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    Smokey reacted to Pete Fleischmann in HH-60G Pavehawk Kitty Hawk 1/35   
    Hello all!
    the slow scratch building march begins!
    just have to go void by void- the cable ties are just strips of decal that go on after the harness section is in place, then a wash- you can see the difference as I plod along.

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    Smokey reacted to Koralik in MiG-29A "111" Polish Air Force Trumpeter 1:32   
    This time in my opinion ofcourse, one of the most beautiful combat aircraft in the world.
    I mean only aesthetic values especially during the flight.
    MiG-29A with the side number 111 of the Polish Air Force.
    Model is Trumpeter 1:32 scale made straight from the box.
    I must admit that the Trumpeter model is quite well made and doesn't cause problems.

    Decals are made to order ModelMaker, I add that the position and aplikation of the wheel requires a lot of patience.
    I hope you enjoy watching this model.

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    Smokey reacted to seiran01 in Guppy Fortress in Korea, 1953   
    Not technically a B-17, but a PB-1W AEW aircraft.   PB-1Ws were late-model B-17Gs that eventually were stripped of all armament. This will fit beautifully with my clubs Korean War theme for our 2020 contest.  I’m gathering what few references I can find on the planes, three of the VW-1 birds flew from Atsugi in early 1953 including the only airframe to have the radome mounted on top.
    Aside from the VW-1 website and the B-17s In Blue book which I have, photos are few and far between. What’s the chance that someone reading this know of photos of the interior of these planes?
    Dont count this for the monthly raffles, Admins, I am working on another large project right now which may take me through the end of the year.  But for the time being I would love to see if anyone here is able to provide any assistance as I plan out the build.
     I’m leaning towards building TE-7 with the roof-mounted radome as she was briefly flying out of Korea itself.  The radome will be designed in CAD and printed at home. The B-17G kit is en route to me along with a few aftermarket items, now I just need time!
    Cheers guys,

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    Smokey reacted to Gewehr 43 in The Swamp Ghost - B-17E 41-2446   
    My entry into the Multi-Engine Group Build is B-17E 41-2446, the aircraft that would go on to become the famous "Swamp Ghost."  This site gives a good overview of her ordeal as one of the first handful of bombers the USAAF would throw at the Japanese.  In short, she left Australia on February 22nd, 1942 to bomb Japanese positions at Rabaul.  Shot up over the target and leaking fuel, the pilot, Fred Eaton opted to put her down in a grassy field north of the Owen Stanley mountain range in New Guinea.  As it turns out, the "grassy field" was actually the Agaimbo swamp and the bomber settled into the mud.  The crew abandoned her after dutifully disposing of the Norden bombsight, and ultimately returned to combat duty later. 
    For many years, she lay undisturbed. 

    Rediscovered in the 1970s, visited in the 1980s, and ultimately recovered and exported over many years beginning in 2006, she is the only B-17E still in original battle condition.  My intent is to build this kit into 41-2446 as she would have appeared at some/any point during her short career prior to her loss.  This presents a couple of challenges.  First, there are - to my knowledge - no known images of the aircraft before she was shot down, so I'll have to make some educated guesses as to configurations and whatnot.  Secondly, and perhaps the biggest challenge, is that she was equipped with the Sperry remotely-operated belly turret.  The HKM kit which I'll be using does not have this, so I'll have to take a shot at building it from scratch.  I've never done any scratch building of this magnitude, so any guidance is appreciated.  Lastly, general references for the B-17E (particularly internal photos) are pretty hard to come by.  Boeingimages.com is turning out to be pretty helpful, though most of the pics of E models appear to be pre-war, factory-fresh aircraft.
    There were a handful of post-crash photos taken during the war which give some clues as to her general configuration and painting.  She carried the early-war insignia with red center, her rudder was striped red & white, she likely had the large "US ARMY" marking on her underwing, and her vertical stabilizer was a slightly different/lighter OD green than the rest of the ship.  Beyond that, I'm guessing she was a pretty standard early B-17E.  Happily, I visited her in her new location in June of 2018, so I have some first hand pics.  Sadly, however, she's pretty well stripped of most parts and you aren't allowed around the rear of the ship.  So, the pics I could take were limited to the forward section.  Here is the album of my trip. 
    I'll be using the Hong Kong Models B-17E/F kit for the build with some Eduard extras thrown in.  I started this kit in February 2017, but my heart wasn't in it and the build stalled.  I'm excited to get back to it now as I feel my skills have improved over the last 2 years such that I can make an actual attempt at doing this kit and aircraft justice.  You'll see in some of my "current-state" photos that my initial efforts were sub-par.  I didn't realize much of the floor work is plywood and my chipping efforts were very unsatisfactory.  That said, I'll be repainting almost everything that's been painted so far, so we'll be taking a few steps back from what is the current state.  In discussing it with the mod team, I've been given the green light for the sub-25% rule.
    That said, here is the current state of affairs.  Work bench on the left, paint bench w/references in the middle, and the big plastic parts in the kit box on the right.  Organization is key to my sanity in the workshop.  I usually spend about a half hour every evening straightening up after a bench session. 

