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  1. Rowan has not posted on Britmodeler page since September of last year. There are several decal products that were slated for release last year that have not yet appeared. My last contact with Pheon was in later August 2011 when I confirmed that several pre-orders were still waiting for finished product.
  2. The painting and weathering is absolute perfection. Bravo!
  3. Being primarily a WW1 devotee I will wait until (IF!) the various B-25s are actually in someone's shop and have an actual price before making a final decision. I wish all parties involved good luck and many (profitable) sales but based on the negative comments about the pricing of recent 1/32 single-engine models I am afraid that the actual sales of the announced 1/32 twins (let alone the 4-engined bombers) are likely to fall far short of the number needed to make such projects worthwhile for a manufacturer in the future.
  4. Where is a sensible moderator with "thread lock" power so we can end this pointless flame fest?
  5. Thanks for the "heads up" - I just ordered it!
  6. By now OT's offensive remarks should have been removed by cooler heads (page back to check that...) Old Troll has promised to refrain from further insensitive postings until he records his vote for the KOTY in the "We Welcome Mediums Other Than Plastic/Resin" category. Posted by Old Troll's mommy - "I taught him better!" PS - he also apologizes to this thread's author for diverting attention away from the subject (soon to be released???) model.
  7. 1:33 versions of the B-17 and the Lancaster have been available for some time in a medium other than plastic/resin. Also several versions of the B-25, B-26, A-26, P-61, Meteor, Kate, Val, Betty, Dinah, etc., etc., etc. are currently available in 1:33 or 1:32 scale. Paper/card models cost a fraction of the plastic/resin ones and offer as much (or more) satisfaction in construction. The downside for many is that one must actually cut out parts and shape them thus moving oneself from the "assembler" category to the "modeller" category. Instead of speculating/whining/complaining about vaporwar
  8. LOL - if anything it just adds more realism to the model. Those are obviously field repairs after a skirmish with the enemy! Great build - I look forward to the remainder.
  9. Setting aside the racial/ethnic sniping - here is their website - HK Models
  10. Try anything from Wingnut Wings - you might like it.
  11. Don't count chickens (of any scale) until they are hatched. Corollary 1: Don't worry about the price until it's actually for sale. Corollary 2: A model isn't real until there are third party "improvements" on the hobby shop shelf. Final advice from the Old (Grumpy) Troll - spend time building the kits you have instead of spending money on more kits that won't get built. We now return you to this edition of LSP Radio's "Speculation - What's It Good For?"
  12. Of course there were many more 1:32 and 1:33 models released in 2011 in mediums other than plastic or resin - but we aren't quite ready to include them in such polls. Perhaps we modellers will someday realize that it's the models and the modelling that is important and not the medium. <<Tongue in cheek and with no ill will.>>
  13. That is a gorgeous model! Just goes to show that in the hands of a master even a Tamiya product can look good. (It's a joke - lighten up, you guys.)
  14. WNW FE2b, of course. Don't own any of the Limited Run Multi-media so I tried not to vote in that category (seemed silly to vote on something I have no experience with) but ended up with the Nate just to get my real votes counted. Silver Wings Fairey Flycatcher, of course. Please consider an honor system "vote only if you own it" method of voting next year.
  15. You might want to reconsider the floats, Glenn. The following quotes in bold are from Windsock Datafile 85: <<The floats were designed by Oswald Short. They were 16ft long by 2ft 10in in beam, and were simple pontoon-like structures, having a base framework of ash, silver spruce and Canadian elm. This was covered on the sides and top with 1/8in plywood, and the bottom planking was 3/16in to 1/4in thick.>> <<The tail float had a hull of three-ply with metal sheeting on its underside.>> Regarding the wing tip floats...<<To a wooden keel were attache
  16. Wow! I'm pretty much a WW1 diehard but that build is gorgeous -AND- I learned something new about the Turkish Air Force. Well done!
  17. Here's a bit of silliness... In order to "vote" you must actually own the kit, have opened the box and all the sprue bags, read the instructions cover to cover three times and have posted something at LSP at least once a month in each of the past 12 months. Once the votes are counted, count up the number of previously produced kits (by other manufacturers) of the same model and same scale - divide the vote total by that number. Then divide the vote total by the manufacturer's retail price (in soft US dollars) to arrive at the final score...then toss it all in the trash and get back to your
  18. The core parts of the engine need to be installed because they support other fuselage parts. The "How to build..." book by Brett Green shows the necessary parts in one of the illustrated builds. An excellent book, BTW.
  19. If you want to do it in card or do a card to plastic build like the SB2C elsewhere on the forum, try one of these: http://www.gremirmodels.com/p-61_black_widow.htm http://www.gremirmodels.com/p-61_black_widow1.htm These are well-designed models by Rafal Ciesielski and are electronically delivered in a very secure format to be printed out on card or cover stock. Gremir has an "easy as pie" rescaling feature so the model can be printed at any scale you like (assuming you have the correct paper and a printer that can handle larger sheets if that's the way you want to go. Nearly all of
  20. Both the Flea and the Hart are on a high shelf while other interests (non-modelling) have come to the fore. If/when I get back to these projects I will start new threads.
  21. Both the Hart and the Flea are on a high shelf while other interests (non-modelling) have come to the fore. If/when I get back to these projects I will start new threads.
  22. This brings back memories - I remember building the original Renwal model mumble-mumble years ago when first released... http://store.spruebrothers.com/132-revell-atomic-cannon-857811-p29070.aspx
  23. I agree - perhaps even something with chrome yellow wings...
  24. Is the Hawker Nimrod an indication of things to come? Now that my Flycatcher boxes are stacked neatly on the shelf I need something to stack alongside them!
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