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  1. Has ANYONE on this forum who participated in this offer actually received their decals?
  2. Looks mighty fine to me. It's definitely not a Corsair! (Old paper modelers forum joke)
  3. They have posted that $66,00 was an error; $86.00 is correct price.
  4. For what it is worth, most changes to paint schemes like that did not take place overnight but rather over a period of time. The D-Day invasion stripes are the biggest exception to that statement. It is likely the transition to red rudders may have happened over a matter of several days or even weeks.
  5. Interesting aircraft with a very interesting history. It sounds like a great project.
  6. The photo is definitely of 2nd BG(H) aircraft late in the war. By that time most of the group's B-17s were in NMF and had the elevators and rudders painted black (white on those still in camouflage.) The 2ng BG(H) comprised the 20th BS(H), 49th BS(H), 96th BS(H) and 429th BS(H). Perhaps research into those individual squadrons may yield further results. Volume IV is a "must have" if you have 1-3 (then you'll know "the rest of the story".) Enjoy!
  7. "Battle Colors Vol. IV" by Robert A. Watkins has the following note under 2nd Bombardment Group, 15th Air Force bomber markings: "Wings: Beginning in early 1945 a chord-wise stripe measuring approximately 18-20 in. began appearing on both upper and lower wing surfaces, outboard of engines One and Four respectively. These markings were in black on NMF and white on camouflaged surfaces." No explanation as to the reasoning for the stripes is mentioned. This was the only B-17 unit I found that had the stripes as you describe. Hope this helps.
  8. LOL - it's about 5 pages too late for that warning... IMHO if anyone has a comment (+ or -) regarding another site or member of another site the comment should be made on that site, not here. Once again I plead to have this thread deleted or locked - no good can come of letting it fester further.
  9. Hey mods - any chance of this thread going away or being locked. It seems to have degenerated to the name-calling, holier than thou sort of thing that was originally the object of complaint. Is there no forum on the internet that has only friendly discussions of the forum subject? Perhaps someone needs to start a forum titled "I'm Pissed About Fill in the Blank."
  10. A lot of progress could have been made on models (of your preferred scale) instead of blathering about this silliness. Let's talk about something serious like the 1:32 Convair B-36 that is supposedly on the drawing boards of an unnamed Chinese model manufacturer as we blather. I heard they got the turbine blade angles reversed on the jet engines!
  11. Please provide the status of mailings or PayPal refunds.
  12. The braced canopy was widely retrofitted to earlier models. Some sources say that G-style airbrakes were applied to earlier models but this may have been on a case-by-case basis rather than a wholesale retrofit. The E's tailpipe extended a couple inches beyond the rudder whereas the G's tailpipe was just about flush (J35-A-17 engine on the E, A-29 on the G.) Those are the most significant visible differences. (Source: F-84 Thunderjet in Detail)
  13. The Flea is still active. I have been working on interior frames for the fuselage - made from card stock, of course!
  14. I guess I'd better get this one on record. It will be in either the kit 601 Sqn. scheme or possibly 600 Sqn. with the blue replaced by white. I spent the last few hours sorting parts by sub-assembly and re-bagging them the same way. I am pleased with everything but the frame pieces which suffered from being in a bag with other pieces. The result was serious distortion and a couple of breaks, neither situation disastrous but completely avoidable by sandwiching the frame sides between pieces of thin cardboard. There are a couple small items that are not yet identified but the process of elimination should sort that out. The casting quality is excellent with no more than a normal amount of "tidying up" being required. The fuselage halves mate up well on the top but will require some adjustment/filling on the bottom. I like the wire cores on the landing gear and interplane struts. This is my first resin model since my HO scale train days of 20-25 years ago when I was addicted to the incredible reesin models produced by The Westerfield Co. (which was for sale, the last I heard.) I have already noticed a difference in the type of resin being used - a softer, easy to carve type that still holds fine detail. This will be essentially an "out of the box" build since I intend to stick to the basics before branching out in more detail on the other three SW models I have. I'll have photos when the identify/remove from sprue/cleanup stage is done and the actual construction begins.
  15. As they say on the lottery - "We have a winner!" My thanks to Dave for the great decals, great fun and the model! Now all I have to do is figure out where the upper wing went and why there is no rigging diagram... This will be far stretch from my usual fare of WNW WW1 aircraft but change is supposedly good for old farts like me.
  16. WWI - Blackburn Kangaroo Golden Age / Pre WWII - Fairey Flycatcher
  17. There is one photo in "F-84 Thunderjet in Detail" that shows F-84G 51-11197 of the 8th FBS/48th FBW with The buzz number aft of the national insignia and with "U. S. AIR FORCE" on the nose in Insignia Blue. The caption implies this was a repaint done at the unit level when the squadron transitioned from the F-84E to the F-84G. All other color photos in the book show all lettering in black.
  18. I already have to park it outside with the Rolls - the 2-car garage is already full!
  19. Is there a limit of one "wish" per category - or are multiples allowed?
  20. When it rains, it pours! Mustangs and Able Dogs falling from the skies! And before anyone starts a new thread - I'm going to buy 13 Tamiya P-51Ds, 15 Z-M P-51Ds, 7 Trumpeter Skyraiders and 9 Z-M Skyraiders. Oh, and at least five of every new model by WNW...
  21. Any of the 29 Mustang IV schemes in the Model Alliance "On Target Profiles #2" would be great!
  22. And another one gone. Can I order more than one?
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