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  1. And another one gone. Can I order more than one?
  2. I went to A2Zee to see if I could help keep the boat afloat and discovered that the Montex Gloster Gamecock was BACK IN STOCK! Come on, Royal Mail!!!
  3. Yup - what all of you said I said. One small clarification with regard to my stated lack of concern about nuts/bolts/rivets - if it looks like a Sopwith Snipe to me then I'm happy. My interest lie in form, colors and markings. If there is an operating 1/32 scale rotary engine included, great (as long as it doesn't double the price!) But if there is a reasonably believable engine facade inside the cowling, that's fine also. I appreciate that many modelers strive to replicate the subject in perfect detail and I am continually awed by the end results they produce. Having said that, I am still befuddled by the volume of yammering about T vs. Z-M vs. D with aftermarket parts, etc., etc. especially when the kits are not in anyone's hands yet. This thread is perhaps even more befuddling because I could easily have said I was going buy six dozen and listed the color schemes but what would that matter? Anyhoo - thanks for explaining to me what I intended to say and may all your flush rivets be absolutely riveting in their flushness and your Olive Drab be the "real" Olive Drab and not the silly color that other guy claimed was correct. Happy modeling!!
  4. None - I have several "bargain basement" copies from other manufacturers and I am not a "must have every nut/bolt/rivet exactly in place" kind of modeler. I will take the amount of money a half dozen "Uberstangs" would cost and spend it on twice that many WNW kits. I have been amused, however, by the 28 pages (so far) of praise, criticism, sarcasm, righteousness and the like regarding a P-51D kit nobody has in their hands yet... Each to his/her own pursuit of happiness...
  5. That's a gorgeous color scheme and beautifully executed. Well done!
  6. Tnarg - Thank you for the additional information. This color scheme is one of my favorites because of the exceptional quality of the artwork and the "story behind the man."
  7. Ordered a Hampden early on and received it a couple weeks later. I had no problems with the order or with other related communication.
  8. I am curious as to the basis for this statement. The Nieuport Fighters Datafile by Windsock states that Diana was painted on both sides of the fuselage.
  9. No thanks are needed, no drinks refused. The only thing I like better than building models is assiting someone to build it better than I ever could. Keep the questions coming...I'll keep adding to your tab.
  10. Oh la! Any faults with design and construction of the model have all been forgiven by those beatuiful wicker seats! They are simply exquisite and lovingly rendered. Feel free to send any extra seats like those to me - I'll give them a good home.
  11. Shipment arrived in perfect condition. These are my first SW kits and I must say I am impressed with the quality and detail! Thanks again, Doug!
  12. Pardon me - I must go wait for my mailman!
  13. That's great news! I hope that you are making at least a few bucks out of all your support for this endeavor. Many thanks!
  14. What an intelligent, deliberate and careful approach. I always try to do my builds this way and then at some point the "hurry ups" take over...you would think a man with 60 years model crunching experience would have learned SOMETHING by now...<<heavy sigh>> I suspect the inconsistencies noted regarding configuration my be due to less than accurate sources being used for the model design. The two prime sources I have for this machine are the Windsock Datafile noted above and the two-volume "DeHavilland Aircraft of World War I", Colin Owers, Flying Buffalo Press. The drawings in the latter show five different configurations. Only the RAF1a engine is shown with the upswept exhaust and four-bladed prop. There are two distinct nose profiles (1.RAF1a and Renault both have a deep "chin" and 2. OX-5 with a straight bottom line from the bottom of the radiator to the forward LG strut.) The designer may have "mixed" features from more than one version. Keep up the good work - and pre-plan and pre-rig as much of your rigging as is possible.
  15. Understanding not confucious tranzlation the Wild Horsey P-51D origination from. Clarifying coming quickly with releasing of actuality then much more be unhidden. Twenty pages be already position and no actuality arrive to see. When releasing of Wild Horsey P-51D is now then how muchly more must be said? Courtesy of Gargel Xlate...
  16. I got the invoice and paid for the four models but never got the download links. I finally realized these are not the paper e-models I am so used to. Just when I thought I had finally put paper behind me...
  17. Well, now I know what a perfect finish looks like. Simply stunning model!
  18. Exceptionally fine build already. I will be referring to this build when I start mine.
  19. I have at least one of each WNW and Roden 1/32 kits and voted for the Gotha because of its scope, quality and size (yes, bigger tends to be more impressive, all else being equal.) I'm not sure an expensive kit of a WWI bomber can be considered "mainstream" but that's where it was. I can see where there might be a need to separate the categories by suggested retail price - say under $75 and over $75 or something along those lines. As far as voting for something you don't have in your inventory - it seems a bit odd to me but each to his own.
  20. I think a couple duplicates crept into the list: 24 Halifax Special order £75.00 34 Halifax special order £75.00 40 A-26 Invader £45.00 45 A-26 Invader £45.00 Is the Canberra a bomber canopy or fighter canopy version?
  21. Thank you for the coloring sequence - very helpful.
  22. The "Detail & Scale" and "Walk Around" series books on the F-102 from Squadron Signal have a wealth of photos for detailing. The line drawings provided lack cross-sections unfortunately.
  23. That weathering equals the best I have ever seen. From the sheen on the surface of the wing in the earlier photos I assume you sealed everything with a coat of Future (or the equivalent) before doing the panel lines with the oils?
  24. Your ability to make paper curve in three directions at the same time is dazzling! The wing fillets, cooling scoop behind the canopy and the entire tail assembly are essentially perfect. As to adhesives for the canopy work, I use "Super Z RC56" by J & Z Products, Harbor City, California. It is designed for use with the slippery plastic used for radio control car bodies. It is of the same consistency as thickened craft glue, dries clear and cleans up easily. I found it at Hobbytown USA locally, but I am sure it must be available online also. Your techniques and models are definitely "master class" and it is a joy and an education to view your builds. Thanks and keep up the good work!
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