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    modeling plastic model kits, O guage model railroading, military history,
  1. So what is the KING/Queen of twins...?? The HE-219 and Tigercat would be in the running..... Cheers, ggc
  2. Still down for me as well.... Cheers, ggc
  3. Very colorful Fokker!! Nice (make that very nice) building technique.. GB Cheers, ggc
  4. Erik: Good choice/variety. I remember reading Rudel's autobiography when a youngster. Impressive stuff, even if he was a Nazi. Pics of brewed up t-34's and a sunken Russki BB. The account sez he was flying a FW-190D when he surrendered on an America airstrip (crashlanded) rather than being captured by the Russians. GB Cheers, ggc
  5. Dave: Sabre's are cool...great choice..good luck with the bare metal finish.. Cheers, ggc
  6. Here is the box pic and the contents of the RODEN 1/32 SPAD VII c.1 that I'm building for this GB: SPAD Cheers, ggc
  7. Johann: GREAT work..!! Looking good...I love the details.... Cheers, ggc
  8. Mike, those decals look great..! I'll take one set of each. I've sent you an e-mail via your website.. Cheers, ggc
  9. Mike: Your pilot figure looks great, as does your build of the Albatros... Great stuff... WWI Cheers, ggc
  10. Dave: Can you post some pics of these resin parts..? Cheers, ggc
  11. Your Tony is looking great, wonderful details and a super paint job....BANZAI..!! Cheers, ggc
  12. I would like to join this GB with the a/c of Georges Guynemer, a SPAD VII c.1. I have the RODEN kit No. 604 in 1/32. The kit looks to be quite complete with lots of cool details. I will post pics of the box art and kit contents soon. Cheers, ggc
  13. Kev: Your strut/ wheel assembly is looking great...a needed upgrade for the kit certainly. Folgore Cheers, ggc
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