks for looking in.
  7. This and the FE Dragster kits were my dream kits in younger days. I only ever could afford their little brothers. Built, played with and destroyed a few. Lighter fluid anyone?!!! Funny how much expectations of kits have changed over the years. I doubt these would sell well now if they were new kits but as basic nostalgia they are golden. That's a super clean and stunning build Don. I'm looking forward to the body and paintwork. Well done!!!
  8. I do hope you have a big smile on your face. These kits are so much fun. How did you like the folding wings? It will be neat to see how yours turns out.
  9. Interesting and somewhat tragic that among my friends that any of these lines can reduce reduce us to teenagers instantly; "She's a witch!' "What, the curtains?" "Tis, but a scratch" "Bring out your dead." "I told him we already got one" Plus many, many more... Go on, you know each of those scenes don't you? Each brought a little smile to your face and a twinkle to you eye, Eh?
  10. Great to see the new additions. And wonderful to see how a cockpit set rejuvenates this classic old kit. It will be a cracker when you get her done.
  11. Kevin, the call of Monday's Swap & Smell is strong. I just don't think I can get there. "Like I need more kits......" Who knows, I may see you in the mad crush. Jets. WWII Props a bit later. Enjoy
  12. Nice work Vaughn. Could you let those of us that might just have one or two of these kits hiding under the bed what sized holes you drilled in the front face of the cowl? I'm really looking forward to your progress.
  13. Just back from opening day of Model Expo Melbourne 2019. I had a wonderful time and there where a lot of models on display. Here are the first batch of photos, pre-WWII birds. ( Sorry for the quality of photos, I'm going to blame it on the poor lighting in the hall but then a good photographer should still be able to get a good picture. Sadly I'm not aa good photographer.) I apologise if I missed anyones model. Number of kits on display seemed a bit down from last year but crowd looked good. Overall a good show. I didn't enter as I can only go the one day this year due to other commitments but had a good time. I have more photos and will post them in due course. I hope you enjoy.
  14. Shazam! Shut up and sit down video and review That's why I thought you may like it.
  15. Modern gaming is exceptionally fun. Lots to choose from and explore. If you would like to see more try the “Sit down and shut up” webpage. They do great online reviews and play throughs.
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