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  1. That's right! I forgot to mention the Saab TSR-2...LOL. That is a most impressive model BTW. Not to pimp excessively for IPMS Austria but they also have some free accessory downloads for some of their paper models. The most noteworthy is probably the full interior for the Fairey Rotodyne.
  2. BTW, Saab lovers, IPMS Austria also has the Lansen and the Draken (in three gorgeous schemes) all in 1:33 and paper. Beautiful models. In case you were wondering why I don't post photos of my completed models it's because my skill level is probably not high enough yet. At 69 years old I just hope I can do them in the time I have left...
  3. The Pitts S2B thread had many references to a desire for a Saab J29 Tunnan in large scale. Well.... Good news for the Tunnan fans - IPMS Austria has a 1:33 version in their online store. Bad(?) news for many of you is that it is a paper model, albeit a well-detailed, excellent model. I have all of their paper offerings and all are "top shelf" with gorgeous printing, clear, complete, well-illustrated instructions and, in some cases, multiple versions of the model available. Check it out here - IPMS Austria in the "Card Modelling" category. If nothing else the paper model could serve as an
  4. The Pfalz D.XII is now available from WNW = just ordered a couple.
  5. Is this group order still active?
  6. The kit looks great (of course) and the website is brilliant! Keep up the great work - Siskin, Bulldog, Nimrod, Osprey, etc., etc. - any or all will be nice to see.
  7. Two Flycatchers, one Cr.32 please.
  8. With regard to the Monomail question, the Old Troll fails open on that one. I have never seen a model of the Boeing 200/221/221A in any medium. That's a real shame because it was a particularly attractive and technologically advanced aircraft in its time.
  9. Thanks for the explanation (and the license - LOL) - you are doing a lovely job with it. The "browning" of the olive paint when the sealing coat of dope (lacquer) was applied makes perfect sense because the "clear" finishes of the day had a yellow to amber tint. The paint and decal work is nice and sharp and the weathering is gently done. I look forward to seeing the completed model.
  10. I am curious - all the references I have seen describe the streaked finish as being Olive Green over clear doped linen (or over pale blue on the F.I aircraft.) The brown you have used is beautifully done, actually more attractive than the traditional green, but I just had to ask...
  11. Billy's actual occupation is "Silk Purse from Sow's Ear Maker" and he is one of the premier test builders in the paper modeling community. His ability to find, fix and communicate build problems back to the designer is without peer. Take a little trip over to his home turf and do a search on his name. You will see some epic test builds (of epic designs) there. The Zorn Tri-Motor project has been a labor of love for several members of the paper modeling forum and the results (shown in Billy's superb photos) demonstrate that. No need to blush, Billy, you know it's all true! Thanks for post
  12. Oldgoat - may I ask what paint (or mix) you used for the Pfalz silver-grey?
  13. Kev - most of the "print-your-own" models are also pre-colored. Some designers also offer uncolored or partially colored models suitable for modification with a graphics program and these allow you to add your own markings, etc. Fiddlers Green and Stahlhart Models are two that immediately come to mind. There are a number of us that repaint the designer's original and then sell the repaint (with the designer's concurrence) on sites like eCardmodels. Peter's use of traditional plastic weathering techniques on a paper model is not seen too often because of the risks involved in coating the pa
  14. Paper models are "pre-colored" with the camouflage and markings printed on. Usually the only coloring done by the builder is to color the cut edges of pieces so that the "bare" paper does not show at the butt joints.
  15. The only thing I can see you ae doing wrong is stopping to post your progress - LOL. I love watching you do your magic!
  16. The DH88 is available in printable paper (1:33 scale) from JM Precision Models This is an excellent model and is available in two versions - red "Grosvenor House" and black "Black Magic" as an add-on package to the "Grosvenor House" version. Excellent illustrated instructions.
  17. Thank you! You have given me the courage to start mine.
  18. Personally, I will greet each and every WNW release with equal joy and anticipation. I'll never build all that I purchase so the order of release isn't important to me. Hopefully the company will be with us for quite awhile and I'm sure they'll get to them all eventually (even a Dolphin, accurate Fokker Dr.I, more S.E.5a variants and...wait for it...a Handley-Page 0/400 <<in my dreams>>.)
  19. Not cost effective if you live in the US - may help others though. US customers should order direct from manufacturer.
  20. Blue circle with radius = R. White star also with radius = R. White rectangular bars each with width = R and height = 1/2 R; top of bar is even with horizontal tip of star. inner edge of bar conforms to outer edge of circle. Blue border around all with width of 1/8 R. This data from p.146 of "USAAF Aircraft Markings and Camouflage 1941-1947" by Archer & Archer. Hope this helps.
  21. I have to agree with the WNW testimony - the few problems with fit that I have had on a half dozen of them always turned out to be me, not the kits. I haven't built much other that WNW lately so can't comment on other manufacturers.
  22. And now for something completely different - it's 1/32, it's free and it's PAPER! Ralph Currell has designed many excellent paper models and the V-2 is one of them - http://www.currell.net/models/v2.htm
  23. Whoopee!!! I might just have to order three of these beauties and if someone were to come out with an after market float set, perhaps a couple more! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Added>> To answer the "how does one guess" question - I chose the aircraft I most wanted to see modeled in 1/32 and got lucky!
  24. How's this for outside the box? Any kit manufacturer EXCEPT Tamiya? That way we can clear our shelves of those dusty "inferior product" boxes. It's a joke, it's a joke...don't flame me. But I do think there is a Dragon or two in my stash...
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