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  1. l live down in Vancouver, WA and will have to get something going from my wallet to theirs. Looks great!
  2. Bummer - Just got the Hasegawa P-51D as a gift, purchased a cockpit for it now Tamiya pulls this . Now I have to figure out if I'm gonna do Happy Jack's Go Buggy with the Hasegawa or wait for the Tamiya kit. Decisions decisions
  3. I just wanted to say thanks to all for the idea's and tips about the paints. I'll probably end up using Gunze Sangyo again just because of the range of colors they have, Tamyia's color range is a bit limited from what I can tell. Model Masters has change formulas since they purchased the PolyS line so maybe they will work out well, I don't remember having adhesion problems (3M Blue) but I tended to give my paints plenty of time to dry and would often remove tape within hours. I do remember using ISO alcohol as a thinner when I worked and of course cleanup was a breeze (I recall being able to clean up with Orange cleaners and sometimes simple Green)
  4. Ok, so my Aires cockpit set came in for my P-51D ! I've been putting of doing anything until that set came in and now to get the ball rolling I need to find out about paints. Back in the day I used mostly Enamels such as Model Master, Floquil (now owned by Testors) both work well. Every once and awhile I tried to use Acrylics such as Tamyia, Gunze Sangyo, Model Master Acryl, Polyscale. Acrylics were OK but I didn't go ga-ga over them; with the Acryl and Polyscale I noticed that the particles were not as finely ground as the enamels and Gunze never covered that well. Bottom line is that now that I have a Wife and Kids Enamels and the odors are a no-go and I must change to Acrylics. I use all airbrush %99 of the time Onto the questions... What are some of the better Acrylics now as a lot probably changed in the years I have been gone from the hobby. Pro's | Con's Special advice? (Thinners, weathering, coverage, cleanup, techniques) I'd like to support my local shop but these days mail-order for my paints may be the way to go - suggestions [Note - I mistakenly posted this to the General Discussion board as well, I think LSP Discussion is a better place for it so I'm posting it here as well]
  5. A Helldiver would be great !
  6. I'm in awe, that is some fine work. Some really good tips and pointers - thanks
  7. My boss and I were talking the other day about stuff we used to do and I mentioned that I am getting back into plastic modeling. He mentioned he's tried to build but has no patience for it but that he'd love to see some kits that I did when I was younger. I brought them in the other day and even though they are way below what my standards would be today he seemed to think they were good. After lunch he stopped by my desk and handed me a 1/32 Hasegawa P-51D Mustang Model as a gift. (he mentioned that he'd like me to put together a F4U-1A corsair for him as soon as he finds the right one - he wants one bigger than 1/32 but I don't think one exists) I was going to build the 1/32 Dragon BF-109E but my local shop has not been able to get it ordered yet ( I know I could order the darn thing anywhere but I try to support my local businesses). I'll be putting the P-51D together first and have been reading up on the kits shortfalls, I figure if I'm going to get back into the hobby I'm going to make the models as good as they can be. It should be a fun project and I'll end up buying the Paragon cockpit; although the Aires cockpit and wheel well sets look to be better; however they are meant Trumpeter P-51D, has anyone tried to Mix|Match the two and how tough would it be?. -- Edit: Found that Out2gtcha has used the Aires cockpit and wells for the Trumpeter in the Hasegwa kit - Good to know, thanks Out2gtcha http://forum.largesc...pic=28992&st=30
  8. No Worries, I have the feeling that the PCM FW-190 will be in my grubby little hands a day or two after starting my BF-109
  9. Your build was one of the deciding factors in the purchase of the kit, seems that the CH/Dragon kit has overcome the other kits shortfalls.
  10. I knew it was going to be about 3 weeks for the order of the Dragon BF-109 and was prepared to wait for it while I researched and built up supplies. Hadn't heard from the shop after a month so I stopped by today and he couldn't tell me why they hadn't received it yet, but he said he'd find out tomorrow (Probably on back order from the supplier but he's not sure). Got a chance to take a look at the Pacific Coast FW-190 kit, almost bought it just to have something - but I need to wait for what I ordered and not increase my collection of unbuilt kits, I'm a good boy I am.
  11. That's amazing story. Franz Stigler's bf-109 Model will most definitely be in my collection someday.
  12. In my wise old age I plan on paying a little more attention to detail. I looked back on some of the kits I built in my early years and was surprised at the quality; the models really aren't awful, they just look rushed. I think I viewed the payoff as the final product and paint, but really it's the individual portions done correctly that make the model good or bad (dang, stuff like that is what my dad said when I was young ). I'll be on taking my time and enjoying the process now and thanks for the words of encouragement guys and I'll take pictures along the way.
  13. in my youth building models was all I could think about. I would read about individuals that hadn't built in 10-15 years and had decided to get back into the hobby. My thoughts on that was how could anyone leave modeling, the hobby I love, what were they doing with all those years? fast forward to a wife, two kids and a lump of responsibilities...oh, that's how. For the past couple of months I've been reading old modeling mags, visiting modeling pages and forums and even stopping by my old favorite hobby shop; which ironically is a customer of the company I work for and I recently helped them fix their computer system - so it was meant to be I guess. I took the plunge today. Did I buy the supplies I needed to finish my 1/48 P38J, DML HO-229, Tamiya 1/32 F-15E or any of the other unbuilt and barely started kits I have held on to for all these years. Of course not, I ordered the new Dragon 1/32 BF-109 E4 at my favorite hobby shop . She'll be here in a week or two; enough time to get all the other supplies I need and read up more to familiarize myself with new and forgotten techniques.
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