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  1. Hay guys Back from VA. Piant drying on the 202. So I thought I would start an new one Pic's coming soon Oh Ya OOB. Steve
  2. Erwin Is there such a thing as a strange camo patten. Steve
  3. Hi Guys Hope you have enjoyed. No Pic’s coming for a week. I’m going TDY at 0530 Monday morning to Newport News VA. For an Aircraft weight & balance conference. I’m taking my laptop so I can keep up with you. Steve
  4. Thanks Mike But again going OOB here I'm keeping with the theme of build Just as we did when we were kids (No frills) I never had and airbrush %^$# I was just lucky to get paint & glue. And I can alway fix it later Steve
  5. Hope to get some more in sunday Later Steve
  6. Hi Guys Mike They did come with the kit but with this decal scheme they are not used. Dave I would have weathered it, but I was thinking like I was a 14 year old. Back then I had no clue how to do that. Before it goes to my office it will get the full treatment. I’ll post pic’s then. Steve
  7. Oh ya, DAAAAA clear tree's works great for wing tip lens . Again enjoy guys this was a fun build Now for #2. Steve
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