    Assembled references.  Taking suggestions for anything that shows the remote-turret or other interior fittings in detail.

    Everything you see here is the current-state from my 2017 efforts.  I have to eat crow here and fess up to the fact that I clearly did not do my homework with respect to painting the interior.  Sigh.






    The guns turned out passable.

    The step where the previous project died: Cleaning up the bombs.  I remember clearly having a "screw this" moment and immediately boxing the kit back up.



    Fortunately, I had the sense to mask the inside of the windows before painting.  I shouldn't have installed them in the first place, but apparently I was off my medication or somesuch that day. 

    With that said, I'm ready to start tackling this kit properly.
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    Smokey reacted to Gewehr 43 in The Swamp Ghost - B-17E 41-2446   
    I took the day off today and decided it spend it at the model bench.  This weekend is pretty light, so I'm hoping to get some good time at the bench most of the weekend.  If all goes to plan, I just may be able to pull this off by the end of the year.  I've still got a long way to go, but we're moving and I feel motivated.  After shelving this one in June, I worked on a T-34 and something completely different for me, a derelict CCKW truck.
    This is what it looked like when I pulled it from the Shelf of Doom the other day.

    Today, was a milestone as I was able to seal up the fuselage.  The sanding work will probably begin tonight and last through the weekend.  The seams on this are kinda gross.  Lots of cement, superglue, and tape in this one.   As an aside, I cracked the box on this on February 19th, 2017.  It has taken me 994 days to reach this point.  

    I also have the left wing and props built.  I'll be cleaning all of that up this weekend too.  The turtle deck is dry fit here (most everything is, really), but my goal for the weekend is to have all wing, fuselage, and turtle deck seams filled, cleaned, and sanded.  After that, there's really not much left to build... then it's on to the gallons of paint.  :|  Here is the current status:




    Bring on the sandpaper!
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    Smokey reacted to Thomas Lund in Hobbyboss F-84E Robert Scott   
    Actually bought this one around april and started it immediately, but haven't gotten around to making a build thread. Dont have many pictures of the process, sorry, but this is from today.
    I really fell for this F-84 since it was good looking and it was flown by Robert Scott - ex-Flying Tiger and this plane carries the flying tiger insignia's too.
    The decals (Zotz) said to paint the wing tanks in a color matching the decals for the tail... fat chance I thought so I decided to paint the stripes. Quite a bit of work... one of those where you think "I should have invested in stocks in The Tamiya Tape Company". Done now, but a bit of clean up is required. I've painted the USAF legend and will paint the insignia and most other markings, except the stencils and a few other bits

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    Smokey reacted to monthebiff in 1/32 Hobby Boss B-24J Liberator Assembly Ship Tubarao   
    Had this one in the stash for a while and wasn't sure what to do with it until DN Models released their mask set for this particular aircraft.



    Most of these assembly ships were war weary airframe stripped of guns etc and very often had turrets removed and faired over with extra lights added to the tail. Tubereo however looks like she had all turrets intact and still carrying guns except in the waist, not sure about the sperry turret however but I will fit it unless any info to the contrary comes up.
    Obviously there has been plenty written about this kit but for me it looks like a Liberator and its 1/32 so what's not to like and I'm just going to try and have a fun build and hopefully end up with a nice looking model when finished.
    Now, there are some strangely placed ejector pin marks in places on this kit and to that end I started with the cockpit rear bulkhead and removing the moulded on detail, filled the ejector pin Mark's and then used evergreen strip.


    Hopefully show some more progress in the next day or so.
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    Smokey reacted to Zactoman in Bladder problems   
    That title though... Sorry, couldn't resist.
    I've received several requests to make replacement parts for the nasty rubber bladder parts included in the Trumpeter 1/32 F-14 Tomcat kit.
    The rubber parts are difficult to glue, difficult to paint and some have even had them weep oils that ruined their paint. As with rubber wheels, there is the fear that they will deteriorate and completely fail in time.
    While there are basically 3 positions for the wings, extended, swept and over-swept, I decided to only offer two, extended and swept. Those who want to do over-swept will have to do some filing and sanding.
    Here are the swept position parts:


    The bladders inflate using air pressure from the engines so there is some variability as to how much they inflate. I've found pics at cat-launch where they appear over-inflated while in others they have relaxed and the ribs in the under-structure show. I have made the (extended wing) bladders slightly relaxed to where the sub-structure barely shows. Those who want it to be more prominent can sand away material and those who want them more inflated can add material.
    Here are the extended wing parts:


    The stock kit has the wing glove sealing plate intersection with the forward section of the fuselage flush and have the rubber bladder notched to allow this. In reality the intersection should not be flush the full length, but flush at the front and raised at the rear. I made the bladders without the cut-out notch forcing the parts to fit properly. The parts in the previous pics are just sitting on the kit. Here you can see how they will look when everything is glued:

    Also note that the gap between the sealing pates and wing in the previous photos shows the parts just sitting on the kit with only a little tape holding things together. The gap will be tighter on a fully assembled kit (sorry, no pics to show this).
    The actual bladders are a Teflon coated canvas. They do get scuffed up and show wear. In some cases slight wrinkles show and in some pics it appears as though they have had large sections patched with slightly different colored canvas. Check your references for the plane you are building. I chose to make the bladders smooth and clean. You can add scuffing, wrinkles and patching if you choose or just (have fun and) replicate this and the weathering with paint.
    I will be pouring more production molds in the coming days and making some simple instruction sheets (the parts are drop-fit so there's not much to write about). I'm hoping to have these ready to release in the next week or two.

