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  1. Hi Nick I have used stick pastels that you use for art drawing. Use sand paper to make it into a fine powder, then use a paint brush to put it on. I have also use a .05 mm pencil lead on panel lines. All this works best of a flat finishes. After you are done you must overcoat with a clear finish. (gloss or flat, so it will not come off) Here’s a Pic of a 1/48 P-47 I did about 2 years ago. HTH Steve
  2. Sabre I have the same kit. I'm saving it for a helicopter G/B (HINT, HINT LSP GUYS ) I work on UH-1H's everyday we have 5. Steve
  3. Thanks Erwin Ray I did do alittle decal touch-up Steve
  4. Hacker You so FUNNY Steve
  5. Thanks Keith Just got this one in under the wire. I'm still not happy with how it truned out Steve
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