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  1. It just doesn't get any better than that. Inspirational build!
  2. Holy Guacamole! Those are big boxes and you have a veritable cornucopia of add-ons. IMHO that is one of the "coolest" looking aircraft ever built. This will be on my "must watch" list.
  3. Thanks for the quick answer, Ray. I am toying with the idea of Orel Publishing's "Ilya Muromets" - not committing to it yet but just giving it a look-see. Hmmm...that would get me double credit for this build and the Multi-wing GB, right?? LOL - just being silly.
  4. A clarification, please - both for this GB and the site in general. Most European-published paper aircraft models are done to 1:33 scale. Is it safe to assume that this is acceptable as an LSP build on this site?
  5. Now that's one I hadn't heard of...very interesting projuect.
  6. Lovely! The prop and the subtle weathering touches are particularly good.
  7. If you are not too far along there is a correct length fuselage available from Pheon Models on the Britmodeler site.
  8. Go to www.Ecardmodels.com and grab Ken West's 1:32 SR-71 (paper model) for $12.00. I suspect it would form a great basis for a 1:16 plastic version. Ken's research is sxcellent and his models "dead on" so it might save you a bunch of design work.
  9. I thoroughly enjoyed your build thread and the beautiful end result is stunning! Thanks for sharing the build with us.
  10. Their blog says it is corrupted DNS. They expect the situation to clear up once the correct DNS values get propagated through the servers of the world (usually 24 to 72 hours.)
  11. Hans, I have a .pdf for you if you will provide your e-mail to me at oldtroll at verizon dot net.
  12. OldTroll

    S.E. 5A

    Wingnut Wings gets my vote unless you want Viper power - then Roden is the only game in town (for now.) The WNW molds are crisper and cleaner, the decals are superior with more scheme choices and the instruction manual is just about everything you could ask for (and can be downloaded from their site for a preview.) I am not an employee of WNW nor am I receiving any compensation for this opinion.
  13. You might try paper or cardstock strips for the tank straps. I understand that some people actually build whole models from paper! One of these might have to go on my wish list; it's a lovely aircraft design.
  14. Ahhhh....a tumbler of single barrel bourbon, a wide screen monitor and a Halinski being built by a true artist. I could just sit and watch this all day. It's wonderful to see you here, Peter.
  15. Now I know why someone coined the word "mind-boggling!" This level of detail in a model exceeds the highest museum standards. I think the only crafting skill you have not yet demonstrated is needlework - or did I miss it? Thank you for sharing your techniques, talents and images.
  16. What a great start to this build. I have a couple of these and will be paying attention to your (obviously expert) build.
  17. OldTroll


    This should be a treat to watch. I have one but it's down a few spots on the "to be built" list...
  18. Sounds like you have the situation well in hand!
  19. Make sure you test the floor product (Future, etc.) on a piece that can be hidden or is unneeded. Some of the inks used in printing paper models (and just about all inkjet printer inks) do not play well with such products...
  20. Good luck - may your rib-cutter remain sharp and accurate! The Windsock Datafile is the best source around for this bird. Enjoy!
  21. Tomek, if you have not already done so you might consider getting the laser-cut frames for this model. Virtually all lamination calls for 0.5 mm material and the wing ribs are very thin with a 0.5 mm slot in each one for the wing "spar." I tried another Orlik model with similar ribs and was unable to consistently cut them out without damage. The laser frames give the builder a fighting chance (although the wings are still quite flimsy until skinned.) I suspect that GPM and/or Paper Model Store may sell them. With the skill you have already demonstrated on your P-39 build you may not need any laser-cut assistance...
  22. OldTroll

    SW CR.32

    That is a sharp color scheme! Is that a light grey or bare metal or both? I was sorely tempted by this one on the group buy but the Heinkel won out. Maybe later...
  23. I have this one in my stack also. Looking forward to your build as a learning experience!
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