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  1. Definitely going to get at least a couple of them. This one should be a big seller for Lukgraph.
  2. Well, that looks mighty fine! Definitely a useful tool for anyone contemplating building a model they are not familiar with. I have a couple "out of my usual era" models that I will be checking out in the improved data base. Well done (and still doing) gentlemen. Bravo!
  3. On the modeling side it appears that in 1/32 scale it would be a single, 54-pound piece of black plastic that has no reflection in a mirror (or on radar.)
  4. Yes! What Smitty said. My pair arrived yesterday and look great!
  5. I received my two kits today in perfect condition. A quick look shows the parts to be crisply cast with virtually no flash. The instructions and decals are standard Lukgraph, which is to say excellent. I cannot provide photos due to camera death but I am sure one of the fine reviewers will post something soon. I recommend this kit and all their 1/32 scale offerings.
  6. Is this going to Richmond with you? It would be a star of the show.
  7. That looks great, Mike! With a little more practice you'll be ready to step up to model train layouts - LOL.
  8. Glorious! A simply stunning build of an historic aircraft. Your wood finishes are perfect and the improvements and additions you made just add to the exquisite detail. Well done!
  9. Bravo! What a masterpiece! The fabric over frames effect is the best I have seen and the wood is perfection. Your only problem now will be topping this build with your next one.
  10. Aha! That'll teach me to forget my "refresh" button!
  11. Lukgraph has posted a large gallery of photos on Facebook - looks like it is just about ready to ship!
  12. Drop dead gorgeous! Beautiful build of a classic aircraft.
  13. The only progress I have made is opening mine, drooling on it, washing off the mold release (and drool) and returning it to the box awaiting a full (younger) body transplant or an improvement in my building skills. I cannot wait to see one of these completed by one of the many master builders here.
  14. 32024 - Hannover CL.II sold out as of today.
  15. 25 USD sent - hope you accept foreign funds...
  16. The decals in all the Roden 1/32 WW1 kits are marginal at best. They are thin, translucent, fragile and often pre-fragmented. If you must build these kits, you should plan on using decals from Pheon, Aviattic or other dependable publishers.
  17. Nicely done, Mike. Beautiful, clean, crisp finish and well-presented.
  18. Only 1/32 I can think of is in the ZM Douglas A-1H (3350-26WA(?)) but that's a bit pricey for just an engine (or 4?) and I'm not sure that is a version that would suit your needs.
  19. Lukgraph has completed the instruction manual and posted a few pages on their Facebook page. Projected release date is before the end of the month.
  20. E-mail Ă…ukasz Sznajder at lukgraph@lukgraph.pl with your shipping address for a price (which includes shipping.)
  21. Was the humidity high when you sprayed? I have had this happen when the temp and humidity was high causing airborne water vapor to condense in the aerosol on the way to the model. I recommend trying a test respray (or brush re-coat) over a small area that went "bad" - this has sometimes worked for me.
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