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    Smokey got a reaction from Reuben L. Hernandez in Eiko decals, anyone?   
    Jennings,  will definitely be up for one set.  They all look great but love the 526 and 587.  
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    Smokey reacted to Jennings Heilig in Eiko decals, anyone?   
    We're for sure doing these in 1/48, but I need to gauge interest in a pared-down version in 1/32.  I've done a complete set of stencils and the various iterations (of which there is a surprising number) of hinomarus, which we will sell separately.  In 1/32 all of these won't be able to make the cut, but the more interesting ones definitely will.  The good news is that with your own refs (lots available online) and some creative paint work, you'll be able to do a bunch of differently camouflaged DACT birds from the 1970s and '80s.  The squadron markings and other stuff didn't change - just the camouflage.  This composite (which, again, represents what we'll be doing in 1/48) shows every JASDF unit that operated the F-104J/DJ.  Regarding the latter, with mixing and matching of serials, you'll be able to do them as well, since the markings are identical to the single seaters.  The stencils will have the extra stuff required for the DJ.
    What think we?

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    Smokey reacted to USMC Herc in Best kit for F-14D and F-4S   
    Patch as Requested

    And Now time to find the decal set.......

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    Smokey reacted to thierry laurent in Best kit for F-14D and F-4S   
    If you want to close the canopy, Aires recently released two Navy pilots strapped on their GRU-7 seats. 
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    Smokey reacted to Iain in 1:32 Douglas A-26 Invader from Trumpeter/Hobbyboss?   
    Just spotted amongst some new photos on Trumpeter's Facebook page...
    A 1:32 Douglas A-26 Invader?
    Someone tell me my eyes aren't playing tricks? I've wanted one for donkeys years - and could bin the ID Models one I started wayback...

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    Smokey got a reaction from Telepatu in Make the others jealous   
    You can't have enough aggressor aircraft decals either.  

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    Smokey reacted to ShelbyGT500 in Cold War Studio   
    More "photo-etched news" from Stan - if some one of us want to use the plastic engine nozzles, Stan will offers great etched set for plastic parts from trumpeter MIG-29 A/UB at 32 scale.:


    Click on images to enlarge and see the excellent details and hexagonal rivets
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    Smokey reacted to ShelbyGT500 in Cold War Studio   
    Hello again friends with some update
    The photo-etched parts for mig-29 A/UB 1/32 scale are done.
    The set will include also a few resin parts and when they are ready this set will appear for order at CWS site. Here some new photos of etched parts:



    Cheers guys
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    Smokey reacted to ShelbyGT500 in Cold War Studio   
    Hello guys
    Some shots of test dry fit of new photo-etched parts for mig-29 1/32 :





    And new 3d-printings:


    Cheers friends
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    Smokey reacted to ShelbyGT500 in Cold War Studio   
    First test print for the MIG-29 wheel wells in 1/32 scale:

    And some "WIP" pictures of how to take of the right measurements for new mig-21 1/32 goodies





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    Smokey reacted to ShelbyGT500 in Cold War Studio   
    Hello again friends The first sample of photo-etched set is already done.
    Here are some pics of the product:




    Well, the final product will be separated of two sets - for A and for UB, and will be ready for purchase after two/three weeks.
    Cheers guys
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    Smokey reacted to ShelbyGT500 in Cold War Studio   
    Well here is a "beta" or "demo" version of photo-etched parts for interior/exterior of Mig-29 A/UB 1/32 scale for trumpeter kit:

    When the final etched product is ready I will upload more pics
    P.S.: Many Thanks Luca for your support   but for now this project is under "freezzz" because
    new trump kits are much better than revell one . . .
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    Smokey got a reaction from Sony Coder in Make the others jealous   
    just arrived you can't have two many books.  


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    Smokey got a reaction from MARU5137 in Make the others jealous   
    just arrived you can't have two many books.  


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    Smokey got a reaction from MARU5137 in Make the others jealous   
    You can't have enough aggressor aircraft decals either.  

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    Smokey got a reaction from Out2gtcha in Make the others jealous   
    You can't have enough aggressor aircraft decals either.  

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    Smokey reacted to kkarlsen in Make the others jealous   
    Got some of the new plywood wood grain decals Proper Plane. They look very nice to me, not 'pixelated' in the printing, like some of the others I've tried.
    It remains to be seen how they will behave when applied, but I'm already looking forward to be using these in my builds.
    Thumbs up, Proper Plane!

    Cheers: Kent
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