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  1. I think you're building the real thing rather than a model Chris hahaha. That is absolutely brilliant the camo is right on the money and the details are immaculate. So now you venture into the Su35??? considering the workload on that, I shall watch with great interest as I watch you convert it. Can't believe you're ripping that one open too. Any models that you DIDN'T rip open? haha Mind-blowing stuff. Keep up the amazing work Dom
  2. looks amazing. Can never get tired of these birds. Congratulations on a nice model
  3. I agree with everyone when they said that this is by far, the best bf 109 model to date. For once, the ace of aces' aircraft has been given a "seasoned" look, with all the wear and tear toning down the prominent black tulip. This is pleasing to the eye, with the amount of detail and time you've devoted to the model, as well as the smooth paint finish. Those mud streaks from the wheels are a nice touch. All this needs now is a simplistic display base to call home. Congratulations on a jaw-dropper
  4. Undisputedly wonderful... enough said
  5. Man, those kits build quick! Looking good man
  6. You serious??? I want to do an RSAF Viper out of my Sufa too! hahaha I even mentioned it in my post. People have built the F-16D Block 52+ mainly as Sufas and RSAF Vipers. So that leaves the Hellenic Air Force and UAE Vipers. And by the way, which RSAF Viper? Nice and quick builds, too. Well done, they're looking promising. Keep it up
  7. I'll keep my eye on this one with particular interest in the Sufa, as I will probably get this kit in a week's time. How did you get the really smooth intake trunk? that has been something that bothered me until now with my old F-16 build. Cheers mate, and you're doing good so far EDIT: Do you plan to finish this one up as an Israeli Sufa? Because I am contemplating on either doing the Royal Singapore Airforce Block 52+ Vipers or a Sufa (though I am kinda leaning towards the RSAF Viper )
  8. FAR OUT!!! that looks really awesome!!! pardon my exclamation but by golly, the things you could do with foil. Just as good as Alclad
  9. Looking forward to how you're gonna replicate the oil on the windscreen
  10. Now this I gotta see. This is going to be AWESOME!!!
  11. You keep getting better and better, mate. This one has to be the best you've done so far
  12. the detail you added on that canopy is looking preeetty sweet. Looking forward to the finished product. Keep it up!
  13. I was not personally affiliated with him, but I know him well for his craftmanship and positive outlook on the hobby and just in general. His crazy ambitions and passion for this hobby is sometimes what makes our AMS not seem too bad. As with any tragic news, his passing away affects everyone, whether we knew him personally or remotely. We may have lost Russ, but the subsequent models that we may build will hold a small tribute to someone with a big heart. From a 17 year old LSPer, I will build on. Knowing that I too, was inspired by his ambitions. I'm buckled and ready to go on A trip to Russville as well. Dom "Schwarze 1"
  14. After seeing this, I don't know if I can look at my one ever again. I love this!!!
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