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  1. ScanmanDan

    1:32 scale 16" gun turret

    I'm not trying to be funny here but just what would the tool look like that you would use to tighten those very large screw heads. I cannot imagine that it would be a comically large screwdriver. Some kind of wrench? I've seen some large screw heads on tanks but nothing as big as these. Great idea for a model and lovely craftsmanship too.
  2. ScanmanDan


    Great result. Beware these critters can get under your skin, lots of fun to play with and mega creative. You can really let yourself go and do whatever you want with them. I love how you homed in on the barrel length as the bit you wanted to exaggerate. That’s the fun of cartooning, you pick the bits to make a show of and make the model special to you. Make sure you share your others as you build them. Dan
  3. ScanmanDan

    Freedom F-104 ( Toon) Finished!

    Carl- I just added bits of styrene, wire and lead foil for the belts and buckles. ( Pssst, it's all gizmolgy and made up ) You do get a IP decal and a little pilot in the kit but I didn't like either of them. I thought you'd need something in there as that's a pretty big and clears canopy. I finished up last night, Here are the beauty pics. If you want a quick bit of fun you cannot go too wrong with these little kits, A better modeller than me could really make these little gems shine. I had a quick blast and enjoyed myself immensely I look forward to the TF-104 and the kits in the Freedom range. Thanks for looking in.
  4. ScanmanDan

    Freedom F-104 ( Toon) Finished!

    Knocked out the base while I'm waiting for all the tiny bits to dry. Pretty standard fair and built as per all my other bases. I did try adding in a bit of coloured grout to the plaster mix and that seams to have worked well though the colour is a bit too dark. It added a nice texture to the concrete. I hope to do final assembly tomorrow.
  5. ScanmanDan

    New Lancaster

    However did you cope with the wild inaccuracies in that kit, what it's nothing but a cartoon of the real thing! Fun kit isn't it? Sure came out nice and crisp.
  6. ScanmanDan

    RE: the new B-24: How much is too much?

    To each his own...very well said. This is an interesting question though I would be more interested in how the manufactures view this question as there would be fewer viewpoints. Just how much does a manufacture spend on research and development of a kit? How much time and effort in adding internal details that many buyers won't use or desire. ( But if you don't add them you may lose out on sales to those that want more and more details.) Just where do you balance the cost of the finished kit vs fit, finish and ease of assembly? Do you add extra markings and charge more for the kit? If you charge more for more detail will you sell more kits to make a profit? What I do see is an unsustainable expectation of more and more for less and less. At some point the manufacture needs to make some very tough choices and get the kit out the door to try and make back their investment in time, resources and cash, and hopefully make a profit. I would love to know just how different kits all stack up in the profit/loss wash up. I suspect that most kits just break even, maybe make a few bucks. I don't think there are barrels of money to be made in this industry. Accuracy cost, as does fit, finish and details either you pay for it in the base kit or you pay for it in time and money afterwords. Weather a kit is worth it to you is an individual choice but spare a tiny bit of time to think of the guys making these things.
  7. ScanmanDan

    Freedom F-104 ( Toon) Finished!

    Brian - You get both a single seater and a TF in each box. two complete kits I just wished Freedom included two copies of each canopy to let you build two of each type. As it is you get one single seat and one TF. All you need for a JASDF TF is some markings and you are good to go. Right now it is taking all my strength to not go out to the bungalow and mess with the little sucker Jenshb - Interestingly I wouldn't call these new lines of kits 'egg'planes. They are more cute, cartoon characterisations of the real hardware. 'Chibi' to the Japanese. I don't especially like the egginess of the Hasegawa eggplanes but I sure do like some of the Chibi that are coming out now. Full of fun and , well Cute
  8. ScanmanDan

    Freedom F-104 ( Toon) Finished!

    The only kit under the tree for me this year was this little gem from Freedom. A two kit boxing of a F-104, both single and two seater in the one box. As we were having a very quiet Christmas I jumped in and bashed out some cockpit details and assembled the single seater. Then buttoned up the lot and shot some semi gloss black from a Tamiya rattle can followed by some silver leaf from Tamiya on top. Added some of the decals today after lunch and I'll hit it with gloss tonight before bedtime . I'll work a bit on the landing gear and base tomorrow, ( I have to resist the temptation of touching the darn thing until the gloss sets hard.) I might just get this one done and in the case by New Years. I love these little critters and these ones from Freedom look pretty darn good. They have a F-5 that looks mighty interesting..... Thanks for looking in.
  9. ScanmanDan

