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  1. ScanmanDan

    1/48 Tamiya Kettenkrad SdKfz 2

    Thanks K2. I've got a 1/6th one in my stash....Maybe one day Added some more flowers and a bit of ivy, more experiments and more fun :). Lots more in my ideas to try out. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  2. ScanmanDan

    1/48 Tamiya Kettenkrad SdKfz 2

    Just my latest distraction. TB3 on the pad awaiting my nerves settling before I tackle more decals. ( I HATE decals ) Besides, Squirrel......... I'm always mucking about with little bases. I'm trying to get a few materials and techniques together that will consistently give me good, quick results. I like to work fast because if a project begins to drag I know I might just flit off to something else. Here's the result of two weekends work so far. Uwe is just going to nip up to the top of the hill with some gear then back to the bottom for another load, sure beats having to lug the gear up by hand. More next week if I can get the airbrush out to tackle the little critter. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  3. ScanmanDan

    The Next Airfix 1/24 Kit Will Be...

    Age suitability 8+ Imagine getting one of these for Christmas when you were eight years old.... I wasn't expecting this but I'm glad they made it. Dan
  4. ScanmanDan


    Conceptually quite interesting and about at the price point I would expect. If successful I, personally, would like to see a B-17G nose as that's the beast for me. I would find it much more convenient in size for display and certainly more bang for buck than the whole kit. Time will tell if modellers as a group think the idea is worthy. Dan
  5. ScanmanDan

    The Next Airfix 1/24 Kit Will Be...

    ...wonderful what ever it may end up being. That Airfix as a company feels strong enough to add to a great line of kits that stretches back to my childhood and has given me many, many hours of fun and happiness is to be commended. I wish them nothing but success and look forward to whatever subject they think will sell. Dan
  6. ScanmanDan

    Aoshima Thunderbird 3 (Progress 28-10)

    Progress; Fins are finally on and came out better than I though they would. I've started with some detail painting and some panel lines but more to come. Just want to get the last of the decals on then it's just the little stuff Still a fun build and I should get her done soon. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  7. ScanmanDan

    This is atrocious!

    Like I said, scared of the word toy...... It would be funny if it weren't so sad.
  8. ScanmanDan

    This is atrocious!

    You seem terribly scared of the word toy. It is clear, to you, that it has mystic power to demean and denigrate because that is the way you chose to use it. And yet in the very first line you use differentiate the two objects 'model' is used to define 'toy'. And so, to follow you own thinking, models are toys. If you are so tightly strung that your ego cannot accept that you play with toys that's your hang up. But don't go around declaring that someones model is a 'toy' and therefore not as worthy discussion as your precious 'scale model'.
  9. ScanmanDan

    This is atrocious!

    There are toys. ( and yes you did pay for the full thirty minutes.) I should warn you that you are trying to use semantics on a guy who wears a big red rubber nose and wears clown shoes. Me thinks you would like to kid yourself that you don't play with toys. Of course this could just be an elaborate Turing test. If your not having fun then you are doing it wrong.
  10. ScanmanDan

    This is atrocious!

    Silly me, I'm being WAY too childish. Toons are for kids!!!! - Where did I put my comically big hammer? I need to do some smashing. Best be getting serious, because I don't want to look foolish. I'm off to do some manly complaining. You know, that the upper deck of the B-17 in the wrong curvature or or XYZ company has got it SO wrong when it's obvious from photos and if they just asked the 'experts' they could have got it right. Then a spot of bagging on about panel lines and washes, quilting and other weathering atrocities against man and nature. There are all toys boys and girls. Many are much closer to the real deal but in the end they are all toys. ( Albeit toys I know I spend an inordinate time trying to look just so ) To take them as anything else is the real silly part. There isn't any international organisation that decides what's worthy and what's not.
  11. ScanmanDan

    1/24 ju 87 d5

    I'm just happy that some companies are still releasing kits in 1/24th scale. I have too many projects to contemplate another but great to see. Pitty they didn't take the time to 'hand' the canon or fix the bomb clutch. Sigh, the cost/ benefit monster must always be appeased.
  12. ScanmanDan

    This is atrocious!

    No creation that gives its builder joy and happiness is a waste of time.
  13. ScanmanDan

    Aoshima Thunderbird 3 (Progress 28-10)

    So we are still a go! Thanks for all the kind comments, I hope you are having fun because I'm still smiling! Progress: Spent a bit more time bashing a little base to hopefully partially hide the rocket on a stick look. Should have gone bigger or smaller but this is where I'm at. I've started to put the main assemblies together using 5-minute epoxy as it's clear and gives me some time to adjust bits before it grabs. I'm very glad I pined the three rocket pods with very thin stiff brass wire as they went on without a fuss. I think they are straight, true and evenly spaced.... The atomic core fins will be a bit of a chore to get straight and even but I think if I just keep my nerve and don't rush I'll be okay. Lots more little stuff I want to do but I feel it's starting to look okay. Pics of progress so far. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  14. ScanmanDan

    This is atrocious!

    Oh, they are selling, no doubt about that. I've bought heaps and plan to buy more. I love the little buggers. But... I was commenting on the fact that they could very easily improve sales by improving the tracks. The tracks are rubbish. Workable as a toy and you can get them to sort work but they are the single biggest disappointment with the kits. I also don't like that some of the kits don't sit 'flat' but rock on one wheel, I would bet this a side effect of the rubber band workable nature of the tracks. That this design might improve track holding for 'driving' on the tabletop. Not the end of the world but a feature to look at none the less. Now I will not pretend to tell Meng what to do, I was just giving honest feedback as to what I think might be an improvement in the line. Most modellers can chop, bash and add bits to the hull / turret pretty easily but scratch building or heavily modifying aftermarket tracks is a big stretch. Retrokit make a nice line of conversions and add ons for these kits already, they may do tracks in the future but I kinda doubt it. I'm just interested if other folks have worked out some better options than the ones in the kit. I've used, kit tracks, cut down 1/35 scale individual links, and cut down and shortened better detailed rubber tracks from other kits. All work but something better in the box would be nice, not a deal breaker, but nice to see.
  15. ScanmanDan

    This is atrocious!

    I feel your pain Hardcore. I have spoken to the company a fair bit on there facebook page/messenger and pointed out the poor track are stoping these kits from really taking off. They are fun, inexpensive and allow for limitless modifications/conversions. A lot of serious modeller have taken to them and done amazing things but the silly cheap rubber tracks make it tough to do anything but makedo or replace. I know that they can do a good, basic set of rubber tracks, the Tiger I has okay tracks it is just most of the others are kack. A shame too as they reuse a the tracks on different models so one or two really good moulds would have served multiple models. I think there could be a tiny gap in the market for someone to make some homemade replacements but you'd never make your money back, it would need to be a love job. I am interested in what you come up with as what you've done so far is ace!