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Thank you MGUNNS for the photos. The frosting looks fixable but I still would love to know the chain of errors that led to the snafu in the first place. ( If only to learn from their mistakes. I work in construction, and lots of complex information needs to be clearly transmitted to lots of folks or costly errors are made.) I think something like this needs to be understood in the context of just how hard, and how much work it takes to get a kit to market. Lots of fine folks need to do their jobs well to get a great result. Also not often appreciated is that many folks in that chain don't necessarily know much about WWII aircraft, let alone the particulars of the specific subject. One of the worst kind of mistakes is the one you don't learn from. The next time you build that kit that just fits and falls together without a struggle. Remember just how it could have gone so horribly wrong. Happy Christmas everybody!
  10. ScanmanDan

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Now that folks have the kit in their hands would it be fair if someone could take some nice clear photos of the frosted turrets? I know it's not fun to try and take these kinds of pictures as they are hard to do. I think that these pictures would be helpful to those who are thinking about the kit as I would bet that mucking about with polishing transparencies is not high on anyones 'List of fun things to do on a Sunday morning' Has there been any response from HB as to this snafu? Not bashin' just askin'
  11. ScanmanDan

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Hey, John. ( And please take this in the good natured way it's meant.) You might want to put that wheelbarrow of yours down mate. Me thinks you are trying to compare apples to bazookas. If you cannot grasp that WNW and Trumpeter/HB are two very different animals then I would suggest that you have a nice quiet sit down with your beverage of choice. Relax. Not all kits are going to meet your standards, and you know, that's okay. It doesn't make them marginal or crappy, just not good enough for you.( and that's okay too - having high standards is a good thing.) But please don't backhandedly dis folks who will buy these kits. The hobby is a broad church and many companies producing kits of all prices and qualities is a healthy sign that the hobby is doing well. That said, I would love to have been in the room when the frosted turret penny dropped on HB management. I would hope that someone owned up to screwing up and they look to making sure that, or something similar, doesn't happen again.
  12. ScanmanDan

    1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

    Great to see you back at the bench. I hope you are having fun, because that's what it's all about. I'm following along with both your Fw-190 and this build and enjoying your outlook on modelling. Don't stress out about not modelling, let it be fun and relaxing. Your beautiful craftsmanship will shine through. It is interesting to see how little the different colour basing makes to the finished look. Thanks for sharing your lovely 262.
  13. ScanmanDan

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Because people run modelling companies and good, well-meaning people make mistakes. I pretty sure that the fine folks at HB wanted to put out a first class project that would sell really well. That they overlooked the frosted turret glazing is a serious stuff up in overall leadership and quality control. I'm sure they are kicking a few behinds over that and would bet that the primary molds may get polished for future runs of the kit, Though I'd like to see them do something for all of you guys that have bought this run of kits. As for all the other 'problems' I think you will have to put that down to design choices that HB made in the development of the kit. No kit is going to be perfect to everyones eyes. And there will be by necessity compromises between , detail, fidelity of shape and cost to design and manufacture. You need to accept that the choices HB made were their own and not based on criteria that you or I may bring to the table. I think it is wonderful that both HB have taken on the challenge of bringing a 1/32 scale B-24 to market and that there are a cadre of excellent modellers passionate about correcting any shape issues and modifying shortcomings in the kit provided.
  14. ScanmanDan

    Matilda II cute tank from Meng

    Just a quick heads up Mike, Retro Kits online make a whole line of resin aftermarket conversions and replacement turrets for this line. They already have a few KV-1 turrets, some Tiger II turrets and a STG III conversion plus lots of others. I, myself, am looking forward to the Hetzer conversion the most. They also do bits for other Cute and Eggplanes. Well worth a look if you like this sort of thing. I'm itching to tackle a Jagdpanther conversion.
  15. ScanmanDan

    Matilda II cute tank from Meng

    Meng sure do have an interesting house style. The look is nicely consistent throughout the whole line of kits, For me some of their exaggerations work and some don't but I love the base kits out of all proportion to their size. The base kits provide a wonderful canvas to modify, customise and convert. They are cheap, easy to work on and a no pressure way to stretch your modelling in all kinds of weird and wonderfull ways. For example; Say you want to try your hand at applying Zimmerit to a 1/35 scale Panther but are too concerned about messing up on an expensive kit. Give it a crack on a Toons Panther, all the same issues just less stress and a smaller area to experiment on. I think these little guys may be around for a while yet, Who knows what Meng have waiting in the wings...